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As of May 16, 2023 in the Global server:[1]

  • 15.29% players have completed the entire Phantom & Crimson Solitaire Engraved Medal Set.
  • 6.31% players have collected every single Castle Notes reward.
  • 3.82% players have reached all four endings.
  • 10.32% players have completed all 15 Deep Investigations.
  • 3.74% players have unlocked all Monthly Squads' Communication Recorders.
  • 0.22% players have unlocked all 235 Collectibles in the Longevity Box.
  • 17.88% players have cleared All I Ask of You without obtaining the Blank Suicide Note.png Blank Suicide Note beforehand (which disables the Big Sad Lock's HP regeneration that otherwise would make the Dreadful Foe much more difficult).
  • The most used Squad is the Support Squad.
  • The most used Rec. Voucher option is As Your Heart Desires.
  • The most obtained Play is The Golden Fowlbeast.png "The Golden Fowlbeast".
  • The three most Collectibles bought from the Rogue Trader are:
    1. Golden Chalice.png Golden Chalice
    2. Coin-Operated Toy.png Coin-Operated Toy
    3. Chivalric Commandments - New Edition.png Chivalric Commandments - New Edition
  • The most Prospective Investment withdrawal done by a single player is 35 times.
  • 4,984,481 Collectibles have been obtained from defeating the Gopnik.
  • 37,567,954 Unowned Treasures have been kept intact during operations.
  • 33,182,867 Originium Ingot icon.png have been spent on Rogue Traders.


All information in this section are taken from the Global server's Phantom & Crimson Solitaire website and up-to-date as of March 2, 2023; since Crimson Solitaire is now complete in Global, this section will no longer be actively updated.

Most popular Operators

Class 1st 2nd 3rd
Myrtle icon.png
Bagpipe icon.png
Fang icon.png
Saria icon.png
Mudrock icon.png
Gummy icon.png
Thorns icon.png
Surtr icon.png
SilverAsh icon.png
Ch'en the Holungday icon.png
Exusiai icon.png
Kroos icon.png
Eyjafjalla icon.png
Goldenglow icon.png
Passenger icon.png
Kal'tsit icon.png
Ptilopsis icon.png
Ansel icon.png
Skadi the Corrupting Heart icon.png
Ling icon.png
Gnosis icon.png
Jaye icon.png
Phantom icon.png
Specter the Unchained icon.png


  • The highest number of tries in the A Tiny Stage Downtime Recreation on a single run is 150.
  • The highest number of tries in the Curio Keeper Downtime Recreation by a single player across all runs is 1,261.
  • The highest number of tries in the Potent Potables Downtime Recreation by a single player across all runs is 974.
  • The highest amount of valuables (Life Points, Originium Ingots, and Collectibles) obtained in The Rat Thieves Downtime Recreation by a single player across all runs is 3,063.
  • The total amount of Originium Ingots invested in the Rogue Trader by Global players is 13,558 Originium Ingot icon.png.
  • The total amount of Originium Ingots spent by a single player is 184,689 Originium Ingot icon.png.

Proof of Glory clear rates


August 2022

The knight lets out a long sigh and leaves. Perhaps he has set out on his new journey to ascend the throne, or perhaps a realm has lost its new lord forever.

Out of players who have entered "The Sword in the Stone" Encounter:[2]

  • 32% players chose "Might as well smash the sword into two halves", obtaining the Brokenblade.png "Brokenblade"...
  • ...30% players chose "Could use the stone as a hammer", obtaining the Blademace.png "Blademace"...
  • ...and 38% players chose "Doesn't look like it's necessary", leaving the Encounter.

September 2022

Out of players who have entered the "Adventurer Commission" Encounter:[3]

  • 31% players choose "Give a small gift", trading 2 Originium Ingot icon.png for a random Co-op Rec. Voucher...
  • ...39% players choose "Give a big reward", trading 5 Originium Ingot icon.png for an Elite HR Dispatch Letter.png Elite HR Dispatch Letter...
  • ...and 30% players choose "Ask sincerely", leaving the Encounter.

October 2022

Valuable as the respect of the Durins is, the cellar owner might feel a little differently.

Out of players who have entered the "Potent Potables" Downtime Recreation, 21% players choose "Down the whole barrel", exchanging 6 Life Points.png for a random Collectible, in the first try.[4]

November 2022

Joyful times always come with a price.

Out of players who have entered the "Dancing Mad" Encounter, 83% players choose "Accept the invitation", exchanging 3 Originium Ingot icon.png for either Jet-Black Dance Shoes.png Jet-Black Dance Shoes or Pure White Dance Shoes.png Pure White Dance Shoes.[5]

December 2022

For the wandering jazz player, seems that tips are not worth the same as inspiration.

A grand total of 82,315,462 Originium Ingot icon.png has been spent by players on the "Musical Challenge" Encounter across 24,726,156 "Another one!" and "Inspiration, huh... Let's give it a shot" options which did not lead to the "Receive remuneration" option that awards the Magnificent Visage.png "Magnificent Visage".[6]

January 2023

The Zalaks look at you... confused... and jealous...

A grand total of the following valuables have been obtained by players from "The Rat Thieves" Downtime Recreation:[7]

February 2023

He will be grateful, but that path in the story is still a fate he will repeat.

Out of players who entered the "Crazy Puppets" Encounter, 76.28% players chose all three "Shield the puppet" options, losing a total of 3 Life Points.png in the process to obtain the Useless Scissors.png Useless Scissors.[8]