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Arknights hosted various livestreams to announce upcoming events.

  • The CN server held livestreams in Bilibili around two weeks before events featuring limited headhunting banners are released, featuring Hai Mao and Rua Niu, Da Huang, or Hei Qiao (Hypergryph's level designers). The livestreams can be divided into the following by scale:
    • Normal livestreams held in real-world to announce yearly and half-year anniversaries, as well as the pre-release of Arknights in the past, with a long duration and reuploaded to Bilibili after several days.
    • Special livestreams with box-headed models and MG videos to announce Chinese New Year and Summer events, with a short duration and reuploaded to Bilibili after one day.
  • The Global server held livestreams in YouTube with the schedule differing on the server:
    • The JP server follows CN's scheduling at Arknights JP's official YouTube account, held in real-world and hosted by Yostar Japan's staff with various Japanese CVs and Arknights cosplayers making guest appearances. The 3rd anniversary livestream was held during Arknights Fes 2023 in Tokyo Big Sight.
    • The EN and KR servers only held livestreams to announce half-year and yearly anniversaries on the respective servers' official YouTube account EN KR. Since Global's 2.5th anniversary, both EN and KR servers held collaborative livestreams together with mostly the same contents albeit in different languages.