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RI Medic icon.png
Ursus Guard
Reunion Soldier A icon.png
Reunion Member
Chernobog Streets

Before operation

Chernobog has fallen into disarray. Order has collapsed, and Reunion burns and loots the city with reckless abandon.
Despite knowing that they should retreat, Rhodes Island takes action to try to save innocents.
<Background 1>
Dobermann How could this be...
What in the world... is going on here?
Lost Girl.png
Reunion Member Search all these houses! I want every single room turned inside out!
Female Let go of me...! No! You can't...
Reunion Member Trying to resist? Too late, you filthy Chernos!
Male Just run! Don't worry about me... Save... our child...
Child Mama... Mama...!
Ursus Guard Forget about the civilians! Hold the line first! There are too many masked goons coming!
Reunion Member Don't give the cops any time to rest! Keep attacking!
Ursus Guard Where are our reinforcements?! We're going to get overrun...
Reunion Member Attack, attack!!
<Background 1>
Amiya What's going on...?! Why... Why is Reunion doing this...?
Dobermann After all these years, the wolves in sheep's clothing finally bare their fangs.
Medic The Infected... they, they're attacking the Ursus troops!
Guard But why?! Challenging the Ursus government like this is basically suicide!
Dobermann No, look at how fierce this attack is. This must have been a planned operation.
The place we rescued Doctor from was supposed to be top secret... but they somehow still managed to infiltrate it.
It's possible that Reunion's attack has already spread through Chernobog in its entirety.
Guard No... How, how can that be...
Amiya Shhhh!
<Background fades out and in>
Reunion Member A Have you found any of those fleeing Chernos yet?
Reunion Member B I'm still looking!
Reunion Member A Good, don't let a single one get away!
Those cold-blooded beasts... I'll make them pay for what they did to my family!
<Background fades out and in>
Medic (*cough*)
Reunion Member A What was that?
Reunion Member B Over there!
Medic (Mmfh!)
(They... they found us...)
Dobermann (Shush!)
Medic (Mmf...!)
<Background fades out and in>
[A Reunion soldier looks around.]
<Background fades out>
Female ...Ugh...
<Background fades in>
Reunion Member A Over here! I found 'em!
Female ...Nooooo!!!!
Aaah! No, don't...
Reunion Member B ...!
Hiding in an alley?
Get out.
Female Aaaaahh...!
Reunion Member B Did you really think we wouldn't find you there...?
Female I'm... I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!! Please, at least spare my child!
Reunion Member B ...
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya ...We need to stop this, now.
Dobermann Amiya...
Amiya I'm aware of the risk, Instructor Dobermann.
It's just that... we don't have the luxury of sitting around waiting for Reunion to disband.
Additionally, nobody knows how long this situation will last...
Therefore, the best course of action would be to take out the enemy and then get moving. Wouldn't you agree?
Dobermann ...
Understood. I'll follow your command.
All squads, listen up.
We have the element of surprise – these Reunion members don't know that we're here yet.
Remember, be decisive! Take them out, cleanly and swiftly.
Dr {nickname}, gather your team. It's time for you to prove yourself.
We have no more time to second-guess ourselves.
Doctor You should have told me sooner. / ... / A simple matter. I'll handle this.
Dobermann Hah.
Amiya, I'm counting on you.
Amiya Understood.
Rhodes Island's Creed.png
Amiya "Silent we shall be, should conflict be avoidable––
––but fight tooth and nail, should it be necessary!"
Rhodes Island's creed... has always been the same!

During operation

Dobermann The enemy are planning an attack from the right side. Be careful.

After operation

After defeating the enemies, Amiya is feared by the civilians they just rescued – just because she is Infected.
In order to help the Doctor understand the situation, Amiya and Dobermann briefly explain the status of the Infected as well as the role of Rhodes Island.
<Background 1>
[The Reunion fighters, caught by surprise, are all but destroyed by Rhodes Island.]
Reunion Member Ugh...
You bunch... aren't from Ursus...
[The soldier dies.]
Guard *gasp* *gasp*...
Dobermann Looks like they didn't have time to notify the others.
...Well done, Dr {nickname}.
I really should review your capabilities more objectively.
Medic Huh? Amiya... she's heading over to them...
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya Are you okay?
Female Huh? Oh, thank you...
Amiya No problem. It's our...
Female You... You're also an Infected?
What do you want?! Don't hurt my children... I'm begging you, please don't hurt us...
Amiya ...
Find a safe place to hide.
Female *Crying* ... Please have mercy... Let us go...
<Background fades out and in>
Medic ...
Amiya Has everyone gotten enough rest?
Medic Ah, I'm fine...
Doctor Why is she afraid of you?
Amiya ...
Dr {nickname}...
You've also asked a similar question before.
Doctor ...
Amiya Because I... am an Infected.
Dobermann and I, and most of the members of Rhodes Island, are as well.
Even those Reunion members who we just fought...
We've contracted a terrible illness. Something that terrifies most people...
Dobermann Those who have contracted Oripathy are called the 'Infected.'
Amiya Dobermann...
Dobermann Ursus has always treated the Infected harshly.
I mean, who doesn't? Ursus just happens to be particularly cold-blooded about it.
Civilians are taught to fear the Infected through propaganda. Nobody even bats an eyelid when the Infected are hunted down, and some even cheer for it.
That's why Reunion chose this place...
Amiya However... this time, it's not just a simple protest anymore.
Dobermann They've begun to resort to large-scale violence.
When Ursus puts an end to the rioting, the Infected in Chernobog will only face more cruelty.
...In contrast, with you here, Dr {nickname}, perhaps Rhodes Island's situation will improve.
Doctor ...Is this also related to me? / ... / I see, I must be pretty important.
Dobermann Both Kal'tsit and Amiya have mentioned that you are a cutting-edge Oripathy researcher.
...But with your memory loss, I doubt whether you'll be of any use again.
Amiya Ugh... Instructor, that's way too harsh!
Dobermann ...Perhaps you'll be able to master the theories again after some reviewing, just like how you relearned your commanding skills?
After all, you are our field commander...
To be honest, I never thought a neurology doctor could also be a master tactician...
But after seeing you, I can somehow understand it.
I mean, Rhodes Island itself is very similar to your field of study.
<Background fades out and in>
Medic Hey! Damn you! Stop running! It's time for your injection!
Guard Huh? Huh? I told you, I'm fine! I, I don't need treatment yet!
Medic You need to get your regular injection to slow your symptoms!
Didn't you say you were feeling dizzy?
Guard That's not the same condition at all!
Medic What if you start having other issues when you're in battle?
For the sake of everyone's safety, you have to take care of yourself too!
Guard ...
Medic Stop right there! I'm giving you the shot!
Guard Aaah!!
<Background fades out and in>
Dobermann ...
...This is what Rhodes Island does. We're looking for a cure to the infection, as well as mitigating the problems associated with the Infected.
Amiya That's right. It is not enough to only conduct research, or only try to resolve conflicts.
We must address all of the problems surrounded the Infected.
This is the only way for Rhodes Island to give all the Infected a chance at survival...
Dobermann We understand them better than most others because we, like them, are also Infected.
No matter who is involved or what is required, Rhodes Island seeks to put an end to the spread of hatred and disease.
Dr {nickname}, perhaps this will be your calling as well.
...At least, this is my wish.
Doctor What are you talking about...? / ... / I need some more time to think about this.
Dobermann We will give you plenty of time to let all of this sink in.
However, the time given to us is scarce.
Gather up, everyone. We're leaving!
Anything could happen on our way to the meeting point!
<Background fades out>
Dobermann (Amiya...)
(The situation in Chernobog has become very complicated. We can't afford to create extra pressure for the rescue team. But...)
Amiya (How much time... do we have left?)
Dobermann (...Three hours.)
(After three hours, this entire city will be consumed by the Catastrophe.)
(After that, everything will be over then.)
<Background fades in>
??? ...
We've found some unknown variables.
Notify the others, now.
We're going after them.