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Ursus Captain
Ursus Guard
Reunion Soldier A icon.png
Reunion Member
Chernobog Streets

Before operation

The television stations broadcast sunny news of victory, but in reality, everything heralds the destruction of Chernobog.
But for the cautious Rhodes Island, there is still one ray of hope—
<Background 1>
Dobermann ...This is way beyond my expectations...
Explosions, rioting, fires, fighting in the streets...
Has Chernobog completely fallen into chaos?
News on TV.png
TV Host Thanks to the swift response and teamwork of the Chernobog Military Police...
...the situation is largely under control. The incidents in most areas have already been contained.
Currently, the Military Police has already surrounded the thugs who had taken Vaschuk Prospect.
As you can see, this senseless violence is about to be put to an end.
Please do not panic. Stay indoors, and await another victory for Chernobog...
May the glory of Ursus bless the Emperor and his people!
<Background 1>
Reunion Member ...
Ursus Guard Curse them... where the hell did they get those kinds of equipment and weapons?!
Ursus Captain Don't get scared! Cowards in armor are still just cowards! They're just a bunch of untrained thugs!
Ursus Guard But... there are so many of them...!!
Ursus Captain We've already taken out forces three times the size of ours! Just do it again, and the battle will be over!
Reunion Member Enough with the nonsense, Chernobog scum!
Ursus Captain You filth think you can stand against us?!
Exile and hard labor are too good for your kind. We should have executed the lot of you the moment you were captured!
Reunion Member How dare you...!!
Ursus Guard Ugh...! They're rushing us again. Our front lines won't hold out much longer!
Ursus Captain For the Emperor! Stand your ground!!
Ursus Guard I... I can't do it anymore...!
Ursus Captain Anyone who turns tail will be executed on the spot!
Ursus Guard *cough* *cough*...
<Background fades out and in>
Guard We have to...
Dobermann Stay put! We must not expose ourselves yet!
Amiya The Ursus guards... are getting overwhelmed by Reunion?
Dobermann Hmph... What they're broadcasting on television can't be farther from the truth.
Amiya Terrible road conditions and enemy blockades... We won't be able to use our own vehicles anymore...
Dobermann That's right. The rescue team must be large enough to clear out any Reunion members that block our way.
Splitting up any further would be suicide.
Guard These Ursus guards...
They might look powerful because they're well-equipped, but Reunion...
Reunion clearly has an overwhelming advantage in numbers and morale!
Dobermann This is nothing like when we first investigated Chernobog...
When we sneaked in, the quantity, distribution, and status of Chernobog's guards and military were in a very bizarre state.
Back then, we just couldn't figure out why.
Guard Had Reunion already destroyed most of Chernobog's defenses at that point?
Dobermann Though I don't have any proof, if Reunion has grown powerful enough to launch such a large-scale operation...
... All I can say is that I feel lucky those guards are being surrounded, instead of us.
Of course, we must be vigilant of our surroundings. By the time we end up in a crisis, it'll already be too late––
Amiya ... Doctor, hurry and gather your teams.
Our scouts have discovered Reunion forces. They're about to come in contact with our rescue team!
Dobermann For now, being cautious is the only advantage we can get.
<Background fades out and in>
Reunion Member Hmm?
Why is there an armed force here?!
Dobermann All teams, prepare for combat! Don't give them any chance to retaliate!

During operation

Dobermann More Reunion members are coming. Watch your defense!

After operation

The Doctor's group encounter a member of the Ursus Military Police, when suddenly, a Reunion squad with a leader launches an attack.
Confronted by Reunion, the police have no choice but to let Rhodes Island go.
<Background 1>
Guard Ugh... Gahh...
Those Reunion goons... sure are energetic!
Ursus Captain Who are you people?
Why are you in Chernobog at a time like this?!
Guard Huh? Wh-what's going on––
Ursus Captain Are you spies?!
Dobermann (If our identities get revealed and the Ursus government starts to keep an eye on us, the consequences would be unfathomable!)
(If it comes down to it...!)
Amiya Sir.
Ursus Captain ... A little girl?
You're... an Infected?
Stop right there! Put down your weapon!
<Background fades out and in>
Dobermann (Be ready to back her up. If they show any signs of hostility...)
(Smoke? Where did it come from...?)
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya Sir, surely you understand that we have a common enemy!
Dobermann Defenders! They're attacking!
Ursus Captain Wh-what?!
[An explosion is heard.]
??? ...
Amiya Reunion... they're here.
Dobermann Amiya, be careful...
She's on a completely different level compared to those ordinary thugs!
Crownslayer Attacks.png
??? Hmph. Trying to run...?
Where do you think you're going?
Go. Tear them apart.
Reunion Member ...
<Background 1>
Dobermann Even her minions seem like they're well-trained...
Could she be Reunion's ringleader?
Amiya The haze is getting thicker and thicker... are they planning to utilize it to launch a surprise attack?
Sir, we have to evacuate immediately!
If they manage to cut off our escape route, we'll all...
Ursus Captain ...
Get lost, Infected.
Amiya ...
Ursus Captain I was tasked with defending this street.
Rabbit, I don't care why you came here or what you plan to do.
If you plan to ruin our city, know that someone will come after you. The rage of Ursus is never-ending.
If not, then what happens here is none of your business.
Amiya ... I understand.
Ursus Captain Everybody in Ursus knows to never turn their back to the enemy.
Now scram! We don't have time to deal with you.
Amiya ...
Thank you.
Dobermann Hurry! Let's get to the first rendezvous point!
All teams, move out! Quick!
<Background fades out and in>
??? ...
Ursus Captain Come at us, Infected filth!
Is that all you're capable of? Are you just going to stand there staring at us?
??? All Chernobogians...
Must die.