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Mephisto's Herd
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Reunion Member
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Reunion Member
Lungmen Slums
Lungmen Uptown Rainy

Before operation

Mephisto displays his Arts, causing his Herd to become even more frenzied, and even launches indiscriminate attacks.
Faust cannot bear the sight any longer and takes matters into his own hands.
<Background 1>
Faust Mephisto?
What was that you just unleashed? Your... team is more riled up than before.
They're... they're in pain.
Mephisto Oh, you can tell? The seeds I planted have finally bloomed.
Nothing to worry about, Faust. They won't hurt us.
Faust You're still catalyzing their infection?
Mephisto... just stop. We have a chance to survive.
Mephisto I am the only one who can perform such Arts! And it is only through my Arts that we can escape!
You saw with your own eyes. If we push through like this, the L. G. D. will kill us all long before we can reach the escape tunnel in the slums!
Have you ever seen those weapons before? Nobody in Chernobog had weapons like that!
This is their city, they know it far better than us! Where did they come from? Where do they disappear to?! There's no way we can take them on with this few of us!
The Chernobog Ursus are too weak... Lungmen treats us like an army, but we're no army. We're just a group of like-minded individuals trying to survive!
Faust Quiet down. Morale is low enough.
Mephisto But my herd will never waver in the face of such challenges!
Faust ...not to mention all the Reunion members who just joined us.
FrostNova will definitely help us.
Mephisto FrostNova? That FrostNova?
Hah! Hahah! As if she didn't take her Yetis and betray us?
Faust Mephisto!
Mephisto If not, we can definitely crush our enemies with such strength!
But even if they did turn against us, I can't blame them for doing what it takes to survive.
Faust FrostNova is no traitor. I told you. Look at the facts.
Mephisto Indeed... we all do what it takes to survive.
Faust Just calm down, and don't go stumbling into the L. G. D.'s traps!
Mephisto I have it under control, Faust. I will ensure the comfortable survival of all my people.
Faust What...? What are you going to do?
Mephisto I'm going to show the L. G. D. something much more terrifying than an army. Just wait until they see the flowers that bloom from my people.
Faust Mephisto?!
Mephisto The L. G. D. must pay for their atrocities... And that Ch'en... She will pay for what she did to you!
My comrades, my people, heed my words!
Mephisto's Herd ......!
Mephisto A magnificent vitality flourishes within you... Go forth and give in to your impulses, spread your seed, and seize your future!
Faust No, Mephisto!
They're living beings!
Mephisto's Herd (Chaotic howling and shrieking).
Mephisto All of Lungmen is your garden! Go, now, spread the life within you to all the people! Go, go, go!
All Hell Breaks Loose.png
[Suddenly Mephisto's herd went berserk and attacks anyone and anything in sight.]
Reunion Member Huh? What?! What's happening?
Wh- what are you doing? You're not in our squad!
...What did I ever do to you?! Or Mephisto...?
Captain? Captain?! Captaaaaaain!!
Agh! A- are you... trying to... BITE ME?! Why a- aaaaaaaaagh!
Help! Somebody help me!!
<Background 1>
Mephisto Heh heh...
They are far stronger than they were.
They can't hear my voice anymore, but they won't attack us again... They will grow stronger, more durable, and more numerous.
And they will completely consume Lungmen. Hah. If my people can't have this city, I certainly won't leave it to the Lungmenites!
Faust, come, it's time...
Faust ......
What have you done?
Herd ......
(Pained wailing).
[Unable to stand such gruesome sight, Faust runs off.]
Mephisto Faust? Where are you going?!
<Background 2>
Reunion Member Why are Mephisto's people attacking us?!
I saw it... It.. It was awful... Those things took Ivan... And... And then Ivan became like them!
Suka![note 1] What are you... some kind of monster?! They feel no pain. I stab them and they don't die!
They're getting stronger! We can't stop them!
[Faust rushed into the Reunion soldier before the berserk Mephisto's herd can reach him.]
Faust Come with me!
Reunion Member Faust?!
Reunion Member No! It might be one of Mephisto's traps!
Reunion Member ...He saved my life.
Mephisto's a piece of shit. He might be okay.
Faust ......
Get out of here. Hurry. The phantom crossbowmen will cover you.
Reunion Member Right.
Thanks... H- hey!
Look out!!
Faust ——Originium...?
Run! The herd's after you!
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya GreyThroat, the enemies movements are erratic.
The defenders will hold the line, while the casters cut down the enemy numbers. You and the snipers will take care of any Infected with Arts ability.
GreyThroat I'm allowed to shoot the Infected dead?
Amiya GreyThroat...
In principle, I can't allow anyone to harm the Infected.
Because, if I were to allow that, then wouldn't someone else allow the Infected to harm others? It's a vicious cycle.
But it's pointless. There's no room for the philosophy of ethics on the battlefield.
The ideal situation is that nobody hurts anybody. Regardless of their infection status.
GreyThroat ......
Amiya Gavial is providing medical support so... Watch yourself out there. Don't get hurt.
[A number of berserk Mephisto's herd shows up.]
Amiya What's that...? It looks like... Mephisto's herd...?
But... I can't sense any emotion from them?
GreyThroat, get down! Something's wrong!
GreyThroat They're... pulling Originium out of their bodies?
Amiya GreyThroat!
<Background fades out and in>
Blaze Doctor! Are you okay?
Doctor I'm fine! Be careful!
Blaze What's with this herd? They're acting completely different!
Doesn't matter. You're safe here. Kinda. Don't move!
I'll take care of them and be back in a sec!

After operation

Faust and GreyThroat draw their crossbows on one another. GreyThroat's naivete gives him some pause.
In the end, he can't find it in him to pull the trigger, and lets GreyThroat leave.
<Background black>
How many men have fallen before you?
<Background 2>
Faust ......
Reunion Member (Speaking Ursine).
Faust Of course. I will bring it back for you.
Reunion Member ...... (Speaking Ursine)......?
Faust No. I'm not going to Chernobog.
Reunion Member ......
Faust You'll be safe here.
Get some rest.
<Background fades out>
How many men have fallen before me?
<Background fades in>
[Someone sneaks behind Faust.]
??? Drop your weapon!
GreyThroat Takes Aim.png
GreyThroat Just you...?
Faust ......
GreyThroat Move and I shoot!
<Background 2>
Faust Shoot first. Then ask questions.
[Suddenly Faust disappears.]
GreyThroat What? He... disappeared?
No... I saw your file. You're Faust, one of their leaders. Your Arts won't fool me!
I know this is just an optical trick. If I shoot, you'll still have a bolt in your head.
Faust Wrong.
GreyThroat ——!
[The invisible Faust fires several shots at GreyThroat.]
Faust Can you predict my movements?
GreyThroat ......
Faust The two of us, lone crossbowmen. If we both pull the trigger at the same time, we both die.
What's your name?
GreyThroat Codename GreyThroat. When did you get behind me?
[Faust reappears behind GreyThroat.]
Faust The third time you blinked.
You're pretty direct...
GreyThroat You've been separated from your squad. I'm not here to kill people who don't want a fight.
Faust We're enemies.
GreyThroat Rhodes Island is here to save the Infected. I saw you helping them.
Faust Those were my comrades. You're my enemy.
When did Rhodes Island hire someone so naive?
GreyThroat Yes, I'm naive. All I can do is follow orders. I freeze up whenever I have to make a decision for myself.
Faust You need to be careful.
GreyThroat Watch your finger!
That's a single shot crossbow. If I dodge your bolt, you're dead. Don't pull that trigger.
Faust If you only follow orders, if you rely on everyone else to tell you what to do, that can only end poorly.
GreyThroat Why?
Faust Most of the sheep who blindly take orders aren't actually dependent on anyone. They just haven't started thinking for themselves...
And those who have no direction in life, they're just empty machines looking for a sense of accomplishment, and meaning.
You activate, and perform your function, you input a goal, you achieve your goal, until you consume everything around you, and you consume those you serve.
GreyThroat I won't.
Faust You're inexperienced.
GreyThroat I saw your interaction with the Infected back there. You're doing the right thing.
Faust Your opinion means nothing to me.
GreyThroat Faust, you've been avoiding the L. G. D. Even the ones who are out here on their own, you haven't shot at them. I've been watching you.
Faust Don't take my patience for weakness. If I ambushed you, you'd be dead.
GreyThroat But you didn't.
You're exhausted. Take it from a crossbowman, your string is drawn too tight. It's definitely going to snap.
Faust Take it from a crossbowman, you're too much.
GreyThroat You've also seen those... special Infected. We can figure this one out together.
Faust Maybe you're right.
GreyThroat Wait!
[Faust disappears again.]
Faust But there's nothing I can do.
GreyThroat (He disappeared the instant he moved...? I can't figure his position!)
Why haven't you killed me?
Faust You didn't shoot. Neither will I.
But next time? If you don't kill me, I will kill you.
GreyThroat I don't want to hurt you!
Faust That's too bad.
I guess you need someone to answer you. Without an answer, you can't understand.
Don't worry about it. Killing, dying, these are everyday facts of life. Even for Rhodes Island.
GreyThroat Why can't we work together to save them?
Faust I really wish I could. But I know I can't.
Don't follow me.
You still don't know them. You don't yet have the whole picture.
...and me? There's nothing I can do anymore.
<Background black>
How many men have fallen because of things I did? How many men have fallen because of things I didn't do?


  1. Literally "dog" in Russian, but means "Damn it!" in this context