Operation story: 0-11

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Chernobog Streets
Chernobog Avenue

During operation

Dobermann Forget about the Reunion commander for now. At least he is not making any further moves.
Different types of enemy troops are coming. Be careful!

After operation

Though the breakthrough was successful, the enemy's terrible strength has left a deep impression upon everyone.
On the other hand, Mephisto and Faust take a brief break before resuming their work.
<Background 1>
[The Rhodes Island forces managed to lose their Reunion pursuers.]
Dobermann Scouting complete. I can confirm that the enemies pursuing us have been eliminated.
We've managed to break through their encirclement. We'll be at the outskirts of Chernobog soon.
Ace Even though the enemies we defeated today were just a small portion of the whole force...
At least we're safe for now.
Nearl Thank you for what you did back there. I am forever in your debt.
Ace Don't say stuff like that. I don't have the right to ask the Radiant Knight for repayment anyway.
Anyway, let's talk about that sniper, Nearl.
Nearl Sure.
Putting aside the destructive power of that ballista...
I think... he might have set up several turrets in advance, as well as other automatically-firing devices.
I was targeted from different directions... but I only saw one sniper.
Ace I had the same feeling.
The first and second shots exploded at about the same time, but there was a noticeable delay between them.
Those shots weren't fired from the same repeating ballista. At least, when we returned fire, we weren't targeting the same sniper.
Nearl Ace, did you realize something?
Ace I can't say for sure. What if the enemy was moving so quickly... to the point of basically being in several places at once?
Nearl There's no way anyone could move that quickly. I can't even imagine how it'd be possible.
We can't underestimate how dangerous Reunion is.
Dobermann It was that malicious brat who ordered the sniper to go after you. He didn't even call upon the sniper when he was attacking us...
Nearl Looks like that disgusting personality of his is backed up by some real power.
Ace However, he never attacked us, even when he was angry.
Dobermann So either his combat capabilities are lacking, or he simply chose to not display his true abilities yet.
Just seeing his commanding abilities in action... makes me highly suspicious.
He was commanding his troops like puppets...
Nearl In any case, we're no longer in territory that he controls.
Amiya Nearl... Thank you.
If not for your timely arrival, we would have been in grave danger.
Nearl I was just following the plan we agreed on beforehand.
You were the one who asked me and Ace to make adjustments depending on the situation.
You solved your own problem.
On my way here, I saw the extent of Reunion's atrocities, and I had doubts about their power.
What if I stopped to engage their forces?
What if I helped Ursus defend against Reunion?
What if I stayed back at the rendezvous point, waiting for you to come to me?
...If I was the one who called the shots, there's no saying how much worse the outcome could have been.
I'm not good at thinking several steps ahead. The only way I know to get what I want is to keep fighting.
Amiya, I was only performing my duties, but you have the ability to end the crisis.
You earned this victory, so have some more confidence in yourself.
Amiya Miss Nearl...
Nearl Hehe.
This person standing next to you must be the Doctor, then.
Amiya That's right. But...
Dobermann Every time we meet someone, Amiya has to repeat the story about how the Doctor is suffering from amnesia. What a pain...
Nearl Dr {nickname}...
One of my friends lost her memories as well. I'm sure you two will get along.
After all, you should understand how precious living in the present is.
Amiya Mhm...!
Nearl Let's get going, everyone.
We still have to escort the Doctor to Rhodes Island.
<Background 2>
Faust Sorry... I failed.
Mephisto No, don't apologize. It was my mistake. I lost my temper.
Can you help me track Rhodes Island? I'll report the situation to Talulah first.
She should have taken over Chernobog's core command tower by now.
...She will decide the fate of these insects.
Faust ...Understood.
Mephisto Be careful. Your safety is the most important thing, all right?
Faust ...I will.
Mephisto ...I suppose my mission is complete too.
Let's go, comrades.
Prologue End.png
Mephisto Let us go forth and welcome our new era!!