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Slums B
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Before operation

Facing the combined offensive of the L.G.D. and the black raincoats, the Yeti Squadron defends their only way out.
FrostNova taps deep into her Arts to stave off the enemies, but her body has reached its limit.
<Background 1>
Yeti Squad Member A *Pant* *pant*... Impressive!
Yeti Squad Member B The black raincoats are retreating! Run while you can!
Reunion Member Thanks!
Yeti Squad Member B Don't thank us. If you have the strength, you should fight alongside us!
Yeti Squad Member A Did you see him swing down from the fourth floor and graze my head like that? If I didn't freeze his weapon with the Originium FrostNova left in my backpack, I wouldn't be standing here!
Very impressive. They're just like the swordsmen in the gas masks back in Ursus. Even stronger, really!
Yeti Squad Member B You almost died, what are you so excited about? The masked swordsmen you're talking about were the Ursus Royal Guard! We only met five of them that time!
Did you count how many raincoats there are?
Yeti Squad Member A Does that mean we're even more awesome than before?
Yeti Squad Member B This is not a time for jokes. Their techniques and their equipment mean they must have a city... Even the craftsmen of multiple cities supplying them.
There's no way we can beat them back on our own. Don't even think about trying to kill them!
Yeti Squad Member A I just... I just think I did pretty well.
Yeti Squad Member B The point is this situation is way beyond what we can handle... We can't hold out for long!
Yeti Squad Member C Quiet!
Phantom Crossbowman Reporting in.
Yeti Squad Member C Sister, these are... Faust's people.
FrostNova *Cough* *cough*... I recognize them.
Phantom Crossbowman FrostNova, we received your message, and...
Mephisto Breaks Down.png
FrostNova Why is Mephisto with you? What happened to him?
Phantom Crossbowman Mephisto has taken some... hits to his psyche.
FrostNova Him? Traumatized?
Wait, where is Faust?
Phantom Crossbowman Faust stayed behind to give us, and others, a chance to escape. We left him outside the slums.
FrostNova ......
It's hard to come back from that.
Faust was a brave warrior.
<Background 1>
Phantom Crossbowman FrostNova, if we could, we would like to fight alongside the Yetis.
FrostNova You could. We must get our remaining people out safely.
Find a sniping position and await orders. We will need your support in the coming battle. We don't know when the enemy may attack again.
Phantom Crossbowman Understood!
FrostNova Pass our location to all teams: We will guarantee a safe route for their retreat from here!
Keep evacuating.
Yeti Squad Member C Understood!
<Background fades out and in>
Reunion Member Are they like the Ursus soldiers with a total disregard for collateral damage?
Yeti Squad Member I don't think so. The Ursus were willing to use direct artillery fire on the upper city!
Reunion Member I knew they were brutal. But that brutal?
Yeti Squad Member We saw it with our own eyes.
The raincoat people are very different.
They see civilians as targets, since they can't tell the difference between Infected and uninfected. They don't know if maybe we're dressing up as civilians.
The Ursus just didn't care, but these people don't let a single one slip through.
Reunion Member There are so many fleeing, it's damn near impossible to keep order! FrostNova is in a tough spot!
Yeti Squad Member Sister won't let anyone die. Reunion or no.
We came to Lungmen to fight. How did we end up saving people? It's funny.
Reunion Member The fighting is pretty much done. If you guys didn't show up, we'd all be dead!
Yeti Squad Member Man that's crazy. You're really counting on us?
Reunion Member Can you not talk like that...? I used to think you guys were so imposing, but now you just seem like a bunch of clowns.
Yeti Squad Member You got us all wrong. We just don't talk much. Shouldn't be imposing.
Reunion Member Anyway, aren't we supposed to be holding this place with you?
Yeti Squad Member You're totally right! Bro, let's defend this place together!
<Background fades out and in>
FrostNova What's going on?
Yeti Squad Member We... we found some locals locked up in here.
A mother and daughter. We were going to use the place as a firing position, but we don't know how to communicate with them... They seem pretty scared of us.
FrostNova ......
Lungmenite (Local language)!
(Local language) ...... (local language) ......!
FrostNova She is your child, yes?
Child Waaahhh!
FrostNova Such a healthy one.
Don't be afraid. Don't cry. Your mama is right here.
Mama is here.
Child Waaahhh...
Mm... Um... Mm.
Yeti Squad Member Oh, the child is smiling...
FrostNova Get her out of here.
Lungmenite ...... (Local language)?
FrostNova You *cough* escort her. See her to safety.
Yeti Squad Member They're uninfected. There are so many of our people who need evacuating. We don't have time.
FrostNova Oh?
Yeti Squad Member ...Right. Who cares whether it's the Infected or the uninfected now? Understood.
Erm, uh, ma'am, um... Komm zis way?
Lungmenite Neidei, neidei... hou.[note 1]
Yeti Squad Member FrostNova, Sister, wait for us to come back. Don't try to hold on your own.
FrostNova Have some faith in your big sister.
Hurry! They're coming!
They are deploying some units wearing other uniforms... They might be Lungmen's L. G. D.!
*Cough* *cough* ... *hack*.
<Background black>
Yeti Squad Member A The temperature is as low as it will go!
Yeti Squad Member B The uniformed ones are no match for us, but watch out for the raincoats!
Yeti Squad Member C Where's Nesti? We need more firepower. We need suppressing fire!
Yeti Squad Member A He says okay!
I don't think Sister's body can take much more. She can't keep the temperature down!
Yeti Squad Member B We can't break the pavement?
Yeti Squad Member C No way! If we do that, how will our people and the locals get to the exit?
Yeti Squad Member B We're sure this is the only way out?
Yeti Squad Member C Yes. The other ones have all been destroyed. All that's left is the one we dug.
Yeti Squad Member A How much time do we have? Or how much time does Sister have?
Why must it come down to tormenting her so?
They're almost done!
Yeti Squad Member C I'll go get Sister!
Yeti Squad Member C Sister, we've just about got this group evacuated!
FrostNova And the fighting... how goes?
Yeti Squad Member C We've got the L. G. D. completely suppressed. The terrain favors us, and they can't make use of their superior numbers.
FrostNova You have nothing to hide.
Yeti Squad Member C Lungmen's raincoat brigade doesn't care about the terrain, or the people. They... they're going to level everything.
They're purging the slums
FrostNova And those uninfected Lungmenites we saw...?
Yeti Squad Member C I'm afraid that was their doing.
FrostNova ......
Yeti Squad Member C Sister, stop your Arts! We can handle these ones ourselves. Just rest for a bit!
FrostNova *Cough* *cough*...
Yeti Squad Member C Sister!
<Background 2>
Yeti Squad Member A The temperature just cracked the lower limit!
She's doing it...! The superstructure is weakening!
Smash their footing and push them back! Fire!
[The Yeti Squadron opens fire at a nearby structure's supports, causing it to collapse before the men in black raincoats.]
??? ......
Yeti Squad Member B They're falling back! Keep it up!
Yeti Squad Member A Faster! More! Faster!
Reunion Member R- right!
Yeti Squad Member A That's our big sister! She really did it!
Yeti Squad Member C ......
Yeti Squad Member A Petrova, what's wrong? Why do you look so gloomy?
Petrova Young, come here.
Young No.
Petrova Come!
Young I can't!
Petrova You have to. Sister doesn't have much time left.


  1. "Hello, hello... everyone." in Cantonese