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Operator Ethan's place of birth remains unknown. He hopped around between several different underground Infected groups before finally separating himself from the Reunion Movement. A thorough investigation has determined Ethan's goals are not a threat and he is indeed worth hiring. Tactical analysis shows that he is particularly skilled in battlefield infiltration and solo operations.
He currently serves Rhodes Island in a special ops team, providing specialist support.
Clinical Analysis
Have at least 25% Trust with Ethan
Imaging tests reveal blurry outlines of this operator's internal organs, clouded with abnormal dark spots. His circulatory system shows an abnormally high rate of Originium particulate matter, with other signs of Oripathy infection, we can confirm that the operator is indeed Infected.

[Cell-Originium Assimilation] 2%
Operator Ethan has visible Originium crystallization on his body's surface.

[Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.26u/L
Operator Ethan's infection has been stabilized.
Archive File 1
Have at least 50% Trust with Ethan
We found Operator Ethan during lunchtime, or rather we found a plate floating in midair, while people all around looked on astonished, surprised, or dumbfounded, we managed to locate this unique operator. Ethan eagerly answered our interview questions, reporting that most of the infected refugees he encountered in the underground struggled with extreme poverty. This may explain his attachment to flavorful cuisine...
Ethan's favorite dish is the Triple Shank Nudescale Lizard, grilled in mushrooms and spices, and paired with a Lupo favorite Concord Wine... When presented with such a spread, he was more than happy to share everything he ever knew.
Of course, when prompted to discuss his former associates, he dodged the issue witha series of jokes. To use his own words, "even the little guy has a few tough spots."
In any case, Ethan is a gregarious person with a lot of feelings. Whether as a friend or a partner, one needs only overlook a few inadvertent mistakes to see he is a suitable candidate.
Just as soon as the investigators are finished confirming his story.
Archive File 2
Have at least 100% Trust with Ethan
Operator Ethan's Originium Arts are worth a special note. Some Savras have a natural ability to change color and blend in with their surroundings, and Ethan is particularly skilled in this respect. He is able to use Originium Arts to turn his skin the exact color of any object he touches.
When Caster Operators have asked to study his Originium Arts in detail, Ethan has consistently made a rather direct reply:
"NO! You want to write down what I can do? Then everybody will know! What am I supposed to do when the enemy figures it out?!"
However, when a certain female Savra operator made the request, Ethan thought for a moment before putting the full power of his Originium Arts on display for us.
We need not go into the details.
In reality, not much thought needs to be put into Operator Ethan: the activation conditions for the full power of his Arts are quite demanding, and very difficult to study.
At present, the Casters theorize that Ethan's Originium Arts have a passive ability to perceive the differences between metals, minerals, plant and other materials, and then quickly adapt his body pigmentation to the color of the target environment.
Naturally, rapid changes of color within a short period of time left a sort of crhomatic aberration against the background environment, causing a blurring effect. After any such tests, Ethan has consistently collapsed into a deep sleep.
Archive File 3
Have at least 150% Trust with Ethan
While Ethan certainly isn't old, and is even less qualified to be any sort of teacher, he has still taken it upon himself to offer advice and aid to younger operators since coming to Rhodes Island.
At the same time, he has made a concerted effort to fully cooperate with any orders given to him on the battlefield, resulting in some moderately improved assessment scores. Ethan is not a terribly brave man, and he has shown some signs of weakness in battle more than once. Even when he wins, he still cuts a comical and somewhat sad, tramplike figure. In short, Ethan is not the kind of man who loves war.
In any case, no matter how easy going Ethan may seem, he will always at that critical moment make the choice that is right for him. What drives those choices is not only the responsibility put on him by our assessment system, but also his unenviable history with the Infected.
Archive File 4
Have 200% Trust with Ethan
The Infected hiding in the shadowy corners of the cities all suffer the same fate: crushed in squalid conditions, forced from their homes, starving, waiting for the moment when they finally drop dead in a pile of other Infected.
In situations like these, who could expect the young Infected to stay silent? They use secret tunnels to move throughout the city, hiding just out of sight of the guards, using spraypaint to vent their dissatisfaction in the narrow alleyways. That is, until they are discovered, and they make a break for it, barely escaping, dripping with sweat, struggling to breathe.
Ethan was one of them. He couldn't fight, and he couldn't talk trash. His spraypaint was his only voice, its vibrant colors and striking characters screaming out the plight of the Infected for all to see and hear. And with his nigh-invisibility, getting away from those who would stop him was trivial.
The city's dark nights had become chaotic and unpredictable.
But Ethan didn't care. All he had to do was run away. He could even help the other Savras get away. No one was as good at escaping as them. They left no trace of their presence.
"All you have to do is run." That was Ethan's motto.
But when one starts to run, getting caught becomes inevitable.
Promotion Record
Promote Ethan to Elite 2
"How did you decide he's worth it?"
"Easy. He had faith. Reality shattered it. We'll give him a new faith."

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