Reserve Operator – Sniper

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Reserve Operator - Sniper
Marksman SniperRhodes Island
Marksman Sniper.png
Rhodes Island
Reserve Operator - Sniper icon.png
Position Ranged
Tags DPS
Trait Attacks aerial enemies first
Availability Exclusive to Integrated Strategies



Base.pngElite 1.png


Base.png Base.png MAX Elite 1.png MAX Elite 2.png MAX Trust.png
HP.png HP 482 754 980 N/A
ATK.png ATK 165 276 401 N/A
DEF.png DEF 48 80 115 N/A
RES.png RES 0 N/A N/A
RDP.png Redeployment time 70 seconds N/A
COST.png DP cost 8 10 N/A
BLOCK.png Block count 1 N/A
ASPD.png Attack interval 1 second N/A