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In regards to spoilers in the Arknights Terra Wiki, as stated in the main page, we are dedicated to gather information on Arknights from gameplay to plot and lore elements. Due to the nature of this information, especially as the Global server is lagging behind the CN server in terms of content release, some of it may be considered as spoiler for some readers, especially those who exclusively played in the Global server and English speakers.

As such, the Arknights Terra Wiki will regard all information that has been released in the CN server, but not in the Global server yet, as spoilers. However, this means that, to new players, reading the wiki while not being up to date on all story content incurs a risk of spoilers. Any information regarded as spoilers should not be removed or hidden under any circumstances, instead to be marked by {{Spoiler notice}} as a courtesy to readers until the corresponding content's source is announced or released on the Global server of Arknights, at which point the notice can be removed.

However, gameplay spoilers such as the conditions to unlock secret interludes in Episode 08 must be hidden with the {{Spoiler}} template.