Ritualist Supporter

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Attacks deal Arts damage, and can inflict Elemental Damage.
—Trait description

Ritualist Supporter is a branch of the Supporter class in Arknights.

Ritualist Supporters are identical to Decel Binder Supporters, but with a slightly lower ATK and faster attack interval, and the ability to inflict Elemental Damages on enemies.




  • Ritualist supporters' less than average ATK makes their attacks easily mitigated by enemies with higher defense stats or high amounts of HP. They're best used as a secondary or tertiary DPS with Primal Caster(s). Additionally, enemies with high movement speed can escape their attacks easily even with their wide range, therefore it is recommended to have a Decel Binder supporter or a blocker to assist them.
  • Owing to the fact that their Elemental Damage is a specific type it's not advisable to use them alongside a Primal Caster with Elemental Damage that didn't match theirs i.e Warmy.