Event synopsis: Ideal City

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Ideal City: Endless Carnival
Ideal City event.png
Gavial and Eunectes head home in response to a call for help.
Elysium and the Acahualla go underground to solve a problem.
When they arrive at the underground city, they find a situation they never imagined.
The Durin enjoy a cool summer splash beneath a broken dome.
Competition, conflict, crisis; all must take a back seat.
Cool off and drink to your heart's content. After the party is another party!

Holy Moly Disaster

A year after the crazy Mahuizzotia festival, the Tiacauh tribes have been living in harmony while slowly develop their jungles under Zumama's influence. Tomimi and Elysium take this opportunity to visit Acahualla and Inam the current Great Chief. Everything seems fine enough... until the arrival of a mysterious stranger.

A Durin named Stitch Canvas arrives at Acahualla from his underground city, Zeruertza, in hope of seeking help. Not only the Tiacauh met this short man for the first time, but also, they are surprised to hear the existence of a Durin city just beneath the jungle. According to his words, his hometown is facing "an unprecedented disaster" that will also threaten the jungle. Out of worry, Tomimi writes an urgent letter to Gavial and Zumama, and the gang hurriedly travel to the underground city through its giant lift...

...Except that things appear to be not that terrible after all. Although Tomimi expresses in her letter that the disaster is a literal time bomb, prompting Gavial and Zumama to hurry back, it is actually an exaggeration. Since last summer, a sudden earthquake caused the collapse of its dome, bringing in rushing underground spring that flooded its railroad tunnel. Nevertheless, it also created a giant lake with its waterfall, and the Zeruertzans decided to convert it into a tropical resort named "the Great Aquapit." What Stitch wishes is to persuade the Zeruertzans to dismantle the Aquapit and repair the tunnel and the dome. After all, as a stubborn, perfectionist architect, he can't withstand such an "ugly" building, at least in his eyes.

The Aquapit Adventure


Instead of worrying the "danger," why not let us first enjoy the Aquapit?

Despite Stitch's request, the surface travelers just treat it as a brief vacation. The fellows meet the city's mayor Croque Diamondface who welcomes them warmly and brings them to the beach. Meanwhile, they encounter a surprising dweller – a female Ursine Lupo named Avdotya Razorpen who has been living among the Durins for a long while. Unlike the local Durins, Avdotya sees the gang as hostile intruders that can corrupt this sacred utopia. Whenever they go, she supervises them carefully with suspicion. Even then, Gavial and her fellows are delightful to swim in the Aquapit, play on its slides, and have fun with the locals through beach games.

The gang arrives at Zeruertza just at the right moment as well. The city's representatives Edge, Catch, and Deculture have been discussing of setting up a new landmark. However, the meeting often evolves into a heated debate as they really do not wish to dismantle the Aquapit. Stich then persuades them bitterly by stating that they should refurnish the place as it is simply too crude and unartistic. To calm the debate, Croque suggests to hold a competition between Stitch and Catch on proving who is the best architect for its landmark, the one who is worthy to carry the name of their missing mentor Finch Canvas.


"Who...the heck will want to build this 'abomination'?!"

Catch and Stitch first have to persuade the citizens the reason to dismantle and their idea for the landmark. Most of them seem to prefer Catch's idea of turning the dome into colorful stained glass instead of the latter's minimalistic style. Nevertheless, many Zeruertzans believe that they are kind of bored with the Aquapit. After a referendum, Croque officially announces the dismantle of the Aquapit.

Although the surfacer travelers and the Zeruertzans have to say goodbye to the Aquapit, the fun is yet to be over. After the dismantle. Croque announces a swim meet to excite the citizens. On the other hand, the race is actually a facade for the investigation on the other side of the lake where the blocked tunnel is located. Not only it will not panic the Zeruertzans, but also creates more fun that will be remembered forever.


The prolonged neglection has finally brought the greatest disaster Zeruertza has ever faced.

While the company is having an intensive competition among each other in the pool, there arrives the bad news. Edge and Elysium have already reached the finishing point, but they discovered something horrendous. Due to the locals' prolonged neglection as well as the earthquake that damaged the dome's Originium detector, an Originium vein is slowly consuming the city starting from the collapsed tunnel. They only have twenty-five days for evacuation before the whole Zeruertza will become an Originium active zone. The tunnel is too dangerous to travel. Digging towards other cities or building a temporary shelter is simply time-consuming and costly. Not to say that digging below is never a convention among the Durins.

Just then, Gavial proposes another idea: evacuate every Durin to the surface world. By using the giant lift, they can settle everyone in the jungle while minimizing the sacrifice. On the other hand, Avdotya strongly opposes; she believes that the local Durins are simply too naïve of facing the harsh world above. This will only prompt the greedy Sargonian Padishahs and the Lords Ameer in invading Acahualla and enslaving both the Durins and the Tiacauh, something that she could not withstand as a fugitive noblewoman. The only way to pacify the authorities is to appoint a nominal lord of the district, pay tribute to them, and lure them away from stepping into Acahualla. Everyone seems that Gavial is the perfect candidate due to her brass, courageous nature, but she could not leave Rhodes Island and abandon her dream as a medic. In the end, Inam volunteers to take this burden since she is the only one who maintains contact with the outside world.

The Great Chief's Iron Fist

The Unstoppable Courage

"It seems you are depressed right now...
"...then why not you try MY iron fist!!"

But before the evacuation, the Zeruertzans insist on refurnish the dome. Being an important ritual, the Durins sees nature's reclamation of their city as sacred, hence wishing to return it to mother nature as new as possible. Everyone seems to be taking part in this ceremony. Except one: Stitch Canvas.

As it turns out, the city's dome was originally designed by Stitch's well-respected mentor Finch, the city's former design representative. Before his sudden disappearance, he gave Stitch this puzzling question: "What is the meaning of being a true architect?" As a matter of fact, Stitch has been trying to find such answer by forcing himself to be involved in the dome project despite his bottleneck. He wants to prove himself to be worthy of Finch's name and meet his mentor again as a reward. Now the city is going to be dismantled, and he falls into deep self-abasement by treating himself a mere loser. Out of sorrow, he decides to shut himself inside his house forever.

In order to encourage Stitch, Gavial approaches his home to bring him out.  Although she has to encounter Stitch's security robots, nothing could become the Great Chief's obstacles. With her tomahawk, she literally breaks into Stitch's room. Catch too follows suits and informs that he has decided to resign from his position. On the other hand, not only he appoints Stich to take his place as an acknowledgement of his hardworking, but also, he promises to find their missing mentor during his absence. Even Gavial decides to give Stitch a heavy punch to wake him up before finally ending up breaking his desk. Stitch's struggle with himself eventually ends in a humorous way.

Meanwhile, Avdotya too decides to face her reality as a non-Durin. She has been running away endlessly since the day she sought shelter in Zeruertza following the bloody purge onto her family. During her public speech, she warns the locals on the harsh reality of living above, yet she tells them the interesting stories about the surface world. In her closing, she lets them choose whether they should stay underground or move above. And to her surprise, almost all the Zeruertzans are eager to see the unexplored world above while preparing themselves to face the danger. After all, they will always have Avdotya and others to be their guardians.

Paradise Lost

Day and night, the Durin restlessly refurnish the dome while carefully carrying out the evacuation. Thanks to Inam, the Sargonian lords are still unaware of the Durins' existence. Stitch and Edge supervise the process, and even the Tiacauh tribesmen are willing to lend their hands. In the library, Zumama and Deculture manages to uncover a lost map drawn by generations of surface travelers depicting the cave where the lift ends, allowing them to pass through the complex cave structures. All Zeruertzans are safely evacuated with no casualty involved.

Zeruertza might be gone forever, but the fun lasts longer in their hearts.

Even though Zeruertza is finally reclaimed by Originium, hence losing an underground utopia forever, the event ushers in a new era. Acahualla's development meets a whole new level for the last centuries athanks to the Durins' advance technologies. While the Zeruertzans' shelter is temporary as they have to return and rebuild their city someday, this is the first time a large number of Durins making contact with the surface world. Just as the High Priest comments, it begins a new page in the history of Terra.