Event trivia: Ideal City

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  • In the CN server:
    • The suffix of Ideal City's full name was Carnival in the Endless Summer, which is simplified to "Endless Carnival" in the Global server likely because the event itself was not actually released during Summer on Global. Nevertheless, the original suffix can still be seen briefly when the player enters the background from the Terminal while this event is active.
    • IC was preceded by Lingering Echoes, Dorothy's Vision, To Be Continued, and the rerun of Dossoles Holiday. To allow IC, being a Carnival event, to be released around Global's 3rd anniversary date of January 16, 2023, DV, TC, and DH Rerun were rescheduled to succeed IC in Global.
  • Due to an oversight, the Zeruertza Amazing Wall tab on the upper left corner of the main menu is erroneously named Dossoles Amazing Wall.