Event synopsis: Pinus Sylvestris

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Pinus Sylvestris

The Pinus Sylvestris event acts as the interim between Maria Nearl and Near Light by focusing on the figures involved in the 24th Major with a spotlight on the eponymous knightclub, covering how they came to be and their recently recruited members, Justyna Valentine the Fartooth Knight and Iwona Krukowska the Wild Mane Knight.


Amidst a Kazimierz Major jousting tournament, Sona the Flametail Knight meets a Zalak knight carrying a cannonlance. Being Infected themselves, the two share their feelings about how the Infected Kazimierzian knights have been treated as second-class knights. The cannonlancer knight introduces herself as Greynuty Kaliska the Ashlock Knight. Sona remarks on the familiarity of her surname before the two team up together for the match. Sometime later, the two decide to form a Knightclub as a place where Infected knights can share their hardships and bonds together. They name it "Pinus Sylvestris" after the now-extinct pine trees that once grew around Sona's hometown in Victoria.

Later, Pinus Sylvestris recruits Iwona Krukowska the Wild Mane Knight and an Infected knight named Jamie into their ranks. Greynuty and Sona watch a match featuring Justyna Valentine the Fartooth Knight, commenting that she would make a fine addition to their Knightclub, which she later joins. Pinus Sylvestris' rising popularity draws more Infected knights into their ranks and draws the attention of the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi Kazimierz who asks for their support. Iwona, who hailed from a family of campaign knights and having participated in the Tenth Ursus-Kazimierz War herself, expresses her view that the Adeptus is more trustworthy than the Kazimierz General Chamber of Commerce, leading P.S. to consider accepting the offer.

However, at the same time, Pinus Sylvestris is also being preyed upon by the Armorless Union, the K.G.C.C.'s army of assassins, as they continue to see P.S. as a threat to the status quo. The constant pressure from the assassin's attacks eventually leads P.S. to accept the offer from the Adeptus to start a second "Great Separation of Kawalerielki" which would hopefully open the Kazimierzians' eyes to the evils of capitalism corrupting their land.

Dropping Grey

Sometime later, Greynuty is pitted against Olmer Ingra the Brassrust Knight, known for previously fighting Maria Nearl to a draw. Olmer, who despises the Infected, relentlessly attacks Greynuty, but she manages to guard his attacks well while also countering them with her cannonlance. Being taunted relentlessly by Olmer, Greynuty remains focused in the fight, responding to his taunts by continuously barraging the Brassrust Knight, further enraging him.

When Greynuty is running low on shells for her cannonlance, the Brassrust Knight charges, leaving himself wide open to a point-blank shot from Greynuty's cannonlance. Knocked down and severely injured, Greynuty points her cannonlance at Olmer, seemingly to finish him off. Instead, Greynuty fires her last shot to the sky, exclaiming to the audience that the Brassrust Knight does not deserve the shot. Olmer then falls unconscious, ending the match with Greynuty's victory.

In the aftermath, Greynuty remembers her past training with her grandmother and father before the other members of Pinus Sylvestris snap her out of it and take her to celebrate her victory.

Let Us Ring a Ding Ding

Iwona Krukowska the Wild Mane Knight makes the news when she is involved in a violent altercation with other knights, facing possible suspension from the Major. This news catches the attention of Greynuty and Sona who discuss recruiting Iwona to Pinus Sylvestris for being a fellow Infected.

After Iwona is released from police custody (and narrowly dodging paparazzi trying to get words out of her), she encounters Greynuty and Sona who invite her to join P.S. Intrigued with their ideals to make life better for the Infected knights, Iwona expresses her disapproval towards the current system (which she sees as exploitative) and agrees to join P.S. under the condition that they provide her financial and technical support.

The next day, Iwona visits an abandoned building supposed to be the P.S.' base and is welcomed by an Infected knight who eventually informs her that Greynuty and Sona are at Kawalerielki's Infected ghetto to help the Infected there. Iwona heads to the ghetto and arrives right after Greynuty and Sona had fought off some hunters, protecting the Infected. Inspired by their cause, Iwona pledges herself to fight alongside P.S. for the Infected.

Iwona later asks Greynuty and Sona whether they know someone who could repair her "pet" robot, a (ragtag) modified Raythean Existence S-1044 christened "Justice Knight" that she recovered from a dumping ground. They direct her to a knight-engineer in the area who takes a look at and fully repairs the Justice Knight.

A Lone Soul

During a doubles match that was scheduled to pit Maria Nearl and Justyna against two knights from the Snowyheel Knightclub, Justyna is reported to have been involved in a violent brawl and gone missing, preventing her from participating in the match and leaving Maria Nearl to face two difficult knights alone in the arena.

However, it is revealed that Justyna is actually being hunted by the Armorless Union and managed to escape an ambush, taking Szewczyk the Plastic Knight along with her. Szewczyk had also been falsely reported as having been hospitalized due to a sudden illness, but in truth he is on the A.U.'s hit-list as well and managed to escape with Justyna's help. Even though Szewczyk does not hold the Infected on high regard, he agrees to cooperate with Justyna to survive the A.U.'s pursuit.

In a flashback, it is shown how Justyna first met Greynuty and Sona through a similar situation. Justyna encountered Greynuty and Sona after surviving an ambush by thugs under Kazimierz General Chamber of Commerce's payroll, and tags along with them for her safety. While having a chat with Sona, Justyna explained that she has been on A.U.'s hit-list for a while due to her repeated refusal of taking sponsorships with K.G.C.C.-affiliated corporations. She told them how she used to be a humble aspiring competitive knightess from rural Kazimierz who became Infected on her way to Kawalerielki, ruining her life dream until the Infected Participation System was introduced. By that point she'd lost her savings, so she took to fighting in underground jousting arenas to earn enough money to register as a proper competitive knightess. After learning that Sona was thinking of forming a knightclub for Infected knights, Justyna agreed to join so that she could have a place to return to.

Back in the present, Justyna takes Szewczyk to safety and they go their separate ways, but not before she informs him that P.S. had ensured the safety of his son. Justyna monologues that, as an Infected, she is no longer welcome in her hometown and can only remain as a girl dreaming of becoming a knightess just as she were before.

Way of the Knights

Following the incident in the Major preliminaries that almost costs Maria's life, Margaret and Młynar are having a sword duel with the latter vowing to "teach her a lesson" for disobedience as she return from her exile without permission. However, Mylnar's "teaching" is for naught. The duel ends with Margaret defeating Młynar after his sword is shattered. Although he admires her improved skills, he also warns her not to have too many people dragged into her affair. Just then, a sudden phone call interrupts their talk and Młynar quickly leaves to answer it. While most of the call are about some business matters, Młynar also responds to Toland who has been hiding inside the manor.

Meanwhile, Zofia approaches the Nearl sisters for comfort. There, Maria voices out her decision to give up participating in the Major, believing that she is still too naïve in understanding the Major's hidden rules. She also gives her point for Margaret so that she can take her stead. Zofia opposes, thinking that this is her own achievement, but Margaret eventually accepts to carry on her legacy. At the same time, she will go to the Knights' Association to persuade them in registration.

After the phone call, Zofia approaches him to discuss about the earlier duel. Zofia notes that Margaret has become stronger ever since her exile and her companionship with the two Sarkaz. At the same time, she wants Młynar to humble himself and talk to her privately. To her disappointment, Młynar points out that Zofia has become more like them who like to point fingers at him. She then wishes him good luck in his work and leaves the room.

Margeret's registration to the Major is eventually a success with the newly promoted Malkiewicz congratulating her. With that said, the Radiant Knight is ready to face her new challenge.


The story centers on Malkiewicz who recently, has been promoted to become a spokesman on Czarny's stead after his exile. On the day he became the spokesman of the K.G.C.C., Malkiewicz received an overall change in appearance through his new white coat and a combed hair. Still, he was uncomfortable with official paperwork, meetings among the ruling class and the luxurious costume he wore. When he noticed that his assistant was his former colleague in Słoma, the two talked about the time when they failed to get Pinus Sylvestris join the Knights Association. Malkiewicz also mentioned that he could not believe everything around him as his was still in a dream. He hoped that someone could take his place as a spokesman, but the assistant pointed out there is no mere luck for the others and he has no option to reject the responsibility.

Back in his office, another worker had a talk with him about the meeting he had with the K.G.C.C. When he passed Malkiewicz a cup of wine, he accidentally spilt it which tainted his coat. Although the worker persuaded him to have it changed, Malkiewicz refused. Malkiewicz then lamented that even though he did not want to be an important figure, he is now unable to remove the "coat" he is wearing.

Drifting in the Wind

The story focuses on the past of Centaurea, the current Platinum of A.U. As a fresh graduate, Centaurea had been seeking to become a knight. But as she continued her career, she found out that the so-called knightly tradition is filled with bunch of clowns entertaining the public via variety shows and fan events. Centaurea has become an independent idol-knight who is forced to obey her seniors' arrangements.

However, Centaurea's life changed following an encounter with the A.U. where they broke into the company's building for investigation. She received a phone call from the previous Platinum to accomplish an assassination mission onto a rogue knight as a test. She eventually accomplished it swiftly and entered the ranks of the A.U. as the Platinum's disciple. Yet, life in the A.U. is not easy either as even the assassins have to obey the command of the corporate chairmen.

On a particular rainy night, a mysterious man approached her and asked her senior's whereabout. In turn, she responded that she knows neither where he is nor his target for his mission, but she has sensed something fishy from his senior. Roy admired her honesty and decided to share the secret. He revealed himself to be Roy the Lazurite and informed her that the previous Platinum had fallen in love with his mark and was murdered for attempting to betray the A.U. Roy then asked whether Centaurea would take up the position as the new Platinum, but she was hesitant for a moment, fearing that she would be killed on spot if she refused. Before she could answer, Roy placed the Platinum badge in her hand and told her to do well for the new job.

Since then, Centaurea the current Platinum has been mumbling for such an unfair fate. She is both tired of her assassination jobs and yearns to free from A.U. for the sake of having a vacation.