Event synopsis: Twilight of Wolumonde

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Twilight of Wolumonde
Twilight of Wolumonde event.png
Folinic and Suzuran arrive at this place, searching for the missing Atro.
Wolumonde, "The Eighth Moon" of Leithanien Winterwisp Mountains.
Under the threat of Catastrophes, the town remains still while suspicion lurks in the people's eyes.
A great fire extinguishes many lives, but from the ashes more questions rise.
With the arrival of Reunion, the conflict between the Infected and the townsfolk reaches a climax.
Will this incident be resolved? Will there be answers to the mystery?
Please investigate the truth hidden in the twilight, alongside the operators of Rhodes Island.

Who Killed Cock Robin?

It is truly a hard time for the citizens of Wolumonde; a Leithanian nomadic town currently traversing through the Winterwisp Mountains. Not only the once bustling trade network was caught in a Catastrophe known as the "Great Rift" which isolates it from other Leithanian settlements, but also most of the town's Gendarmeries are away due to a mission given by a Leithanian noble. To make matters worse, the local Rhodes Island representative responsible for handling the Infected Wolumonders, Atro, was found dead when the campsite they were in are burned down from unknown causes, prompting a wandering squad of Sarkaz warriors led by Mudrock to prepare a retaliation towards Wolumonde for supposedly causing Atro's death. Unbeknownst to anyone, this was a scheme done by Thorwald, the son of Severin Hawthorn, the Schultz of Wolumonde, as a revenge to the Leithanian aristocrats for abandoning Wolumonde.

Folinic and Suzuran sets foot at Wolumonde

News of Wolumonde's situation reaches R.I., which prompted Atro's best friend Louisa, a.k.a. Operator Folinic, to head there in order to confirm Atro's status, aided by Lisa, a.k.a. Operator Suzuran. Arriving at Wolumonde, the two were welcomed by Severin and his aide Tatjana, but no sooner than that, the Infected Wolumonders started a riot over Atro's death, but it was quickly pacified. Severin and Tatjana then takes Folinic and Suzuran to Wolumonde's town hall (Rathaus) where they explained about Atro's fate. Though shocked by what happened to her, Folinic agreed to assist in the investigation to Atro's death.

Playing With Matches

Early during their investigation, Folinic and Suzuran finds out upon traversing through the Infected quarter Zwölftontechnik Strasse that a Sarkaz outsider is provoking Infected Wolumonders to rise against the rest of Wolumonders. They helped the Wolumonders to quell the uprising without bloodshed after investigating the burnt campsite and recovered Atro's belongings, but were unaware that the uprising was merely a diversion for Mudrock and her squad to infiltrate Wolumonde's Originium reactor. However, they refused to meddle with it out of their conscience.

"This... this is horrible..."

Later GreyThroat alongside Ayerscarpe and Click were dispatched to assist Folinic and Suzuran, and stops by the burnt campsite to investigate the matter themselves, during which they encountered Mudrock who were there to show her respects to Atro, who was her friend. After initial, brief hostility, both sides exchanges few words where Mudrock also reveals that the fire which killed Atro is likely deliberate. Meanwhile, Severin allowed Folinic and Suzuran to access to the makeshift morgue where Atro's body is being kept before showing the core of an L-44 gramophone recovered from the campsite and concluding that the Winterwisps, a band of rebels that was supposedly crushed by the Wolumonders years ago, had returned and responsible for the fire. With this knowledge, Folinic and Suzuran tries to gather information about the Winterwisps from the Wolumonders, but meets a dead end when they refuse to share the duo anything about the Winterwisps.

The Infected Wolumonders were somehow riled up again and caused another uprising which escalates into a full-blown insurgency, further complicating things.

Winterwisp, oh, Winterwisp

Before the uprising, a song mentioning the Winterwisps are heard all over Wolumonde through some sort of amplification techniques (noted by Suzuran to be a classical Arts), further convincing Severin that the Winterwisps are indeed behind everything. However, the insurgency forces Severin and the Wolumonders to suppress the Infected insurgents first with assistance from Folinic, Suzuran, GreyThroat, Ayerscarpe, and Click. At the same time, Mudrock was torn between either supporting the insurgents or not, but eventually decides to take the fight alongside her squad.

While supporting the Wolumonders amidst the conflict, Suzuran encountered an old man who claims to be the last of the Winterwisps and revealed that the Winterwisps are indeed no more, thus proving that they are not responsible for the fire which killed Atro and the Infected uprising, and Wolumonde's Catastrophe Messenger, Biederman, is the actual culprit, before passing away. With this information, even though Severin cannot believe it, GreyThroat, Ayerscarpe, and Click goes after Biederman to question him, but to their surprise, he had been murdered by the time the trio located him, with Ayerscarpe implying that Biederman had been "liquidated" by the Contingency Contract.

Blut, Ehre, und Erde

The damage is totally irreversible as each side blame each other for the crime...

Without definite proof of who is responsible for Atro's death, Folinic and Suzuran was left with no other choice but to help the Wolumonders fighting off the insurgents, now joined by Mudrock and her Sarkaz warriors as well as colossi summoned by the former's Arts. The conflict resulted in numerous casualties on the Wolumonders' side and reached a stalemate until Severin revealed that Biederman is Atro's murderer, but the insurgents refused to listen. The Schultz of Wolumonde then offered his life to Mudrock, who promises to withdraw after his death, but was stopped by Suzuran before he could land the killing blow. Folinic then successfully convinces Mudrock that Biederman is indeed the one responsible for Atro's death, and she alongside her squad leaves Wolumonde, but not before intimidating the insurgents to disband with her powers, ending the insurgency.

In the aftermath, Severin was placed into custody after he was revealed to be an Infected himself and died sometime afterwards, but not before telling his doubts about Biederman being the culprit of Atro's death to Ayerscarpe and GreyThroat. Before they left Wolumonde, the R.I. personnel visits the burnt campsite for one last time where they also met Mudrock who properly gave her respect to Atro before parting ways. As for Wolumonde, it ultimately could not avoid the fate of being decommissioned under the Lehnsmann's order as the incident is Infected-related, forcing the locals to be delocated from their homeland forever.