Event medals: Twilight of Wolumonde

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If there are two different conditions to obtain the medal, separated by a slash (/), the first pertains to Twilight of Wolumonde's original run while the second pertains to TW's rerun.

Wolumonde Engraved Medal Set

Wolumonde Engraved Medal Set.png

Wolumonde Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

A set of engraved medals that record the circumstances revolving around the tragedy of Wolumonde.
The many cities and spires of Wolumonde may overlook their deaths, but Rhodes Island will not.
Not all violence is justified. Who is the judge of right and wrong in the eyes of a Catastrophe?
A Tragedy Without Drama.png
"A Tragedy Without Drama"
You have witnessed everything.
The suspect is dead, the trail has gone cold, and the murderer has disappeared into the tempest of unrest. Only hatred remains to spring the trap, waiting for this side of Terra to fall into the net of law.

Condition: Awarded once all other Twilight of Wolumonde medals are obtained.
The Eighth Moon.png
"The Eighth Moon"
You resolved a case within a remote town in Leithanien.
Not everyone bears malice, but "it" continues to slide deeper into the abyss.

Condition: Clear all Capitol Spire operations with 3 stars.
Rock Musician Medal.png
Rock Musician Medal
You took control of all "Gramophones" and defeated the enemy leader.
The L-44 "Gramophone" is merely an industrial code and product name; the object itself actually does not have any of the functionalities of a gramophone. The rhythmic melody of a rock being struck can perhaps become a new form of music.

Condition: Clear TW-8 with 3 stars and all L-44 Gramophones captured.
Winterwisp's Poem.png
"Winterwisp's Poem"
You have learned this poem.
As the only person who knows the final chapter of this old man's life experience, you have pieced together the truth after weathering trials and tribulations. Please do not forget him.

Condition: Clear all Occupied Area operations' Tribulation Modes.
Soloist Medal.png
Soloist Medal
During the most perilous operation, you held onto control of the "Gramophones."
Perhaps you should also consider installing an Arts defense system like this?

Condition: Clear TW-EX-6 with 3 stars and all L-44 Gramophones captured.
Wolumonde Medal of Honor.png
Wolumonde Medal of Honor
You have overcome more challenging missions.
Victory brings the hope of unity and survival, giving Wolumonde a path forward.

Condition: Clear all Silent Frontier operations' Challenge Modes.
Gendarmerie Offensive Medal.png
Gendarmerie Offensive Medal Trimmed.png
Gendarmerie Offensive Medal
You resolved the underlying reason for the riots.
Violence is not the answer to everything – order must be achieved.

Condition: Clear TW-MO-1 with 3 stars.
Trimming condition: Clear TW-MO-1 with 3 stars and all/at least 3 L-44 Gramophones captured.
Folinic's Handmade Medal.png
Folinic's Handmade Medal
A medal made by Folinic.
Not everyone is ready to come to terms with their past, nor should we ask for that.

Condition: Add Folinic to your roster during the Twilight of Wolumonde event.
Town Restoration Medal.png
Town Restoration Medal
You spent a lot of money in Wolumonde.
Everyone is cheering because of the revitalized economy.

Condition: Spend Aristocrat's Antique Aureus.png Aristocrat's Antique Aureus in the August Fair.
Peacekeeper Medal.png
Peacekeeper Medal
You deciphered the puzzle to reveal a part of the truth.
The old man was the king of his lofty history.

Condition: Decipher any of the Diary entries, fulfill the said entry's condition, and collect the reward.
Twelve-Tone Medal.png
Twelve-Tone Medal
This town will forever remember your contributions.
This tragedy may have been unpreventable, but the outcome could have been worse.

Condition: Complete all Burnt Offerings missions (including Diary entries) with the rewards collected.