Event synopsis: Darknights Memoir

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Darknights Memoir
Darknights Memoir event.png
This is the story of a mercenary, venturing through life and death on the battlefield.
This is the story of a follower, trusted by the others yet failing to protect.
This is the story of a dissident, fighting endlessly, scoring life and death all the while.
This is the story of W, and her companions.

W Rising

Should one fall, another shall rise

Years before the rise of Reunion in 1096, Kazdel, the homeland of the Sarkaz, was ravaged by another civil war since the year 1086, one out of all the tragedies throughout Sarkaz's history, during which Sarkaz mercenaries were employed by all sides to supplement their military force. One of such, a squad of mercenaries under the command of "W", rose to prominence during this time, but they were ambushed and W sacrificed himself so that the rest of his squad, which included Hoederer and Ines, could escape safely. In the aftermath, however, a Sarkaz woman took the old W's weapons with her and meets with Hoederer and Ines who, after initial mistrust, accept her into their ranks as the new "W". During a lull in the conflict W talks with Hoederer about mercenary work as well as asking him what kind of person the old W was, to which Hoederer explains that the old W was a hard worker who took fun in killing Laterans. W smiles in approval after knowing that the old W was not much different from who she is now.

A devious smile

Years later, W, Hoederer, and Ines are contracted to defend mercenaries' barracks of Babel, a powerful Kazdelian militant group that is under exile from the country. W stops a fellow Sarkaz mercenary from calling for backup and leaves the mercenaries at the attackers' mercy as she goes on to catch up with Hoederer and Ines. Upon reaching them, W finds out that Hoederer is aware that she abandoned the other mercenaries and berates her, though not before ordering her to take point together with Ines. W and Ines have a talk which devolves into a brief fight due to their conflicting attitudes in which W gains the upper hand. Afterwards they continue to exchange bitter words until Hoederer returns with the Babel convoy they are to escort. The escort squad which includes Ines and W later runs into an ambush that separates them from the convoy and Hoederer.

They had issues that can't be solved with a few words

After an argument about what to do now, Ines abandons W as the ambushers close in on the Sarkaz, who uses her explosive traps to dispatch most of them before Ines returns to deal with the rest. When enemy reinforcements show up W and Ines hide until they leave. Witnessing Ines killing a hostile mercenary who feigned surrender, W is fed up with Ines for "not being crazy enough" and attempts to leave her behind However, they are then surrounded by Sarkaz warriors before W can leave. Both Ines and W cast aside their differences to fight off the Sarkaz warriors. Afterwards, W passes out due to exhaustion as more Sarkaz warriors appear until she somehow sees two figures: one being a Feline woman known as Kal'tsit and the other being a frail woman omitting a sacred aura – Theresa the "King of Sarkaz," the king who could pacify the sorrows of the Sarkaz's souls. The arrival of Theresa immediately halts the battle as the Saraz mercenaries lay down their weapons and bow down for her as a respect.

Shadow of Babel

A Haven to the Homeless

Theresa, our "King of Sarkaz", is she the Mashíakh deemed for the homeless Sarkaz...?

W, along with Hoederer and Ines, are taken to Babel's mobile headquarters – the Rhodes Island landship. After recovering from her exhaustion W travels through the landship's corridors and briefly encounters the young Amiya, whom she remarks upon as a "nice kid". W then runs into Closure who is fixing an automated door with Theresa watching. As Theresa utters the landship's name, W approaches her only to realize that she is the Sarkaz King of Kazdel. The two Sarkaz then talk about Rhodes Island's origins and themselves until Theresa leaves after being informed by Kal'tsit of Kazdel's recent movements, the latter of whom then states her misgivings towards W. As W expresses her remarks to Theresa, she briefly encounters the Doctor.

Although Hoederer and Ines refuse to accept a long-term cooperation offer with Babel, W sides against them out of her attachment towards Theresa who sees her as a person and not just a soldier. During her service to Babel, W fought in skirmishes and battles throughout the Kazdel civil war (as Scout later points out), and forms a good relationship with Amiya, though less so with Kal'tsit and the Doctor. She seems to show some degree of obsession towards Theresa, and at one point, tries to discreetly take a photo of the Sarkaz King. However, W starts to felt that things are about to take a downhill turn after interrogating a Sarkaz infiltrator who sneaks into Rhodes Island.

"I Do What It Takes!"

W, now serving herself again

Many years later in the year 1094, Theresa is unfortunately killed in a "decapitation operation" carried out by loyalists of Regent Theresis, Theresa's twin brother who has a more extremist stance on the Sarkaz's livelihood, and W seemingly blames the Doctor for taking part of the event. Out of her attachment towards Theresa, W embarks on a path of vengeance which she starts by hunting down a Sarkaz mercenary involved in the assassination. The mercenary tries to convince W that trying to take revenge for Theresa's death is futile, but W kills him as Hoederer and Ines appear. Accepting W back to their company, Hoederer and Ines suggest that they leave Kazdel for Ursus and join Reunion, which W agrees to as the only viable option. W learns that the remnants of Babel who had commandeered the Rhodes Island landship are safe before she and the rest reach Ursus and are welcomed into Reunion's service by Talulah.

Serving Me, Serving You

A new employer, a new battlefield

Back to the present time in the year 1096, while en route to assist the Reunion forces attacking Chernobog with Hoederer, W is informed by a Reunion soldier that some of her mercenaries had abandoned the Reunion and Ines had been killed in action, the soldier also tells her she needs to aid the Reunion attack on Lungmen. After asserting that her service to Reunion is merely a cooperative agreement W threatens the soldier over some "random excuse" but lets him go after Hoederer tells her to calm down. W then talks with Hoederer who points that she has changed and that Ines sensed something wrong with Talulah. He further tells W that Reunion's crusade will sooner or later attract Theresis' attention, before pointing out her action of killing Scout earlier and telling her that he's going to Victoria. W chooses to stay, saying that she still has vengeance to carry out.

W encounters two Ursine children as she travels through the ruins of Chernobog, one of who is at risk of Oripathy if they do not receive medical attention quickly. Seeing that they are both scared of her, W toys with them by telling them where a hospital is. Believing that W is a "demon" who is lying to them, the children run away, but she easily catches up to the children and urges them to search for supplies at the hospital, but one of them still refuses to listen while the other eventually chooses to go to the hospital by himself. W stays with the first child whose name is Rublev and encourages him to cast away his fears and do what he believes in until the second child, whose name is Andrey, returns with supplies he got from the hospital. Seeing them safe, W quietly leaves the children alone and watches them from afar, who remind W of her and Theresa.

W recollects those precious memories of the past in her mind, but she has a greater goal right now – confronting Talulah at the Chernobog control tower and stopping her maniac harming the innocent lives of the remaining Sarkaz mercenaries.