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Guide Ahead
Guide Ahead event.png
A grand and unprecedented Summit of Nations,
Gathering envoys from all lands to the holy city of Laterano.
Beneath an eternal halo, they share joy and glory;
Amidst ceaseless gunshots, they fend off pain and darkness.
Foreign travelers marvel at the scenery, while returning Messengers silently pray:
May supreme grace be bestowed upon us, may eternal redemption descend to us.
May you and I, guided by the light, journey ahead to an unknown horizon.

Conferre Gentibus

The First Summit of Nation being held at Laterano's Basilica

15 March 1099, three days before the Summit of Nations. The Lateran City is ready for this moment in history. For the past thirty years, Laterano has been sending out their Legati across Terra as peacekeepers and envoys between nations. To commemorate its institutionalization, the Summit will be held at the Pope's Basilica where nations of Terra will discuss worldwide security. Even though only a handful of envoys and representatives arrive at the Summit, the current Pope Yvangelista XI is grateful to see some willingness among the nations.

And of course, being its Messengers, Mostima the "fallen" Sankta and her supervisor Fiammetta have returned to Laterano. After years of wandering around Terra, the two could finally enjoy their serene hometown. There they also pay a visit to Lemuel's sister Lemuen who is currently undergoing therapy. They are happy to see Lemuen recovering ever since the tragedy in Kazdel eight years ago that led to her coma and Mostima's "fall".

Down at Via Thervatius, someone has just passed away. Before her last breath, the woman named Feoria tells her daughter Cecelia to hide from the Notarial Hall and leave Laterano. Following her last order, Cecelia hides inside the cabinet, only to watch the Notarial Hall bringing her body away. The girl does not know what has happened and her mother's whereabout, so she goes on a lone journey to find her mother.

Angels and Demons

Ezell looks after Cecelia as she woke up

Along the way, Cecelia accidentally bumps into Ezell Pastore, an apprentice of the Notarial Hall. The girl suddenly falls into unconsciousness. Ezell quickly brings her to the hospital, only waiting to find something strange on her. Cecelia has fragmented halo and wings, and these puzzle Ezell since she is still exempted from the punishment of the "fallen". At the same time, he notices that the hospital personnel are trying to separate the two and take Cecelia away. Nevertheless, as a kindhearted executor, Ezell promises Cecelia to protect her and find her mother.

By the time Ezell arrives at Cecelia's home, he realizes things have become more complicated. From starter, Cecelia does not know her mother's death due to her age. Secondly, Cecelia is actually a hybrid, something that should not happen according to the "Law". Worst of all, she has the blood of a Sarkaz, a great taboo in Laterano. Her status makes her a wanted target by both the Church led by Fiammetta, Cardinal Velliv, and Federico the Executor and the "Pathfinders", a Lateran multi-racial reformist sect. Regardless of the obstacles, Ezell brings Cecelia to the Ecclesia Requietum while defying the Church's order, wishing to let the little girl having her last moment with her mother.


At the Mortuary, Ezell meets Andoain, leader of the Pathfinders. Even though the two have an instant hostility, they agree to first help Cecelia bury her mother. The funeral, however, is immediately interrupted by Fiammetta and Mostima. As the one being responsible for the tragedy in Kazdel, Fiammetta wants to take vengeance on Andoain. With Andoain's Originium Arts, the Pathfinders are able to sneak away while bringing Cecelia with them. The incident also causes Laterano to be on high alert.

The innocent half-Sankta ringing the bell with her Sarkaz song

Nevertheless, a "revelation" happens in Laterano. While the Church's officials are fighting against the Pathfinders in the city, Andoain has Cecelia enter the Tower of Revelations. With her Sarkaz folksong, the bell suddenly rings for the first time since Laterano's foundation a thousand years ago. For the Pathfinders, Cecelia's song signifies the dawn of a new era. For the Pope, he wishes this opportunity to spread his idea of world peace amidst the Summit of Nations. Laterano must change after years of isolationism from the world.


"Only one of us will survive the ordeal; may the Law bless us."

Amidst the chaos, Andoain finds an opportunity to enter the Basilica and meets the Pope personally. After being plagued by his misery for years, Andoain could finally ask the Pope his question:

How would a saint sitting in his soft armchair and the Sankta that know only to sing the praises of their own dignity know that there exist hardships in the lands beyond?

To Andoain, the neglection not only destroyed his hometown in Iberia, a nation more faithful than Laterano, but also people in suffering are left outside of the "paradise". All Andoain wishes is "salvation" to the non-Sankta. On the other hand, the Pope replies that there is no way Laterano can change drastically as long as the Sankta are still bound by the Law. The two then raise up their guns and shot the other to decide whose belief that are correct. Surprisingly, both Andoain and the Pope survive the ordeal and remain "unfallen".

Andoain is allowed to understand the secret of "The Law", but what standing in front of him is simply beyond his comprehension

To fully answer Andoain's questions, the Pope reveals the hidden truth. The Sankta is indeed a privileged race thanks to the Law. The Law is an absolute being that determines the Sankta's fate; only by the Law can Laterano enjoy peace. The Pope then brings Andoain to the underground basement of the Basilica. To Andoain's awe (or perhaps horror), what he sees is something unimaginable that hums lowly, which he described as something that "should not belong to Laterano" and is:

...not something that interpretations, analyses, debates, or reforms could influence... It is not a matter of whether or not you believe in It, why you believe in It, or how you believe in It... After all, this is an undisputable existence. In such a manner... It exists.

Agnus Dei

I don't need this anymore, anyway...

Andoain's faith begins to wane upon learning the "truth." He stares from the rooftop of the chapel and falls into disbelief. From behind, Fiammetta and Mostima have found him. A duel breaks out between Fiammetta and Andoain, and Fiammetta's words wakes him up from his misery. Far away, Lemuen uses her sniper gun to shoot down Andoain's gun. Andoain retreats, but he leaves his gun behind, stating that he no longer needs it anymore.

After the chaos is settled, the Pope gathers the foreign envoys for a speech. He apologizes for the incident that disturbs them, and he wishes the Summit could be carried on smoothly. Throughout his speech, he expresses concern of Terra's peace, a potential worldwide conflict, especially since the Battle of the Four Emperors and the fall of the Gaulish Empire, and the purpose of this Summit – to resolve every nations' conflicts via diplomatic means. The Pope's speech is later known as the Lateran Declaration in Terra's history, marking the beginning of the Summit.

In the aftermath, everyone went their own ways. Cecelia needs to leave the country due to her unique trait, but Laterano will always welcome her. The Pope even secretly provides her citizenship and makes her as under protection of the Church. Together with Ezell, the two embark on a journey to search for her Sarkaz father. Fiammetta and Mostima leave Laterano after the Summit as well while wishing Lemuen to have a new life in the Church. As for the Pathfinders, they secretly flee the country after their defeat. Still, Andoain and his followers vow to bring the fire of reform to Laterano some day, making themselves "martyrs" for a new path.