Event synopsis: What the Firelight Casts

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What the Firelight Casts
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Acting as an interlude between Episodes 11 and 12, What the Firelight Casts focuses on the self-redemption of Loughshinny, a.k.a. Reed while facing her sister Eblana, the Leader of Dublinn, as she matures into a new leader for the oppressed Tarans. It also unveils the origin of Dublinn and the lost Taran nation, and the former's goal during the Victorian Crisis.

To Tara I Write to Thee

"My dear sister, you could be my 'shadow' and work together for Tara's sake."

After bidding farewell with the local Rhodes Island office, Loughshinny embarks on her journey to Londinium. Along her way, she recalls her memories of how she was ordered by her sister Eblana to become the "puppet" leader of Dublinn as they strive to free the Tarans from the Aslans' oppression. She echoes the day when she witnessed her sister murdering their mentor, the Earl of Warwick, so that his ultra-nationalism would not be their obstacles of uniting both the Tarans and the Victorians. As a matter of fact, she is still unready to face both her past and her Taran heritage.

As she passed through the former Taran region and enters the Trent County, she witnesses countless events where Taran commoners are bullied by the Victorian garrison soldiers. On one occasion, she frees Fionn and his refugee group from the soldiers' inspection and leads them to hide in a swamp during night. From their words, she learns that the soldiers' harassment has become more frequent following Dublinn's activity in Hillock. Now, the authorities put their suspicion onto every Taran, including the innocent.

After bidding farewell with Loughshinny by daybreak, Fionn realizes that something is going wrong. Upon meeting Selmon, he realizes from her account that Loughshinny is headed the opposite way where she will encounter the pursuing garrison soldiers. On the other hand, Selmon and the others tell him to ignore her; they want to use her as a bait while the gang are on their way to meet the Dublinn troop. Being furious by their plan, Fionn personally leaves to bring Loughshinny back, and he is relieved to see the girl easily knocked out the soldiers. As a compensation, he wishes Loughshinny to bring the gang out of the Trent County.

Meanwhile, Ch'en and Bagpipe head on for their investigation of the "Specter Force" after gaining intel from Mr. Hughes. They encounter some deceased Dublinn warriors and Victorian soldiers who are "resurrected" by some mysterious purple flames, and Bagpipe recognizes it as some sort of necromantic Arts done by someone which she witnessed during the Hillock atrocity. All these clues hint that the Dublinn forces might be hiding in some nearby swamps.

Inside the Hughes' mansion, Harmonie is having a business talk with the nobleman. She is revealed to be a double agent serving the Victorian soldiers, yet even the soldiers feel suspicious onto her as she wishes Mr. Hughes to stop Ch'en and Bagpipe from finding Dublinn. As a matter of fact, Fischer, the military's intel agent, secretly orders his subordinates to keep an eye on her.

Indeed, Harmonie's loyalty has always been on Dublinn's side. Upon meeting with the Brigadier, the two discuss their future plans in assisting the Duke of Wellington in the Londinium siege such as purchasing weapons secretly from the Victorian military. The Brigadier also deems Loughshinny to be a potential threat against Dublinn and orders Harmonie to supervise her as given by the Leader. He even warns her never betray Dublinn or fails in this mission.

After the Red-Rose-Bordered Hem

The Taran refugee group mainly composes of women and children, so they have to stop by many villages for replenishment. They also need to purchase medicine for Moran who is struck by night blindness due to her Oripathy. But their Taran identity makes them hard to get any supply; they will either receive very little, or they will be chased away as enemies. Enraged, Selmon decides to raid a nearby caravan. Fortunately, Loughshinny stops her, and the Draco also coincidentally encounters Ch'en and Bagpipe. With the two's presence, the refugee group will be much safer.

As the group crosses the swamps, they frequently encounter the "resurrected" soldiers. Selmon strongly believes that Dublinn's Leader is just nearby, making her even more eager. Meanwhile, Bagpipe feels she has a déjà vu with Reed when she met Outcast for the last time. She feels that Loughshinny has some connection with Dublinn, especially after she listens to Loughshinny's story about her sister. However, on one occasion, Selmon meets one of these "living" corpses who turns out to be her long-lost brother who abandoned her years ago just to join Dublinn, and she could not believe that Dublinn dares to treat him in such a manner even after death. Doubts fills her mind as she questions whether Dublinn is really on the side of the oppressed Tarans.

"Wait.... Loughshinny is here? Not on Rhodes Island?"

Faraway during a lavish banquet, news of arsons onto the garrisons by someone's unusual flames and the Taran refugee group's activities in the swamp is spreading among the aristocrats. Harmonie is shocked to believe that Loughshinny has escaped from Rhodes Island, something that is against the Leader's will. Meanwhile, Fischer too eavesdrops the news and hurriedly reports it to the intelligent service, and he also shares some of the information to the Duke of Caster, rival of Wellington, who is also present in the banquet. He's left in disbelief that the Duke of Wellington is willing to let a descendant of the Taran Gaelic Kings wander around the wilderness.

If only... If only the Tarrans could live a harmonious life without disturbance.....

After many days of traveling, the gang finally reaches the border of the Trent Count and decides to camp there for a night. There, the Tarans happily sing their folksongs and enjoy their dinner in celebration of their freedom. Loughshinny is glad to see her people rejoicing and wishes that they could have been happy ever after. Ch'en and Bagpipe too join the feast as the Tarans gladly invite them for it.

Little did they know, however, that their dream would soon be shattered. For starters, Fischer and his men finally pinpoint the refugees' location and surround the camp. Although he has no intention of harming the refugees, he has to arrest Loughshinny for the arsons she committed against the soldiers on her way. He even figured out that she is involved in many Taran-related rebellions, especially the Hillock atrocity. Just then, the Dublinn soldiers led by Harmonie and the Brigadier suddenly ambushes the camp as well, and a fight between the Victorian soldiers and Dublinn breaks out as they are vying to catch Loughshinny.

...But all peace must come after we bitterly fight for our own.

Amidst the chaos, Loughshinny feels she has had enough of being a pawn. She releases her exotic, scorching Draco flames onto both sides to buy some time for the escaping refugees. Even then, many of them, including Fionn and Selmon, are unwilling to leave their "leader" behind and turn back in saving Loughshinny. Although the fight eventually costs many of their lives, including Selmon who eventually dies of severe wounds, the rescue is nevertheless a success, and they believe that their sacrifice is worth making.

A Taran Land, A Taran Tune

"Yes, I am Dublinn's Leader; you can blame me for whatever you want."

After the rescue mission, Bagpipe finally remembers that Loughshinny is one of Dublinn's members she encountered who is responsible for the Hillock atrocity and Outcast's death. The once cheerful girl angrily grabs her collars and questions that whether the Draco is the "Leader" of Dublinn. Nevertheless, Loughshinny bravely acknowledges it but emphasizes that all she does is for the sake of the Tarans. Bagpipe questions her conscience on Dublinn's hideous actions throughout the years; in turn, the Draco simply asks her why Dublinn is forbidden to fulfil its dream of freeing the Tarans from their oppression. Bagpipe could not give her answer as she knows in her heart that what is behind Hillock is the ongoing political struggles among the Grand Dukes, with the commoners of both Victoria and Tara being the sacrifices. Being disappointed, Bagpipe and Ch'en and the Taran refugees depart on their own paths.

Would you choose to live in a Tara where the folks could live harmoniously....

The Taran refugees continue to wander across the wilderness under Loughshinny's leadership. They also bid their farewell with Fionn when he decides to settle in a nearby village. Along their aimless journey, they discover the ruins of the legendary lost Taran. Not only they are amazed by the heritage of their ancestors, but also, they wish to stay there temporarily for refreshment.

As Loughshinny ventures into the palace's heart, she sees an illusion of herself who questions her of her leadership and then of her own sister Eblana. Knowing that the "ghost" is just a recreation of her Arts, Loughshinny finally stands up to challenge her sister's authority. Nevertheless. Eblana admires her determination and wishes her good luck before the illusion vanishes.

And so, Loughshinny continues to lead her people into the wilderness to help them search for their new homeland. More and more Tarans are gathering up on her side, deeming her to be a trustworthy "leader." While she never gives up in reaching Londinium and face her sister, she firmly believes that she will go only when the time is ripe.

...Or would you rather choose glory and fame for Tara that will never last long?

Far in Wellington's military landship, the Gastrell, that is still laying siege onto Londinium, Eblanna proclaims to her Dublinn comrades and Wellington's soldiers that the time has come for the Draco King to reclaim the throne. She further proclaimed that what she's going to do is to unite Victoria and Tara under one house to end their never-ending conflict. With that said, the Duke of Wellington officially declares war onto Londinium, hence escalating the succession crisis. As Wellington's warships mercilessly bypass other Grand Dukes' territories, Fischer quickly informs the news to the Duke of Caster to prepare for the worst scenario. Still, whenever war comes, it is always the commoners who suffer the most, including Fionn who lost his newly built house by the warships that runs over it.