Event medals: What the Firelight Casts

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What the Firelight Casts Engraved Medal Set

What the Firelight Casts Engraved Medal Set.png

What the Firelight Casts Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

An engraved medal set that recounts Reed's journey as she led the Taran refugees' escape.
How tight of a grasp must our past lives have for a group of people to drift within their own homeland?
Though surrounded by home on all sides, there is no way to return.
Manifest Destiny.png
"Manifest Destiny"
You saw a flame burn peacefully.
Whether the path up ahead is treacherous or smooth, everything is now crystal clear.

Condition: Awarded once all other What the Firelight Casts medals are obtained.
Scattered Scraps.png
"Scattered Scraps"
You have drawn the attention of an intelligence agent.
He is calm and collected in his observations. Only mere moments later, an endless stream of threads and connections have already been pieced together in his mind.

Condition: Add Puzzle to your roster during the FC event.
Caravan Companion Medal.png
Caravan Companion Medal
The folksong manuscripts you transcribed follow the caravan's footsteps and are being carried further afield.
You truly believe that one day, they will be brought to more vibrant, thriving lands, where they will again be sung loud and clear.

Condition: Spend 4000 Manuscripts of Ballads.png Manuscripts of Ballads at the River Valley Caravan.
Elegy for the Descendants.png
Elegy for the Descendants
You set foot into ruins that have long been forgotten.
The winds howled through the eroded caves, producing a terrifying roar that, to your ears, are like an elegy sung by throats weathered by history.

Condition: Clear all Swamp in the Mists operations except FC-TR-1 and FC-TR-2 with 3 stars.
Escape from the Dark Night.png
Escape from the Dark Night
You went through a night that was shrouded in dense, thick smoke.
As you lift your head up, you see a flame scorching the dark night sky and leaving behind but the blood-colored scar we call "dawn."

Condition: Clear FC-6 with no Burning Reeds present.
Mesmerized Audience Medal.png
Mesmerized Audience Medal
Your emotions stirred upon hearing her voice.
You find it hard to distinguish whether those words that touched you heart carried hope or ambition.

Condition: Clear FC-8 by deploying Operators in Mires no more than 3 times.
City Hall Specialist Medal.png
City Hall Specialist Medal
After much pondering, you decided to present the truth.
What lies in the boundary between truth and falsehood is not an impassable chasm, but rather a tiny idea.

Condition: Complete all Search Warrant from the City Council missions with the rewards collected.
Awakening To a Faint Light.png
"Awakening To a Faint Light"
You swept away the shadows that shrouded memories.
She is no longer someone else's shadow.

Condition: Clear the Challenge Modes of all Ashes of Memories operations.
Swamp Survivor Medal.png
Swamp Survivor Medal
You carefully followed her and avoided the fatal quagmires.
A slanting beam of sunlight falls upon the murky, frigid mire, igniting a spark of hope in you.

Condition: Clear FC-EX-7 by deploying Operators in Mires no more than 3 times.
Lush Growth in the Coming Days.png
Lush Growth in the Coming Days Trimmed.png
"Lush Growth in the Coming Days"
After the inferno, you found a patch of land where life yet blooms.
The bitter fruits sown anew have experienced war and exile, yet they remain prepared to break through the soil to see tomorrow's daylight.

Condition: Clear FC-EX-8 with at least three Reeds not in the Burning state.
Trimming condition: Clear FC-EX-8 with at least six Reeds not in the Burning state.