Event medals: Lone Trail

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Lone Trail Engraved Medal Set

Lone Trail Engraved Medal Set.png

Lone Trail Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

A set of engraved medals commemorating the night when the sky of Trimounts was torn asunder.
The "Starpod" is warm as a mother's embrace, but there will always be those who will not go to sleep in ignorance.
Truth is reflected in the skies of Trimounts.
Goodnight Terra.png
"Goodnight, Terra"
You saw true stars in the sky.
The sun rises again. May starlight ever be in your heart

Condition: Awarded once all other Lone Trail medals are obtained.

Trivia: The medal has a line of Morse code written in lower part that can be read as "good night."
From Past to Future.png
"From Past to Future"
Her eyes are different when you see her again.
Some are obsessed with the past, others with the future. She is the bridge that connects them.

Condition: Add Silence the Paradigmatic to your roster during the Lone Trail event.
Project Logistics Medal.png
Project Logistics Medal
The Special Case Contact rates your contribution highly.
Columbia is willing to pay, if you are willing to work.

Condition: Spend 4000 Flight Data Recorder Chip.png Flight Data Recorder Chip at the Special Case Contact, C.U.D.O.D..
The Future.png
"The Future"

Condition: Clear all The Coming of the Future operations (including tutorials and watching interludes).
Top Agent.png
"Top Agent"
You successfully completed all missions.
You have caught the eye of the Maylander Foundation. Columbia needs people like you.

Condition: Complete all Instruction Catalogue missions with the rewards collected.
Gravity Expert.png
"Gravity Expert"
You have gained a firm grasp on the application of gravity.
Director Nasti of Rhine Lab has taken an interest in you. She awaits your visit.

Condition: Clear CW-P-1 and CW-P-2.
Gravity Engineering Medal.png
Gravity Engineering Medal
You have gotten the hang of changing gravity.
The experience will come in handy someday.

Condition: Manipulate the Gravity 30 times across all CW operations during the Lone Trail event.
Civil Unity.png
"Civil Unity"
The Tin Man thanks you for your help behind the scenes and gifts you this medal.
The conflict between the Maylander Foundation and the Department of Defense is in the past. The future belongs to Columbia.

Condition: Clear all The Lingering of the Past operations' Challenge Modes.
Wings of Freedom Medal.png
"Wings of Freedom" Medal
Medal awarded by the Department of Defense for completing all Special Ops.
You are aware that war has changed, and you must be ready.

Condition: Clear all The Pursuing of the Past operations with 3 stars, including CW-S-4's Challenge Mode.
Convergence Trimmed.png
You understood that this act was not Kristen's alone.
She stands for countless dreams and aspirations.

Condition: Reach 100% progress on 2 of the 4 Case Investigation areas with the rewards collected.
Trimming condition: Reach 100% progress on all four Case Investigation areas with the rewards collected.