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If there are two different conditions to obtain the medal, separated by a slash (/), the first pertains to Near Light's original run while the second pertains to NL's rerun.

Near Light Engraved Medal Set

Near Light Engraved Medal Set.png

Near Light Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

An engraved medal set that chronicles a path to becoming Champion.
After overcoming countless obstacles, Nearl once again stands atop the knights.
The afterglow has not ceased; the radiance yet remains.
Light of Dawn.png
"Light of Dawn"
You witnessed one knight seize triumph twice, but this time, she left her laurels on the podium.
At the end of the long night, the sun rises over the horizon. Before it sets, her blazing light will spread across the entire land.

Condition: Awarded once all other Near Light medals are obtained.
Wild Mane medal.png
"Wild Mane"
A badge Iwona designed for herself back when she was still a competition knight.
The reason most people remember her badge is not for its actual design, but rather its golden luster.

Condition: Add Wild Mane to your roster during the NL event.
Business Busyness Medal.png
Business Busyness Medal
You experienced the "leisure" life of a Kazimierzian public official.
For all that is holy, you're grateful that the tasks they assigned you were limited in scope, and that you didn't have to attend any meetings.

Condition: Complete all Long-Term Goals missions with the rewards collected.
Top Employee Medal.png
Top Employee Medal
You poured a tremendous amount of effort in securing the support of various organizations.
Amazed by your business prowess, career bureaucrats are ready to weave your feats into management textbooks.

Condition: Spend 50 Agenda Proposals to complete Daily Tasks.
Effective Communication Medal.png
Effective Communication Medal Trimmed.png
Effective Communication Medal
You've reached an agreement with Kazimierz's leadership.
As you know, the maintenance of this relationship is completely dependent on the principles of consistent mutual benefit and profit maximization.

Condition: Raise the Prestige level with any of the three Kazimierz factions to Respected.
Trimming condition: Raise the Prestige level with all three Kazimierz factions to Respected.
Company Discount Medal.png
Company Discount Medal
You've spent some time at Kazimierz's Trade Exhibition.
Here, the merchandise is not only duty free, but many special discounts are available during the event. As attractive an opportunity as this is for buyers, companies are more than glad for the opportunity to dump their wares.

Condition: Spend G.K.T. Commemorative Model.png G.K.T. Commemorative Model in the Trade Exhibition.
Major Championship Medal.png
Major Championship Medal
You witnessed a champion of the Kazimierz Major being crowned again.
As usual, the 24th Major Championship Medal Set will be released for a limited time only and will soon enter the market, becoming another hot piece in the medal collection scene.

Condition: Clear all Kawalerielki operations except NL-TR-1 and NL-TR-2 with 3 stars.
Outstanding Journalist Medal.png
Outstanding Journalist Medal
You've experienced the fulfilling life of a Red Wine reporter.
Writing a report is like cooking a dish – it depends not only on the raw ingredients, but also on whether the master's craftsmanship is pure.

Condition: Clear all Area 0 operations with 3 stars.
Doing the Impossible Medal.png
Doing the Impossible Medal
You've learned the tricks of the trade to being an entertainment reporter.
The headlines should be huge, the photos should be blurry. The content should be funky, and the text should be brief.

Condition: Clear all Area 0 operations' Challenge Modes.
Opening Day Medal.png
Opening Day Medal
You've visited the Alliance's main locations.
Though the Grand Knight Territory boasts few formal military units, the individual combat abilities of these knights still impress you.

Condition: Clear all City Neon operations with 3 stars.
Invitational Medal.png
Invitational Medal
You've participated in an invitational tournament co-hosted by the Alliance.
Few people can beat these pros under the competition's rules, and regardless of the outcome, they're the ones who always stand to reap the benefits.

Condition: Clear all City Neon operations' Challenge Modes.