Event medals: Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures

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Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures Engraved Medal Set

Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures Engraved Medal Set.png

Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

A set of engraved medals recording the entire process of Blacksteel's operations in Davistown.
When people face problems that are not their own, when life gets turned upside down,
justice is nowhere to be found.
After the Gunshot's Peal.png
"After the Gunshot's Peal"
You have a complete picture of the events that unfolded in Davistown.
A small town, where the destinies of many people intersected and turned.

Condition: Awarded once all other Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures medals are obtained.
Eight-Sided Exquisiteness.png
"Eight-Sided Exquisiteness"
You've seen what the owner of Davistown's diner is capable of.
By restaurant industry standards, she's a bit too versatile.

Condition: Add Coldshot to your roster during the CV event.
Pioneer Housewarming Medal.png
Pioneer Housewarming Medal
The residents of Davistown expressed appreciation for your efforts in keeping the heaters running.
With these supplies, they can finally brave the cold winter.

Condition: Spend 4000 Shoddy Fuel.png Shoddy Fuel at the Shack by the Tower.
A Long Goodbye.png
"A Long Goodbye"
You left the strife of the city behind and headed toward the wilderness.
Sometimes, leaving does not mean escaping, it just means changing directions to find a new answer.

Condition: Clear all Anemic Platform operations except CV-TR-1 with 3 stars.
Security Service Medal.png
Security Service Medal
You've completed many missions meant for Blacksteel's seasoned mercenaries.
What this proves is that being a good mercenary doesn't always entail violence.

Condition: Complete all Prize Exchange Office missions with the rewards collected.
Cooling Equipment Operating Medal.png
Cooling Equipment Operating Medal
You've learned to use old-fashioned heat-dispersing equipment to defeat your enemies.
Perhaps these experiences will help you understand the importance of industrial safety.

Condition: Activate Waste Heat Vents 300 times across all CV operations.
You commanded your squad to attack so quickly that the bandits weren't able to make effective use of their thermal amplification devices.
Though the members of this Blacksteel team are young, they have ample combat experience.

Condition: Clear CV-6 with 3 stars without any Paramilitary Snipers entering the Overload state more than twice.
Silent Snow, Frigid Forest.png
"Silent Snow, Frigid Forest"
You resolved the troubles in Davistown, though the ending proved unsatisfactory.
It isn't until people are separated from their hometowns that they realize how precious those peaceful and dignified days were.

Condition: Clear all Black Landship operations' Challenge Modes.
Heat Surge.png
"Heat Surge"
You proactively used heat-dispersing equipment to successfully disrupt the enemy's actions.
"Clip" Cliff might just need a new suit.

Condition: Clear CV-8 with 3 stars after attacking Waste Heat Vents at least 40 times.
Out of the Fire.png
Out of the Fire Trimmed.png
"Out of the Fire"
You used the surging heat waves as cover for organizing an effective blitz.
The quicker you draw your gun, the better your odds of victory.

Condition: Clear CV-EX-8 with 3 stars after reducing the HP of "Clip" Cliff to 0 while he is affected by Waste Heat Vent on either of his phases.
Trimming condition: Clear CV-EX-8 with 3 stars after reducing the HP of "Clip" Cliff to 0 while he is affected by Waste Heat Vent on both of his phases.