Event medals: Stultifera Navis

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If there are two different conditions to obtain the medal, separated by a slash (/), the first pertains to Stultifera Navis' original run while the second pertains to SN's rerun.

"Stultifera Navis" Engraved Medal Set

Stultifera Navis Engraved Medal Set.png

Stultifera Navis Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

An engraved medal set that chronicles the journey to find a lost ship.
The sea has nurtured both life and danger, and civilization is merely a lone boat drifting upon it.
In the face of its storms and turbulent waves, there will always be brave warriors willing to stand up to defend mankind's honor.
Lighthouse Sentinel.png
"Lighthouse Sentinel"
You have completed your journey at Gran Faro.
The waves yet beat against the rocks on the shore. This brief moment of tranquil will not be the end, yet there will always be someone standing watch here like a lighthouse. As long as a ray of light still shines, the eternal night will never arrive.

Condition: Awarded once all other Stultifera Navis medals are obtained.
Technology Collection Medal.png
Technology Collection Medal
You have a firm grasp of many technologies from the past.
Technology and the future go hand in hand with one another, but sometimes you can learn something new by looking at the past.

Condition: Obtain and use all five of the "Little Handy" components.
A medal that Thiago awarded Jordi many years ago.
When he received this commendation for getting the church sparkling clean, he never would have imagined that he would one day shine light upon Iberia's seas.

Condition: Add Lumen to your roster during the SN event.
Tavern Regular Medal.png
Tavern Regular Medal
Your spending power has left a deep impression on the townsfolk here.
Iberian souvenirs may seem cheap to foreign visitors, but this would perhaps have been unimaginable before the Profound Silence.

Condition: Spend Rusted Compass.png Rusted Compass at the Bitterscale Tavern.
Treasures of the Raging Seas Medal.png
Treasures of the Raging Seas Medal
You found many lost treasures.
Perhaps these treasures never belonged to anyone to begin with, and the ocean bestows them upon those who have its approval.

Condition: Obtain all Treasures.
A Course of No Return.png
"A Course of No Return"
You witnessed the sinking of the Stultifera Navis.
The destination of a ship is not necessarily a port. It could be an ideal instead.
It was the final witness to a glorious age, and in turn, you are its.

Condition: Clear all operations in Gran Faro (except SN-TR-1), Lost Flagship, and Nameless Ocean with 3 stars.
Making Best Use Medal.png
Making Best Use Medal
You used a small number of tools to excellent advantage.
Putting tools to good use is not the same as being dependent on them, a fact often forgotten throughout the course of civilization.

Condition: Clear SN-EX-5 with 3 stars and no more than three "Little Handy" components.
Light of Judgment.png
"Light of Judgment"
You laid down judgment on the invaders from the seas.
This is a world built atop the principle of natural selection.
Having proven yourself the stronger, you have earned the right to lay down judgment.

Condition: Clear all Dusty Picturebook operations' Challenge Modes.
End of the Billowing Waves.png
"End of the Billowing Waves"
You set foot on the beach after the tides have ebbed.
At the end of the billowing waves, will we find dry, arid lands or a calm sea?

Condition: Clear all Mirror Image operations with 3 stars.
Pursuing Your True Self Medal.png
Pursuing Your True Self Medal Trimmed.png
Pursuing Your True Self Medal
You defeated your adversary under extremely perilous conditions.
Man created tools to make up for his weakness, yet you chose to set them aside to prove your strength.
Simply claiming victory is not enough. Perhaps this is what you truly wanted instead?

Condition: Clear SN-EX-8 with 3 stars and no more than three "Little Handy" components.
Trimming condition: Clear SN-EX-8 with 3 stars and no more than two "Little Handy" components.