Event medals: The Great Chief Returns

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If there are two different conditions to obtain the medal, separated by a slash (/), the first pertains to The Great Chief Returns' original run while the second pertains to RI's rerun.

The Great Chief Returns Engraved Medal Set

The Great Chief Returns Engraved Medal Set.png

The Great Chief Returns Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

A set of etched medals that record information about Acahualla, Gavial's hometown.
Conservatism versus modernization. A typical conflict is resolved here in an atypical manner, and everything ends comically.
And in the end we find ourselves thinking: Just which is the better way of life?
Gift of the High Priest.png
"Gift of the High Priest"
You endured a breathtakingly dangerous vacation.
Brawls, indulgence, survival of the strongest, and little regard for the future. In places yet untouched by civilization, you found that life without technology can be quite wonderful indeed.

Condition: Awarded once all other The Great Chief Returns medals are obtained.
Mushroom Fanatic's Medal.png
Mushroom Fanatic's Medal
Your profound love for mushrooms is admirable. However, for the sake of your health, please roast them before consumption.

Condition: Clear 100/50 Giant Mushrooms across all RI operations.
Tomimi's Respect.png
Tomimi's Respect
Your wisdom has convinced this girl.
We have reason to believe that upon learning to expand her horizons, she will do even better.

Condition: Add Tomimi to your roster during the RI event.
Inam's Collection.png
"Inam's Collection"
You spent a lot of money in Inam's shop.
No merchant can hate a customer like you.

Condition: Spend Mechanical Parts.png Mechanical Parts at the Inam Committee.
Acahualla Memorial Medal.png
Acahualla Memorial Medal
Your vacation has come to an end.
Presumably, this joyous experience will leave a mark within your memories. We all know that there is much more on Terra than pain and suffering— though this is occasionally forgotten.

Condition: Clear all Great Chief's Path operations except RI-TR-1 with 3 stars.
Tribal Warrior Medal.png
Tribal Warrior Medal
You completed an excellent challenge.
Everyone admits that you are a true warrior.

Condition: Clear RI-EX-6 with 3 stars after clearing at least 5 Giant Mushrooms.
Gavial's Appreciation.png
"Gavial's Appreciation"
You overcame difficult missions.
Gavial whole-heartedly commends your bravery.

Condition: Clear all Gavial's Footprints operations' Challenge Modes.
Zumama's Affirmation.png
"Zumama's Affirmation"
You thoroughly enjoyed your adventure.
Zumama created this medal just for you.

Condition: Complete all The Brave's Trials missions with the rewards collected.
Sightseeing Medal.png
Sightseeing Medal Trimmed.png
Sightseeing Medal
You maintained the self-control that symbolizes your status as a civilized person.
But sometimes, giving in to indulgence isn't such a bad thing.

Condition: Clear RI-8 with 3 stars after clearing at least 2 Giant Mushrooms.
Trimming condition: Clear RI-8 with 3 stars and without clearing any Giant Mushrooms.
Berserker Medal.png
Berserker Medal
You have completely integrated into life here.
Trusting in the power afforded to you by your own two hands is quite refreshing, isn't it?

Condition: Clear RI-EX-8 with 3 stars and clearing at least 7 Giant Mushrooms.