Event medals: Hortus de Escapismo

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Hortus de Escapismo Engraved Medal Set

Hortus de Escapismo Engraved Medal Set.png

Hortus de Escapismo Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

An engraved medal set that serves as a reminder of the events that led to the Sanctilaminium Ambrosii's new journey.
Executor picks up the sole remaining flower, as the final piece resounds loudly within the Sacrarium.
A flight of fantasy and a mutual agreement. When the sun rises at dawn, the two set out on their separate journeys.
Paradise Lost.png
"Paradise Lost"
You've personally witnessed the Sanctilaminium Ambrosii beginning its new journey.
Some chose to leave, while those who remain will rebuild this paradise.

Condition: Awarded once all other Hortus de Escapismo medals are obtained.

Trivia: Paradise Lost is an epic poem about the Fall of Man by John Milton.
Good Coworker.png
"Good Coworker"
You welcomed a new coworker.
Though an expert in protecting himself in the workplace, he's actually quite the professional.

Condition: Add Insider to your roster during the HE event.
Devout Follower Medal.png
Devout Follower Medal
The devout are thankful for your assistance.
You overhear someone wishing for your wellbeing as the residents pray before the statue.

Condition: Spend 4000 Holy Statue Fragment.png Holy Statue Fragment in the Convivia Cenarium Localia.
Day of Rest.png
"Day of Rest"
You listened to the last piece of music performed by a certain someone.
Some have found peace, while others continue their search tirelessly.

Condition: Clear all Sanctilaminium Ambrosii operations except HE-TR-1 and HE-TR-2 with 3 stars.

Trivia: In Judaism and Christianity, the Sabbath is considered a "day of rest" dedicated for worship.
Curia Model Worker Medal.png
Curia Model Worker Medal
His Holiness has personally granted you a commendation for your service to the Curia.
You may choose any codename you like from the following: "Mission Accomplisher," "Duty Harvester," and "Diligent Screwdriver."

Condition: Complete all Secretae Continiere missions with the rewards claimed.
Renovation Master.png
"Renovation Master"
You have personally repaired all of the monastery's damage.
Time has taken away its former glory, leaving naught but disarray. Even then, there are yet those who diligently maintain their home.

Condition: Use 50 Spare Timbers to repair broken Makeshift Walkways.
Scenes of the Past.png
"Scenes of the Past"
Thanks to your hard work, there are no more holes in the floor.
With all this repair work done, will everything be restored back to how it used to be?

Condition: Clear HE-8 without any broken Makeshift Walkways by the end of the operation.
Ambassador of Peace Medal.png
Ambassador of Peace Medal
You've quelled all the disputes within the monastery.
Everyone yearns for peace, friendship, and hope, but where should you begin the search?

Condition: Clear all Sacrarium Derelictum operations' Challenge Modes.
Even in an intense battle, you did not forget to defend the faith.
Whether you are a believer or not, these statues have indeed served as encouragement and support to many.

Condition: Clear HE-EX-3 with all three Holy Statues intact.
Heart at Peace.png
Heart at Peace Trimmed.png
"Heart at Peace"
You have mastered how to soothe anxious minds.
You know why they are anxious. You have the answer to where they can find tranquility.

Condition: Clear HE-EX-7 without letting no more than 2 Makeshift Walkways break down.
Trimming condition: Clear HE-EX-7 without letting any Makeshift Walkways break down.