Event medals: Mansfield Break

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If there are two different conditions to obtain the medal, separated by a slash (/), the first pertains to Mansfield Break's original run while the second pertains to MB's rerun.

Mansfield Engraved Medal Set

Mansfield Engraved Medal Set.png

Mansfield Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

A set of engraved medals that record the events of the Mansfield prison break in detail.
Most men are willing to pay whatever the cost is to take fate into their own hands.
It is only when fate is actually in their hands that they come to realize it is just the beginning.
Books and Spoon.png
"Books and Spoon"
You understand everything that this prison break stands for.
When even rules can be bent because of the circumstances, what should we remain steadfast for?

Condition: Awarded once all other Mansfield Break medals are obtained.
Outstanding Prisoner Medal.png
Outstanding Prisoner Medal
You have built a reputation among the prisoners.
Your exquisite combat skills have even reached Warden Barton's ears, resulting in the bestowal of this medal.

Condition: Imprison 100/50 Prisoner enemies across all MB operations.
Making Amends.png
Making Amends
You have assisted a girl who is lost about the future.
It is hard to say she had almost fallen into the wrong path. The other path open to her may not be one full of missteps, though it is certainly not faultless either.

Condition: Add Robin to your roster during the Mansfield Break event.
Prisoner of Extravagance.png
Prisoner of Extravagance
You have amassed a large amount of resources via the prisoners' special channels.
You have no idea where they obtained these resources, and you have no idea what their uses are inside the prison.

Condition: Spend Factory Steel.png Factory Steel in the Secret Channel.
Mansfield Commemorative Medal.png
Mansfield Commemorative Medal
You have finished plotting out your prison break.
During the process, Mina discovered this medal by chance. It seems to be the warden's go-to gift for the dignitaries who visit the prison.

Condition: Complete all Be Prepared missions with the rewards collected.
Prison Break.png
Prison Break
You have successfully assisted Anthony's escape from the prison.
Though smog looms in the air outside, the air here also signifies freedom. This is where it all begins.

Condition: Clear all Escape Plan operations except MB-TR-1 with 3 stars.
Prisoner of Smarts.png
Prisoner of Smarts
You have ensured the functionality of the majority of the devices here.
You have also discovered that certain models of these devices bear the Rhine Lab mark.

Condition: Clear MB-EX-1 with 3 stars and all four Imprisonment Devices intact.
Prisoner of Freedom.png
Prisoner of Freedom
You have grown accustomed to the clashes between prisoners here. You are even enjoying it to some degree.
Perhaps Anthony should hand his position over to you.

Condition: Clear all Mansfield Daily Life operations' Challenge Modes.
Prisoner of Might.png
Prisoner of Might
Much of the prisoners have surrendered to your "power."
The crystallization of technology and wisdom is not something that can be resisted with mere might.

Condition: Clear MB-8 with 3 stars and all four Imprisonment Devices intact.
Brains and Brawn.png
Brains and Brawn Trimmed.png
Brains and Brawn
You have overcome the adverse circumstances by taking advantage of your surroundings.
Evidently, when we find ourselves unable to take on a problem with our strength alone, we must make up for it with our smarts. Brains and brawn, both complementing one another in perfect harmony.

Condition: Clear MB-EX-8 with 3 stars and at least 2 Imprisonment Devices intact.
Trimming condition: Clear MB-EX-8 with 3 stars and all four/at least 3 Imprisonment Devices intact.