Event medals: Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow

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Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow Engraved Medal Set

Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow Engraved Medal Set.png

Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

An engraved medal set that chronicles the entirety of the Yumen soldiers and civilians' confrontation with the Catastrophe.
Though the borderlands are rarely trodden, there must still be loyal men who would stand up against the rolling sands.
Life should be full of satisfaction, and generations should reach the pinnacle together.
Dust in the Wind.png
"Dust in the Wind"
You have completed your journey in Yumen.
The wounded city comes to a temporary stop, as travelers set off on their journeys once more, with their newfound answers. It is not yet too late.

Condition: Awarded once all other Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow medals are obtained.
First Step Into the Wilds.png
"First Step Into the Wilds"
You come across an Anasa girl with pure eyes.
She does not understand her master's "ideals," but is willing to travel afar for them. Thus, a rock in the wilderness finds itself tumbling into a nomadic city.

Condition: Add Jieyun to your roster during the WB event.
New Customer At Old Workshop Medal.png
New Customer At Old Workshop Medal
You witnessed the Sword Forge's craftsmen forge weapons and collected a great number of fine treasures.
Though old friends have departed, new blades must yet be forged, for the jianghu yet remains.

Condition: Spend 4000 Freshly-Brewed Liedaozi.png Freshly-Brewed Liedaozi at The Swordsmith.
Clear Skies and Sands.png
"Clear Skies and Sands"
You have successfully locked down the Shanhaizhong that infiltrated the city.
Those who have grown used to the poplars are familiar with every breeze and every grain of sand.

Condition: Clear all Case Investigation, Onsite operations except WB-TR-1 with 3 stars.
Arena Dominance Medal.png
Arena Dominance Medal
You have made a name for yourself on the long-standing Yumen Arena Board of Fame.
Having your name on the board is like having wine when you are happy; it is merely a compliment to your joy. Every man has a responsibility to defend their homeland.

Condition: Complete all Yumen Arena Board of Fame missions with the rewards collected.
A Meeting of Life and Death.png
"A Meeting of Life and Death"
You have exposed Its background and uncovered Its purpose.
Anger, bewilderment, humiliation... countless subtle emotions fade away in fleeting moments, yet they exist in this ceaseless, eternal moment.

Condition: Clear WB-9 with 3 stars after defeating "Ya" before Its Delusion.
Talents on Display.png
"Talents on Display"
Your contributions to the Patrol Battalion's deployment have been immense, filling all around you with admiration.
There is traditional saying in the Yumen army: "There are a wealth of young men practicing kung fu in Yumen, and they are not as tall as the wooden stake when they first start practicing."

Condition: Clear WB-EX-1 with 3 stars and at least three Roadblocks intact.
Gathering Storm.png
"Gathering Storm"
You have finished reading Heroes of Yumen and have discovered the true chaos both within and outside of the story.
Turbulent winds and clouds grow old as those who come continue to pursue. Keeping my difficulties quiet, my heart remains steadfast.

Condition: Clear all Criminal Pursuit, Offsite operations' Challenge Modes.
Military Might Medal.png
Military Might Medal
Your performance before the Yumen army has greatly roused all those in attendance.
Hear the winds beating the drums, the rattling of the sheathes, and the songs of triumph.

Condition: Clear WB-EX-3 with 3 stars and no more than one Shanhaizhong Cipher Machine present.
Fragmented Formations.png
Fragmented Formations Trimmed.png
"Fragmented Formations"
You recorded the poem the poet composed in the face of Catastrophe.
"All of Heaven and earth in a flask. That long dream, tragic ere and now."

Condition: Clear WB-EX-4[note 1] with 3 stars and no more than two Shanhaizhong Harbingers climbing onto Yumen Catastrophe Defenses.
Trimming condition: Clear WB-EX-4 with 3 stars and without any Shanhaizhong Harbinger climbing onto Yumen Catastrophe Defenses.


  1. Incorrectly shown as WB-EX-3 in-game