Event medals: Who is Real

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If there are two different conditions to obtain the medal, separated by a slash (/), the first pertains to Who is Real's original run while the second pertains to WR's rerun.

Life Picturesque Engraved Medal Set

Life Picturesque Engraved Medal Set.png

Life Picturesque Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

A set of engraved medals recording a strange, wonderful travels through a painting.
Reality as falsity, falsity as reality, if this complex speculation leaves you already weary, then for the time being, just consider yourself real.
She says she is a habitant of a painting, and no more.
Who is Real medal.png
"Who is Real"
You sensed through to Dusk's field of view.
Once, she said she was merely a habitant of a painting. Perhaps she truly landed her guess. But she doesn't plan on doing anything about it. What about you, then?

Condition: Awarded once all other Who is Real medals are obtained.
Turner of Hui and Ming.png
"Turner of Hui and Ming"
You made your first delve into Dusk's way of the painting.
The next time you meet, she'll bring you aesthetics from a place far above logic.

Condition: Deploy friendly units on a Mark of Hui and Ming 300/150 times across all WR operations.
First Waking.png
"First Waking"
From that home in a memory, you departed.
This place's customs, clothing and buildings were wholly unlike the nomadic cities of Yan in style. Was it someone's faint recollection of their hometown, or a phantasmagoria brought about by the wielder of a brush?

Condition: Clear all Leave From Yourself operations except WR-TR-1 with 3 stars.
Conservation Medal.png
Conservation Medal Trimmed.png
Conservation Medal
You avoided all possible excess reliance on Nian's items. This is very wise.
Heaven knows what's inside one of these two-step firecrackers, but it's not a normal Originium explosive at any rate. There's never anything wrong with using a little care.

Condition: Clear WR-10 with 3 stars after using no more than 4 Two-Step Firecrackers mk2.
Trimming condition: Clear WR-10 with 3 stars and without using any Two-Step Firecrackers mk2.
Gold-Winner Ink Spirit Medal.png
Gold-Winner Ink Spirit Medal
You used appropriate obstructions to put the Ink Spirits to the test.
It has to be said, if some of the Ink Spirits truly existed in reality, it'd be a chance to change up the presently high-risk, high-barred state of the Originium Slug pet market.

Condition: Clear WR-EX-6 with 3 stars after deploying no more than 8 Roadblocks.
Freeling Medal.png
"Freeling Medal"
You turned a blind eye as it broke its own shackles. This was your mercy.
"Free" had never been truly free to be before, and had actually rarely experienced situations like this. For a moment, it even sympathized with you.

Condition: Clear WR-EX-8 with 3 stars and without destroying Free's Break the Chains shields in each of its activation.
Know Yourself, Illuminate Yourself.png
"Know Yourself, Illuminate Yourself"
You prevailed over formidable musings.
The name "Ink Spirit" was one Saga chose. Before that, they all actually had their own names. Er, some of them were pretty adorable – did Dusk really pick them out? That immovable object?

Condition: Clear all Come To Yourself operations' Challenge Modes.
Itinerant in the Painting.png
"Itinerant in the Painting"
You traveled the landscapes of Dusk's scrolls, just as Saga did.
The fact Saga escaped by herself is something Dusk has taken to heart even now. After all, Saga's far too young a being. Doesn't it come off as degrading of Dusk's standing?

Condition: Complete all Ask Yourself missions with the rewards collected.
Purgatory Medal.png
Purgatory Medal
You bore witness to an Operator's future.
Lava's already greatly grown, and become quite maturely steady, but she still revels in her additionally earned title of "Purgatory," despite it seeming a little redundant at that point.

Condition: Add Lava the Purgatory to your roster during the Who is Real event.
Ink and Stone Medal.png
Ink and Stone Medal
You collected a great deal of Dusk's beloved objects.
There's just one tiny little concern. Can you really take what you brought out of Dusk's scrolls, and throw them into a workshop rest assured?

Condition: Spend Dusk Inkstick.png Dusk Inkstick in Answer Yourself.