Event trivia: Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow

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  • The title of this event is based on two Chinese poems:
    • The Chinese title (Hanzi: 登临意; Pinyin: dēng lín yì) is quoted from the a verse of Xin Qiji's poem, The Water Dragon’s Chant: Climbing The Shangxin Arbour in Jiankang City (Hanzi:《水龙吟·登建康赏心亭》). Its meaning is a kind of abstract, serene mood when one climbs up the mountain or achieves higher thoughts through nature's inspiration.
    • The English title is quoted from the famous line from Songs of Liangzhou (Hanzi: 《凉州词》) by the Tang poet Wang Zhihuan: "The vernal winds will never blow beyond the Yumen Pass (Hanzi: 春风不度玉门关)."
  • This event's English name is one of the longest of all events in Arknights along with Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures.
    • Interestingly, the word "Vernal" is obscured in the CN server's promotional images (on top-left corner of "V" and right-bottom corner of smaller "L" in the PV), causing some to mistook the name as Where Winds Will Never Blow until the full name is revealed in CN's Chinese New Year livestream introducing "Ya".