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Rhodes Island Operator
Yeti Squad Member
Aircraft A
Chernobog Ruined Streets Frozen

Before operation

Earlier, Rhodes Island confronted FrostNova's squad.
While Reunion pursues Rhodes Island, Blaze arrives and holds off FrostNova and the Yetis alone.
Chernobog Overhead.png
9:00 AM / Overcast
14 hours before the attack on L. G. D. Headquarters
"Bad Guy" – 300 Meters above "District 14" of Chernobog
Mission objective: Join forces with Rhodes Island to rescue the reconnaissance team
Assigned assets:
"Bad Guy" and its pilot; Rhodes Island elite operator Blaze and her team.
14 individuals.
<Background 1>
Pilot This is your stop. Amiya and her people are nearby!
Was it really okay to drop the team outside the city? You're gonna go down there by yourself?!
??? Come on, it's a lot better for them to be out there clearing a path and pushing back Reunion's pursuit forces than to fight here.
Pilot Okay. The terrain down there is pretty rough. This is as far as I can take you.
??? It's fine.
Pilot ...At least let me put down a rope for you?
??? When have you ever seen me use a rope?
Pilot You're just gonna go for it again, huh?
??? Go for what? What are you talking about?
Pilot Every time we have a mission together, you go off and do crazy stuff while I sit in the cockpit on pins and needles and watch.
I'm kind of used to it, but that doesn't change the fact that you're way too reckless out there.
??? That just goes to show you what a good rapport you, me, and my team have!
Pilot Rapport my ass! Last time you demolished a town, bombed out a reservoir, and collapsed a mine!
Keep the chaos on the ground please, don't bring it onto my baby!
??? Fine, fine. I got it. But, "Bad Guy," really? Maybe think a little harder next time you pick a name.
Pilot Just jump already.
<Background fades out and in>
Pilot I think the welcoming committee's spotted us. This is where we say goodbye, Blaze.
Blaze No problem.
Pilot I'll wait for you by the entrance to the ruins. Be quick!
Huh? The comms.
??? HELLO?!
Pilot I can hear you! You don't have to yell!
??? Oh. Hi, Rhodes Islanders. I'm with the L. G. D. I've met up with your team by the ruins!
Blaze Didn't the L. G. D. withdraw already? What are you trying to pull?
??? I'm not like that Ch'en lady! Trust me, I can help you.
Pilot And how should we call you?
??? Use my codename. Call me Officer Swire!
Pilot ......
Isn't Swire just your name?
Blaze, can you take care of this? I'm not good with bureaucrats...
Blaze Don't look at me.
Pilot Get back here! Don't jump!
Blaze Didn't you tell me to jump a second ago? You can handle this. I believe in you! *Mwah*
Pilot Mwah my ass!
<Background 2>
Frostleaf *Pant* *pant*...
Meteorite ...Is she okay?
Amiya Yes, it's nothing serious. Just her body temperature's a little low.
Frostleaf It's always... low. I'm fine. I just...
Amiya Frostleaf, slow down. Your temperature is even lower than usual.
Doctor, pass me a bandage.
Doctor Here.
Frostleaf I told you, I'm fine. Meteorite got hit a lot harder.
Meteorite It's okay. I'm a Sarkaz. I'm more worried about you.
Amiya Jessica, what is Yeti Squad doing?
Jessica Th- they're approaching our position! About 500 meters out!
Amiya And the debris clearing?
Rhodes Island Operator We need about fifteen more minutes. The collapsed building has a pretty complicated superstructure and we can't risk blasting here.
Amiya Meteorite, get ready to fight. We have to hold this line.
Meteorite Roger. Do we have a stock of bolts?
Amiya Yes. Logistics can get them for you...
??? Amiya, are you there?
Amiya ......
Jessica ......
Rhodes Island Operator ...guh.
Amiya Did somebody leave their comms open?
??? This is the elite operators' channel, I can open it from my end.
Jessica That voice...?
Frostleaf Oh no. They sent her.
Jessica Um... who is it?
Doctor Yes, who is this? And what's got her so excited? / ...... / Can she really make a difference here?
Frostleaf They call her Blaze. She can certainly level the whole area and leave everyone pissing themselves.
Blaze Damn right it's me! But that last part is a little off.
Amiya Please... let's be serious here.
Where are you, Blaze? We need your support.
Blaze I'm right above you.
Amiya What?
Blaze Just about 200 meters to go and I'll be there!
<Background fades out and in>
Yeti Squad Member I can't hit the machine, it's out of range!
Flying machines... they have such equipment?
FrostNova Make sure they do not come down.
Wipe out the Rhodes Island squad before their reinforcements arrive. They cannot be allowed to join forces.
———Stand back!
<Background fades out and in>
Meteorite She jumped again?
Frostleaf She jumped again.
Amiya ......
Blaze We can jump together sometime, Amiya! If you want.
Amiya I think I'll take a rain check. Where's your team?
Blaze I left them outside the city. They'll be here in a bit.
Amiya I can't hear anything over the wind. Turn off your comms!
Everyone... move to support Blaze.
Dr. {nickname}, no matter what she says...
...just nod.
Doctor ......?
[Suddenly a loud impact is heard.]
Blaze Landing.png
Yeti Squad Member It dropped something...
...a person?
FrostNova There's only one. But keep your guard up.
I sense a heat. She's using some kind of temperature Arts.
Blaze Hello, Reunion friends.
I don't like fighting other Infected. But I heard you hurt some of my Rhodes Island co-workers...
<Background 2>
Blaze And you're still after my buddies. So I'm going to have to put a stop to that.
FrostNova Aren't you mouthy...
Blaze Hi. How you doing, Miss Frosty?
I wanna see what happens when my hot meets your cold.

After operation

Blaze and FrostNova are evenly matched, but the building collapses in the aftermath of the battle. The Doctor and Frostnova both tumble into the void.
Rhodes Island strikes a temporary truce with the Yeti Squadron.
<Background 2>
Blaze *Pant* *pant*...
Amiya Blaze!
Blaze I'm fine! They... have some moves.
You're not freezing, are you?
Amiya Thanks to you, we're okay. You're keeping the air warm enough to stop her chills.
Blaze Don't mention it.
Hey Frosty, why aren't you using lethal Arts?
FrostNova *Hack* *cough*...
Blaze ......
So that's why.
Amiya ...FrostNova, she...
Blaze FrostNova's the name?
FrostNova *Hack*... Help me... cover...
Yeti Squad Member Sister...
Blaze Get out of here, Amiya. There could be more Reunion on the way. Do we have any injured? I can help.
FrostNova So you're retreating?
Blaze I'm going to politely suggest that you don't fight anymore, snow bunny.
If you keep using your Arts like that, you're going to die. You're just burning your life into power.
Or, you could always come to Rhodes Island. We've got ways to extend your life.
FrostNova ......
Don't look at me like that... I don't need your pity.
Blaze Do I look like I pity you? You're strong. I respect you.
FrostNova ......
Why are you running away?
*Cough*... *Hack* *hack*...
<Background fades out and in>
Blaze Dr. {nickname}, run. Don't look at her!
Meteorite Reunion forces closing on our position!
<Background fades out and in>
FrostNova You're not leaving.
Yeti Squad Member Sister, don't use that now, not where you're standing!
FrostNova We can't let them escape!
Who knows what Rhodes Island might do to our people in Lungmen!
The temperature difference... it's causing the structure... to weaken!
*Cough* *cough*... freeze!
[A rumble can be felt beneath the streets.]
Yeti Squad Member It's working...
The Originium we buried has changed the structure of the lower levels, the plates are tilting!
Sister, it's too dangerous! Hold onto me!
FrostNova ......
Yeti Squad Member Sister?!
<Background fades out and in>
Meteorite ...Blaze. Do you hear that?
Blaze Hm?
Meteorite Is that the sound of the structure shattering?
Blaze Oh...
Amiya Buried Originium... heat absorption... temperature difference...
It's collapsing... FrostNova's Arts can actually do that...?
Blaze No!
Blaze The plate is warping!
Meteorite Reunion is capable of something like this?
Blaze All I know is... the whole district is sinking!
Amiya Run! Get to a stable area! The ground here is caving in!
<Background 1>
Jessica ...Doctor?
Doctor, the ground under you... it's... splitting?
Blaze Uh oh.
Dr. {nickname}, move!
Doctor Move what...?
Amiya Doctor!
Blaze Amiya, stay where you are! Dr. {nickname}, grab onto that lamppost!
Amiya Save the Doctor!
Blaze The ground is splitting too fast! I can't reach!
Amiya Then I'll do it!
Blaze No!
Amiya What did——
Doctor ...I'm okay.
Amiya Doctor!!
Meteorite The buildings can't support their own weight anymore, they're all collapsing!
Blaze Meteorite, take her!
Meteorite Okay, I've got Amiya!
Amiya Put me down!
Blaze Amiya, go. I'll get the Doctor! I'm an elite operator, I can do it!
Amiya ......
Blaze Welp, looks like we're not quite done.
Doctor, I'm going to use airflow and pressure to slow your fall and push away the building beside you. Don't worry, it won't crush you!
Just don't panic! I've got you!
...See you soon!
Doctor See you.
[The street collapses.]
<Background fades out and in>
Blaze ......
Yeti Squad Member ......
Blaze Sup? Where's FrostNova?
Your commander fell down there too, huh?
Yeti Squad Member ...Yes.
Could we not fight?
Rabbit of Rhodes Island, could we forge a temporary armistice? Honestly, we never much wanted to fight you.
Amiya But...
Yeti Squad Member Mephisto told our sister you'd killed Alex, and she was very concerned about what you would do next.
Amiya ...Who's Alex?
Yeti Squad Member Skullshatterer.
Amiya I'm sorry. I did kill Skullshatterer.
Yeti Squad Member ...Oh.
Amiya Infected really should not fight one another. I'm sorry.
Yeti Squad Member What's to apologize for? It was a battle, wasn't it?
Amiya It was.
Yeti Squad Member So let's have a ceasefire. Nesti, what do you say?
Yeti Squad Member Huh? *Ursine profanity*!
Yeti Squad Member Nesti says he's fine with it.
Frostleaf I don't think that's what he said.
Yeti Squad Member As long as we're not in battle, there's no reason to kill anyone, right?
Amiya Why is it... you want a ceasefire?
Yeti Squad Member Did you ever notice that both our sides are led by rabbits?
Blaze ...Huh?
Frostleaf I think something in my brain just broke.
Jessica Hm?
Frostleaf These are the yetis of the ice field?
Jessica Wh- what do you mean?
Frostleaf Shouldn't they be cold, merciless killers?
This isn't right.
Yeti Squad Member That's prejudiced.
Listen here, bunny.
Who wins the battle, or where you go, none of that matters to us. All we care about is our sister's life.
And you're worried about your friend too, right?
Amiya ...Right. We didn't come here to hurt anyone.
Yeti Squad Member You're definitely not here to hunt Reunion for sport, are you?
Amiya Of course not!
Yeti Squad Member You know... it's funny...
If it weren't for Patriot insisting on unity in the Reunion Movement, we'd have dealt with Mephisto and his people a long time ago.
And that'd be kinda like hunting Reunion for sport, huh?
Amiya Huh...
Yeti Squad Member Let's get digging, shall we?