Operation story: CF-3

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Soubo Forest

Before operation

Yato and company enter the forest with the two Felynes in tow, watching their surroundings with curiosity. Tracking the Rathalos had not been fruitful and the Felyne Artisan stole some foul-smelling fowlbeast's eggs, so they ran into...
<Background 1>
[Yato starts recording a log.]
Yato Captain's audio log number two.
Current time, 0915 hours. Weather, cloudy. We have returned to the Soubo mountain range, and are currently continuing our advance.
Since the last recording, I along with Operator Noir Corne have encountered a series of unexpected situations while executing our mission.
We first engaged in combat with an unknown lifeform... a Rathalos. We were not successful in this endeavor.
Upon arriving at the village, our usual investigation into the source of the Oripathy outbreak was met with significant resistance from the locals.
Their reasons are still unclear, though from the medical tests conducted, it seems that the villagers have been in contact with Originium for an extended period of time.
In summing up the clues we've gathered so far, we have determined a course of action: we will continue to track the Rathalos into the forest to try and pinpoint the source of Originium contamination. Progress so far has been poor...
Ugh–The thicket here is too dense. Corne, hand me an axe.
[Noir Corne gave Yato something.]
Yato What did you just hand me? I said to give me an axe, not–what is this...uneven... and squirming...ah!
An Originium slug?!
Felyne Artisan Originium slug?
Yato Why was there one on my hand?
Felyne Artisan The slug has no bones... and a very hard carapace, very good! I like it very meowch!
Yato Corne–where did you go?
Felyne Scholar Hey mew, take a look. The seeds of this plant burst out with just a touch.
They flew so far away, pawbably to extend the range of theirs dispersal... reminds me of a Blastnut.
Noir Corne This might be related to the Rathalos's whereabouts...Oh! Could it be...
Felyne Scholar I'm pawsitive that is completely unrelated to our search.
Yato (Breathes deeply)
[Yato resumes recording the log.]
Yato ...We are currently travelling with some additional companions from another continent that bear some resemblance to Felines.
Felyne Artisan That's Felynes to mew!
Yato They call themselves Felynes with a Y, and possess information on the Rathalos.
With the help of these Felynes and the extensive problem-solving expertise of Rhodes Island Operations Team A4, I believe we will soon unravel this incident.
Noir Corne Yato! This way!
Felyne Scholar No, over here! The Rathalos went this way!
Noir Corne But you said it was this way earlier...
Felyne Scholar Those were old tracks, it left new ones here!
Hmph! Anyway, just head this way! Mew are as stupid as a Kestodon!
Noir Corne What did you say? What's a Kestodon–
Augh! Who chopped down the tree here?
Felyne Scholar A slow monster that purretty much always charges around and gets stuck in trees!
Yato ...We're close to getting to the bottom of this. Recording complete.
Corne. Felynes.
Listen up, we've been walking for two hours, and have yet to see even a glimpse of the Rathalos.
If you'd like to continue your argument, I'll send you both back to that cave to have a nice chat with all the Originium slugs.
<Background fades out and in>
Felyne Scholar Smithy, keep your meows down.
Felyne Artisan Mrow?
Felyne Scholar Look over there, on the flowers.
Felyne Artisan In the underbrush?
Felyne Scholar Undoubtedly, there must be–yes! A whole bunch of tiny, squirming, endemic lifeforms hidden beneath!
Felyne Artisan Just a little closer–
Felyne Scholar Hidden within the shadows, danger creeps closer, with the flying insects none the wiser...
The concealed predator holds for just a meowment, fur its chance is close at paw! The time is... now!
One expels a puff of smoke, and the insects are wobbling, are they about to fall?
Felyne Artisan Mrrow... head hurts...
Felyne Scholar Smithy! Look at what you did! Scared them all away!
Felyne Artisan Suddenly so sleepy... so many meowterials dancing in the clouds...
Felyne Scholar Even the flying insects dropped from that puff of smoke... could it be one of its properties?
I shall note this down... a new kind of endemic lifeform that can cause drowsiness in those affected. Purrphaps it may even be helpful in hunts.
Tiny endemic life and flying insects, flying insects and nectar, Meownsters and Hunters... the resemblance is too much to bear.
Felyne Artisan Mrrow... just like...
Felyne Scholar Yes, Smithy. I've been noticing this ever since we came here, but while I'm pawsitive that Terra is a totally different world, it shares so many similarities with ours.
Whether it be the villagers or creatures I've observed, a closer look has revealed that we share meowch more commonalities than diffurences.
Our Ecological Survey in the forest so far has led me to the conclusion that while the endemic life here appears diffurent from the ones we are used to back home, the way things work is exactly the same.
Plants, herbivores, carnivores... predator and prey constitute the basis of most biological relationships.
The degree of similarity between these two worlds... is simply remeowkable.
As I've said befur, our prior knowledge is adequate to understand this world, fur there is no fundamental diffurence.
I can also record the Rathalos's activities here up close, and become Terra's top ecological researcher.
I'm the purrime scholar after all! Meowhahaha!
??? To be an ecological researcher here, Originium will definitely be a factor to consider.
Felyne Scholar Originium, mew say? I did hear Noir Corne mention it multipaw times, but I have not whiskered any obvious influence...
I don't think it's that meowch of a problem. If you simply take a look at people like Noir Corne, they're pawbably just too dumb to understand how it truly works, purrphaps the rocks have their own special qualities even!
However, this forest does indeed raise some concerns in me. It feels like something's missing, but I can't be sure what.
What could it pawssibly be...
Smithy, what do mew think–
[The Scholar turns behind to see Noir Corne instead of the Artisan.]
Felyne Scholar Ah, Noir Corne? Why are you here?
Noir Corne Me? Should I not be?
Felyne Scholar Smithy? Mrow? Where did mew go?
<Background fades out and in>
Yato If I recall correctly, is that it?
Noir Corne I'll go take a look.
Yato Careful, don't step on it.
Noir Corne Hey, you're right. Straight from the pages of "The Originium Slug's Guide to Terran Wildlife"... Vanilla reminded us of this countless times before we left.
"Top three creatures to worry about in the forests!" "An aerial nightmare you definitely want to avoid!"
Sporting dazzling silver and black feathers and an appearance from the front as dark as a ghost in the night...
If you see patches of black and silver feathers on the ground, it means there's a stinkfowl nest nearby.
And the moment you step into their territory, only one thing awaits you...
Felyne Scholar Yato! Noir Corne! I can't find Smithy anywhere!
Noir Corne What? Where did you lose sight of him?
Felyne Scholar We were just meowing about, and he–
Yato Corne... did you hear that?
Noir Corne Yeah, sounds like wings flapping in the sky to me.
They're getting more intense...
Yato Over there.
Noir Corne S-Should I go take a look?
Felyne Artisan Meow!
Noir Corne Arty! Where have you been?
Felyne Artisan Noir Corne! Fur mew!
Noir Corne What? This is...
Wait, don't just skedaddle! Where are you going?
Yato Corne... isn't that...?
Noir Corne You don't mean–
Yato Stinkfowl eggs.
Noir Corne Hey! Arty! Get back here this instant!
Ah–Don't come any closer, it wasn't me who took your eggs! I'll even put them back for you, okay?
I'll return them right now! Don't peck me! Not my horn!
Agh! It stinks! Blegh–
Yato! Help me out!
Arty! No more egg pinching for mew!
When Fowlbeasts Attack.png
From Operator Noir Corne's personal experience:
If you are in the forest and see molted feathers from Stinkfowls marking their territory, never trample upon their nest.
And never, ever touch their eggs.
Otherwise, what greets you is only...
A foul and fierce assault from the sky to be reckoned with.
<Background 1>
[After Noir Corne, Yato, and the Felynes lose the fowlbeasts...]
Noir Corne Did we get away? They're not chasing us, right?
Yato They got stopped over there.
Noir Corne I'm beat...
Yato Do you want some water?
Wait, don't come any closer to me.
Put your shield up so it can block the smell a little... I'll toss the bottle over.
Noir Corne Yato...
Yato Corne, I hope you understand that it's best for us to keep our distance for now.
Felyne Scholar Mew stink! Stay away from meow!
Felyne Artisan Further!
Noir Corne You guys–
[A rumble is felt by Noir Corne.]
Noir Corne –Ah!
I'm feeling pretty dizzy, is it from all the headpecking earlier?
I feel like... the earth is shaking... Did I pass out? Is this a dream?
Yato No, that's not it...
Get up! Now!
Felyne Artisan There's so meowny of them...
Felyne Scholar Lots of meownsters are rushing down the mountain!