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Reunion Caster
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Reunion Member
Chernobog Ruined Streets

Before operation

The team meets Frostleaf first at the designated coordinates.
Frostleaf explains that the situation is complicated and cannot be explained immediately. The most pressing matter is to rescue Meteorite and Jessica.
<Background black>
Amiya Hmm...?
Where is this...
We're getting close to the coordinates that Frostleaf sent us, but...
What a disgusting smell.
It's the stench of something burning...?
Where did Reunion lead us to?
Tsk! Watch out for the sneak attack!
[An explosion is heard.]
Amiya Darn it...!
<Background 1>
Reunion Caster I... I missed?!
Reunion Member Don't worry. We're safe here!
Reunion Caster Guh...
Reunion Member Wh-what's wrong?
Reunion Caster Guh... urgh... aah...
??? He won't be able to answer you.
Reunion Member Wh-what?!
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya From that building!
Wait, is that...
Frostleaf! Frostleaf, is that you
[Frostleaf emerges from a nearby building.]
Frostleaf It is. I've taken care of the enemy.
Sorry for making you worry, Amiya.
Amiya Are you injured?
Medic, hurry!
No way... Why is your body all frostbitten? What happened to you...
Frostleaf Don't worry, it's minor.
Meteorite and Jessica are still in the main square.
They should be safe for the time being, but it's hard to say how long that's going to last for.
I managed to lure the enemy out, so Reunion hasn't found them yet.
Amiya The enemy?
Frostleaf Our cover hasn't been blown yet, so there's no need for concern yet.
But, he's going to come soon...
[Mephisto shows up.]
Mephisto Where are you hiding, little fox?
Hurry and come out. Our game of hide and seek is about to come to an end.
For every minute you stay hidden, I'll break another one of your friends' fingers––
Do you still plan to keep running?
Amiya (Mephisto...!)
Frostleaf (He's bluffing. Don't take the bait.)
Amiya (What is he doing...)
<Background fades out and in>
Frostleaf Reunion is moving.
Amiya That little...!
We have to get in touch with Meteorite...
Why can't I get through? We've clearly already crossed the contaminated area...
Frostleaf *sigh*...
Take a look at this.
Amiya Your communicator?
It's... frozen over? Did it get... ruined by the frost?
Frostleaf Mephisto is a nobody.
There's something wandering in this city...
...that is far more terrifying.
Amiya Something more terrifying?
Frostleaf The Yetis. If we run into them, we'll be in serious trouble.
Amiya Yetis? Are you talking about the Yeti Squadron? What are they exactly...?
Frostleaf I don't have time to explain right now.
But they are the ones... behind the sudden temperature drop, as well as our squads' injuries.
It seems like this squad has already established their territory within this city.
Amiya The sky is getting darker. This is a good opportunity for us...
We'll be able to cross this open area more easily.
Let's go rescue Meteorite and Jessica first.
Frostleaf I'll lead the way.
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya ...
What are those things in the main square? I can't really see...
Are they... statues of some sort? Their shapes are really strange...
And this smell makes me want to vomit...
Frostleaf ...
Over here. Don't get separated.
Don't go look at those things...
––We have company.
Let's take them out before they notice us.

After operation

Frostleaf leads the way, helping the team find Meteorite and Jessica. However, Jessica seems to be traumatized by something she saw.
Under Amiya's guidance, she is able to gradually leave the terror behind her.
<Background 1>
Meteorite ...!
<Background fades out and in>
Frostleaf I know it's you behind there. Hold your fire.
Look who I brought.
Amiya Meteorite, it's us!
Meteorite Who? Is that.. Amiya?!
Amiya! Amiya, you really came!
It's so good to see you...
<Background fades out and in>
Meteorite ...
...but you shouldn't have come. This whole thing is one big trap.
It wasn't worth it for you to come to our rescue.
This was the wrong decision...!
Frostleaf There's no point in blaming her now.
Besides, even if everyone else doesn't think you can be rescued, Amiya would still not give up on you.
Meteorite I wasn't blaming her! It's just that...
Tsk. Sorry, Amiya.
Amiya It's okay. I'm just glad to see that you're all still safe.
Meteorite Amiya...
Amiya But... what happened to Jessica?
Jessica Ugh...
Meteorite She's... still in shock.
Originally, I wanted to wait for her to get better, but...
It seems like she's been... traumatized.
Jessica ...
Amiya Jessica, are you okay?
Jessica ...
Amiya This is all I can do...
Frostleaf, do me a favor. Place her hands on my arm, and hold her fingers tight.
Frostleaf ...Sure thing.
Amiya Good.
[Amiya uses her powers on Jessica...]
Amiya ...!!
[...as the background rapidly shifts between different sceneries...]
Amiya Ngh...
Frostleaf Amiya!
[...and colors.]
Amiya I'm fine! It's just... Nnh...
Such deep sorrow...
<Background 2>
Amiya It's a bit vague, but...
Jessica ...
??? Jessica!!
It's fine now...
You have to be strong, Jessica...!
Jessica ...?
Amiya ...
I'm here.
Jessica Amiya... Amiya...
Amiya There, there... Everything will be okay.
<Background 1>
Meteorite Jessica... Are you alright...?
Jessica Amiya... What was I...
...I'm so sorry... I didn't think... I didn't think that...
Amiya It's fine now...
Jessica Those, those... Auugh...
Amiya I know what it's like.
Yes, I've also experienced it...
...Wanting to run, but your legs not moving...
...Wanting to scream, but your voice not coming out...
I understand what you've been through, Jessica... I've been there too.
Jessica ...
Amiya Try standing up.
You don't need to be afraid anymore...
Because we're all together now. You're not alone. We'll always be there for you.
Let's go back to Rhodes Island together.
Frank[sic] and Liskarm are waiting for you.
Jessica ...
Frostleaf ...
Amiya... You... what did you do just now...
Amiya Shh... Keep it a secret from Dr Kal'tsit.