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Reunion Soldier A icon.png
Reunion Member
Chernobog Ruined Streets
Chernobog Ruined Streets Frozen

Before operation

Mephisto suddenly reappears before anyone has the time to take a sigh of relief. Under his words, Reunion once again declared its existence to the world.
This time, Amiya decides that she won't run away any longer.
<Background 1>
Amiya Meteorite...
What exactly did Jessica see...? Were you with her?
Meteorite ...It's better if you don't find out.
It has nothing to do with our combat operations... so don't worry about it right now.
Amiya ...?
<Background fades out>
??? How long are you going to keep hiding, Rhodes Island insects?!
<Background fades in>
Amiya (...! Mephisto! Did he find us?)
Frostleaf (Don't make any noises. Not yet. It's just another one of his tricks.)
<Background fades out and in>
Mephisto Aww, still don't feel like coming out?
Don't think I didn't see your reinforcements coming.
Well, whatever. I have something to show you. I'm sure you'll like it.
Looking back now... We were originally planning to take over Chernobog from the very beginning...
We waited for so, so long... and finally our time has come...
The moment when we take our revenge against Ursus! Against those who persecuted us Infected!
But, what about the fellows in this sub-city?
Reign of Chaos.png
Mephisto They ran away.
They had pretty quick reactions. Ran away before we had a chance to take action.
Disconnected themselves, and took off as quickly as they could––
But where did they hope to escape to?
<Background 1>
Mephisto Our comrades had long permeated every district, waiting for our opportunity.
In the end, we caught up to them, and gave them the punishment they deserved.
These cowards, these perpetrators; what were we to do with them?
It's simple – we would make an example of them!
A proclamation that all injustices against the Infected would be purged...
...Yes, that is the symbol of the Reunion Movement...
Let them all turn into effigies of terror, one by one!
You, set that nearby effigy on fire! Let there be light!
Reunion Member Yessir!
Mephisto Come, light up this entire city! Let Rhodes Island see what happens to all of these cowardly oppressors!
Meteorite (––Don't!)
<Background black>
Doctor (Quickly cover Amiya's eyes)
Amiya Doctor...? !
Doctor Don't look! / ...
Frostleaf ...
It's... a burning hellscape of malevolence and madness...
Amiya ...
Doctor, let go of me.
I'm fine.
...No, you must let me see it.
One day, I must hold him accountable for his actions. Besides, I used to...
Doctor (Let go of her)
The Effigy.png
Jessica Why... Why...
Meteorite Jessica, calm down.
––That bastard!
Frostleaf ...This is too atrocious...
<Background 1>
Amiya The smell of burning flesh...
... ...
<Background fades out and in>
Mephisto How long to you intend to keep hiding, my dear rabbit of Chernobog?
I saw your little rabble sneaking around earlier, so I thought you might've been up to something.
But turns out, you're just here to enjoy the show... How boring.
Looks like you brought an entire party with you?
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya Did you do all this?
Mephisto Of course~
Without using some terror tactics, how else were we supposed to minimize the losses?
Make an example out of these ten percent...
...and the other ninety percent fall into line.
This, you see, can be considered the best way of saving lives.
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya ...
I am not the same person I was back then..
Even though you might not remember...
Yes... Back then, I was timid, fragile, and easily scared... I couldn't move forward without you...
I might even look the same way right now.
But the difference is, I've now seen more than enough tragedies.
I don't want to see something like this happen ever again.
...But nothing will change unless I face reality!
<Background black>
Amiya ...
After all, I have to remind myself.
I can't afford to retreat...
I have to continue to fight on!

After operation

Despite the momentum of Amiya's team, Mephisto seems to face no pressure at all.
Right when Mephisto is about to be struck, the entire world freezes over in the blink of an eye. FrostNova has arrived.
<Background 1>
Meteorite Frostleaf, watch out! Don't rush so far forward!
Frostleaf I know what I'm doing!
Reunion Member Aaah! Aaaagghhh!
She sliced through the shield using a blade of frigid air?
Frostleaf Get lost!
Meteorite Amiya! Frostleaf has broken the enemy's formation, and is now charging towards their commander!
Amiya Snipers, casters, I need you to cover Frostleaf!
<Background fades out and in>
Mephisto Ohh...?
And just what do you want, little fox?
Frostleaf I want you to scream and beg. I want you to pay...
...with your life.
Amiya Out of my way!
[Amiya used her Arts against the Reunion soldier engaging her.]
Reunion Member Woah!
B-Black Arts...
H-hurry, run for it!
I don't want to end up like Mephisto's minions...!
Amiya Mephisto, we're not letting you get away!
<Background fades out and in>
Mephisto Heh. I should have guessed that these goons weren't enough to stop you.
Amiya You're going to pay for what you've done, you sick bastard!
Frostleaf You can't escape.
Mephisto Little fox, you're getting a bit too close for comfort.
Frostleaf Because I am the one who will take your life.
Those who do not respect the sanctity of life...
Do not deserve on of their own.
Mephisto Hehhh...
<Background 2>
Mephisto Is that so.
[Suddenly the temperature drops rapidly and the area is frozen solid.]
Frostleaf ?!
What... My feet...?
Meteorite Amiya! Reunion forces are appearing from all directions! Even though there aren't a lot of them...
Oh no, it's the Yeti Squadron...
They've all... come together!
<Background black>
Mephisto All right, I need to introduce you to a new friend.
Ahem~ Next up, put your hands together for the real star of the show...
The nightmare of the northwest tundra, the master of the Yetis...
Miss... Frost... Novaaaaaaa!
She will freeze every bit of your flesh, every drop of your blood...
Bit. By. Bit!
Amiya ...We need to get out of here...!
[The temperature drops further as a Cautus emerges from the burning remains of the Chernobogians.]
FrostNova Arrives.png
FrostNova ...
<Background 3>
FrostNova Mephisto...
I should have left you to slowly freeze to death in the tundra like the psychopath you are.
<Background 2>
Mephisto Oh my, scary, scary~
But Rhodes Island is right in front of us.
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya Frostleaf...
Back up.
Frostleaf ...
Amiya, take them with you.
Amiya I refuse!
That person... that person is...!
Frostleaf She's... coming towards me.
We can't win.
Hah... Even though I would've liked to live a bit longer...
I'm glad that I had the chance to meet all of you.
Frostleaf Hurry.
Amiya Frostleaf?!
Frostleaf Hurry!
FrostNova Arrives.png
[As FrostNova approaches the R.I. squad, a dreadful chill can be felt all around her.]
FrostNova ...
Don't worry, Rhodes Island.
I'll give you a painless death.