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Lungmen Emporium
Lungmen Downtown Warzone

Before operation

Ch'en regains consciousness to see Hoshiguma protecting her from broken walls and rubbles. Though she is saved, both of them have sustained heavy injuries.
Facing the enemy onslaught, the two draw their weapons once more.
<Background 1>
Ch'en Ugh...
Hoshiguma That's the third time today, Sleeping Beauty.
Ch'en How long was I out for?
Hoshiguma A dozen seconds or so.
Ch'en ...Hoshiguma, step aside. I'll slash apart the debris.
Hoshiguma Sorry, but I can't do that. If I move, we're both done for. Let me handle this.
Ch'en Your shoulder.
Hoshiguma It doesn't matter.
Ch'en ...You won't be able hold out much longer! You're holding up two floors' worth of rubble on top of your shield!
Hoshiguma I don't need to for much longer. Just until you woke up... Squat down, and get ready to dash out.
Ch'en ...
Hoshiguma No matter how heavy it is...
...as long as I can turn it over...
...it's not heavy at all!! AAAAAGH!!
[Hoshiguma pushed the rubble out of Ch'en's way.]
Ch'en You...
Hoshiguma Gaaah, aagh... Ngh... It feels like I lost my shoulder just to give it that little push.
Ch'en You saved me again.
Hoshiguma What's weird about that? How many times does that make now? And don't say that to me so earnestly... makes me feel gross just hearing it.
Let me rest a little. I feel like I just broke every bone in my body... Maybe it's your turn to let me take a nap.
Reunion Member ...Blast, how did they even survive all that?!
Ch'en Sure, but the enemy's not going to let you.
Hoshiguma No rest for the wicked, I suppose. Looks like I can still stand if I muster my strength.
You should go reorganize the squads, quickly. Don't waste any more time on them – it's what they're after.
[Ch'en struck down a Reunion soldier.]
Ch'en I don't think it's too late to just take them all out first.
Hoshiguma Why can't you go check to see who got injured first?
Ch'en And leave you here to face Reunion alone despite all your injuries?
Hoshiguma Ch'en. What do you think you're doing?
Two years ago in Hua Shui, you were chasing after a bandit leader. My leg was injured, but you believed in me and left me to fight alone. Do you still remember that?
Ch'en How long did it take me to catch him?
Hoshiguma Three hours. You trusted me back then.
Ch'en And I still do.
You, Reunion! I'll take you all on!
Reunion Member Damn it... She's looking down at us!
Hoshiguma I can still fight. Why are you staying behind? Why aren't you taking the squads to recapture the L.G.D. Headquarters? Did you forget your main mission?
It's the same as it was three years ago, and it's a responsibility that only you can fulfill!
You did this back at the Muk Wo Warehouse earlier. When did you become so indecisive? Ch'en!
Ch'en I don't see any problem with protecting my colleague from these rioters.
Hoshiguma You've changed. You used to be much tougher.
Ch'en Leaving you here? Of course I could. I used to only look at the risks versus the benefits, but now, it's as you said...
After what I did to Amiya, I've also been... conflicted.
Ch'en Determined.png
Ch'en Maybe I have changed. As time passed, I've had fewer grievances about Lungmen, and I've been able to place my trust in more people.
You are no longer just Inspector Hoshiguma. You are my friend, and my partner.
Your shield has protected me all this time; so once in a while, you should let me be your shield..
Hoshiguma Whew. You're not even going to blush after saying all that?
Ch'en Shut the **** up.
Hoshiguma Hahaha.
All right, all right. In that case, Ch'en, I'm leaving it to you.

After operation

Aftering[sic] relaying Hoshiguma's position to the medic team, Ch'en continues to move forward.
She communicates with her subordinates and Swire before taking her forces towards the L.G.D. Headquarters.
<Background 1>
Ch'en Medics, former South Paci Plaza, exit 12. One injured, a senior L.G.D. inspector. Get here quickly.
Has the bleeding stopped?
Hoshiguma You should know me by now. The wound has closed, but I won't be able to lift my shield for a while.
How are our colleages doing?
Ch'en We were the only ones who fell. I consider that a small win.
Hoshiguma You're really not bringing me with you? Reunion's commander may well be hiding inside the L.G.D. Headquarters. It's going to be a brutal fight.
Ch'en I'm aware. But considering your condition, it's for the best. Wouldn't you agree?
Hoshiguma Hearing you say that stings a bit, but it's fine. I know better.
Remember, be careful out there.
Ch'en I know.
Hoshiguma No matter how you look at it, Reunion is weaker than we expected. Despite that, they still managed to take Chernobog.
Also, you have a weak point. I can't stress this enough, but never let your thoughts consume you. Ever.
Don't be so obsessed with something that you neglect the other possibilities. There is nothing out there worth going off to battle for, except for your continued existence.
Ch'en I'll treat this as your advice to me. I'll take it to heart.
Hurry up and get better. I'll be waiting for your return after this mission is finished.
Hoshiguma I'll protect the medic team. You should get going.
Ch'en Sure.
<Background fades out and in>
[An L.G.D. radio operator contacts Ch'en.]
Radio Operator ...
Reunion has already passed the Causeway Bell.
Report from AU7: Reunion is also assembling in Ha Wan. I repeat, Reunion is currently assembling. This is AU7's mission briefing.
Squad AO3 has eliminated the Reunion forces in Front Bay as planned. They are now pushing the remnants back towards the L.G.D. Headquarters.
All enemies in front of Scorpio Palace have been annihilated. Now retreating towards Charles Avenue to head to the rally point. This is Squad AL1's report, over.
These are the updates on Reunion's movements and each squad's progress.
Ch'en Understood.
Continue the operation. Our objective is to drive all Reunion forces into the designated area.
If small groups of stragglers are seen in other districts, you are authorized to eliminate them.
Try to draw them out if possible. Focus on avoiding casualties. We'll need to preserve our strength.
Radio Operator Yes ma'am.
[Ch'en ends the call...]
Ch'en Phew...
Hmm? Another call?
[...only to receive another call from Swire.]
Swire Hello, hello? Is this Ah Ch'en? Are you still there?
Ch'en What did you call me?!
Swire Ah Ch'en. You're done for! You're so dead for what happened at Paci Plaza. I heard it myself – you were the one who gave those orders!
Ch'en Is that all you wanted to say?
Swire Look, why did you reject Rhodes Island's help? Was it because you felt guilty?
Ch'en I don't recall you being a psychologist.
Swire Don't worry, I'll help you make reparations.
Ch'en Reparations?
Swire Hehe, I can't tell you yet.
But, you're so done for because of what you did!
Ch'en By the way, do you still remember that one restaurant in Sheung Wan?
Swire Huh? Which one? Well, whichever one it is, they're all closed now!
Wait... are you trying to change the subject?!
Ch'en The one with that absolutely divine steak sandwich.
Swire Huh? Oh... OHH! I just remembered! The restaurant with a steak burger as big as your palms put side by side!
Ch'en That's the one.
Swire I used to go there quite often while on my patrols... Get down! Who said you could stand up?!
??? Aaah!!
Swire What was that place called again? Goodie Foodie?
Ch'en Sounds about right.
Swire Aha, now I get it. You're going to treat me to a meal, aren't you? But why don't we go to some place a bit more high-class?
Ch'en Your idea of "high-class" is very different from mine.
Swire Come on, I can foot the bill.
Ch'en Miss S, do you really think I'm that kind of person?
Swire Do you want to try calling me that again?
Ch'en Sorry, I bit my tongue.
Swire You clearly did that on purpose!
Ch'en Swire, I was just thinking... If we don't do a better job this time, we won't be able to face the locals.
Our businesses depend on Lungmen, and Lungmen also depends on them.
Swire If you feel that way, you should stop running your mouth. The sooner we take down Reunion, the sooner you can treat me to brunch.
Ch'en Seems like the fighting is pretty intense on your end as well?
Swire Ah, it's fine. I can handle it.
??? Quick! They're about to get away!
Swire How annoying! Hey, hurry it up! We don't have all day!
Ah Ch'en! I want a steak, tomato, and egg burger!
Ch'en No problem.
Sorry for accidentally locking you up in the vault that other time.
Swire You call that an accident? ! I know you did that on purpose! Whatever, it felt cathartic splashing water all over you this morning, so I guess we're even.
Hey, Ah Ch'en.
Ch'en Hmm?
Swire Safety first. Don't throw your life away for the sake of what's immediately in front of you. Remember that there are lots of people who are counting on you.
Ch'en Hmph, is that so. Thanks for your advice.
Swire Now that you're in front of the restaurant, that means you're almost at the L.G.D. Headquarters, right?
Ch'en That's right.
Swire Good luck.
<Background 2>
7:40 PM \ Overcast
670m east of L.G.D. Headquarters, Upper Factor St., Upper Lungmen
[A squad of L.G.D. officers approach Ch'en.]
L.G.D. Agent Madam Ch'en, Fourth Mobile Squad reporting in.
Ch'en Good work.
All of you assembled here are the cream of the crop. As we speak, many of our colleagues are still out there fighting. But we have our own mission.
The building in front of us used to be the symbol of Lungmen's safety — the embodiment of law and order, the heart of the L.G.D.
But now, it has fallen into Reunion's hands, and has been tainted by conspiracy and warfare.
Some of you might see this as just another job. Some of you might be saddened, while others might be enraged.
We Are L.G.D..png
Ch'en No matter how you feel, we are the L.G.D. We aren't rioters, nor are we criminals.
We will take back our headquarters, not necessarily for the sake of pride or justice.
We will do it because we are the L.G.D., and we will take back what belongs to us. That's the only reason we need.
Do not make Lungmen worry about us. Do I make myself clear?! Obedience, diligence, and perseverance!
It's time. Let us rid the L.G.D. Headquarters of every last Reunion member!
<Background 2>
L.G.D. Agent Yes ma'am!
Ch'en Let's go.