Part 1 Recap

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Part 1 Recap Episode 09
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NOTE: This interlude is automatically played when the player enters the Main Theme story arc selection menu for the first time since Episode 9: Stormwatch after clearing the Act initium: Hour of an Awakening arc (Prologue to Episode 03) and can be replayed from the Terminal.
<Background black>
How long has it been, already, since you awoke in Chernobog?
The span of a blink. Like a lifetime ago.
You still remember, when you opened your eyes, the light you saw, and the voice you heard calling.
Distant Voice ...Sorry...
For making you suffer again...
<Background black>
You still remember the warmth of the girl's hand.
Amiya Awakening (Blurred).png
??? ......
Take my hand!!
Amiya Awakening.png
<Background black>
You still remember, where you left your slumber, the unbearably broken world that greeted you.
<Background black>
You still remember, hiding among the countless enemies, an unerring gaze.
Crownslayer Attacks.png
??? Hmph. Trying to run...?
Where do you think you're going?
Go. Tear them apart.
<Background black>
You remember as before, battling with wave after wave of hostiles, the Catastrophe taking its callous hold.
Background-Chernobog Catastrophe B.png
[Sounds of destruction that befell Chernobog during the events of Episode 01 is heard.]
<Background black>
And the enemy more fearsome than the Catastrophe still.
Talulah Attacks.png
[Sounds of Talulah unleashing her powers at Rhodes Island in the climax of Episode 01 is heard.]
Talulah I shall grant you an ending that I am quite fond of.
<Background black>
Those around you made great sacrifices. Paid the ultimate price.
Each name, each likeness, you firmly remember.
Even so, you weren't spared much time to familiarize yourself with all that Rhodes Island is, and was.
The insurrection in Chernobog was only a beginning. Rhodes Island was pressed to swiftly proceed to Lungmen.
Because it was more than likely that Lungmen would become the next target of Reunion's indiscriminate attacks.
Background-Lungmen Alley.png
[Misha is seen in the background.]
<Background black>
To earn the trust of Lungmen Chief Executive Wei Yenwu, Rhodes Island carried out an investigation in the slums.
You remember here, you saw the plight of the Infected wherever you looked.
And in that plight, the infiltration of Reunion, determined to resist.
Skullshatterer Returns.png
Skullshatterer Meets Misha.png
<Background black>
You still remember, a little girl who had been drawn into all this, she was Reunion's true target.
Once kindhearted by nature, she ultimately chose to take up arms to save her own people.
You still remember. How she, herself, never was saved.
[Sounds of the climactic battle in Episode 03 is heard.]
A Tragic Aftermath.png
Ch'en People always have a way of surpassing your expectations.
Even moreso when it comes to the Infected.
Power begets madness, and desire begets depravity.
They are cancers, eroding away at all that is good in the world.
Amiya ......
Ch'en If you want to keep it, I won't stop you.
Just know that one day, your room will be filled with masks like this.
All people must bear the consequences for the choices they make... Infected, or otherwise.
<Background black>
You remember how, at the same time, within the districts of Chernobog, the recon team found Reunion assembled.
Reign of Chaos.png
Mephisto They ran away.
They had pretty quick reactions. Ran away before we had a chance to take action.
Disconnected themselves, and took off as quickly as they could––
But where did they hope to escape to?
<Background black>
You remember, as you rescued the imperiled team, the first time you saw the girl who was as frost.
FrostNova Arrives.png
[The sound of FrostNova's appearance in the climax of Episode 04 is heard.]
<Background black>
You still remember. This, too, was Reunion's trap.
You remember. The L.G.D. forces pursuing the Reunion remnants to the outer edge.
The enemy launched their offensive from inside, with the L.G.D. at the center, and assailed Lungmen.
Ch'en Outside Lungmen.png
Ch'en ...I'm safe now.
...Reunion took over one of our important facilities and is now forcefully opening a passage between the slums and the outer city.
Background-Lungmen Uptown Rainy.png
[Ch'en is seen pursuing the Reunion during the events of Episode 05.]
<Background black>
You remember. The young Inspector swearing to retake the L.G.D. by her own strength, and defeat the insurrectionist foe within Lungmen.
Background-Lungmen Emporium.png
<Background black>
You remember. She, too, went through setbacks, but remained unyielding.
Ch'en Determined.png
Ch'en Maybe I have changed. As time passed, I've had fewer grievances about Lungmen, and I've been able to place my trust in more people.
You are no longer just Inspector Hoshiguma. You are my friend, and my partner.
Your shield has protected me all this time; so once in a while, you should let me be your shield..
Hoshiguma Whew. You're not even going to blush after saying all that?
Background-Lungmen Downtown Warzone.png
We Are L.G.D..png
Ch'en No matter how you feel, we are the L.G.D. We aren't rioters, nor are we criminals.
We will take back our headquarters, not necessarily for the sake of pride or justice.
We will do it because we are the L.G.D., and we will take back what belongs to us. That's the only reason we need.
Do not make Lungmen worry about us. Do I make myself clear?! Obedience, diligence, and perseverance!
It's time. Let us rid the L.G.D. Headquarters of every last Reunion member!
<Background black>
You remember her brimming with courage, bravely charging the enemy ranks.
Ch'en Unleashing Chi Xiao 2.png
[The sounds of Ch'en fighting the Reunion forces at the climax of Episode 05 are heard.]
Mephisto Officer, I know what you are. My Originium Arts only work on the Infected.
Ch'en I don't care.
Mephisto Don't you know that you're only going to become his pawn, to be discarded when you've served your purpose?
Ch'en You can have those words back.
[Another sounds of Ch'en fighting the Reunion forces at the climax of Episode 05 are heard.]
You remember Rhodes Island making haste, arriving just at the battle's decisive moment.
[The sound of R.I. forces' arrival at the climax of Episode 05 is heard.]
Blaze's Boiling Blood.png
Faust ...!
You're using your own blood as an incendiary?
Blaze Hah, do I look like some sort of caster to you? Only some egotistical newbie would go around committing arson like that.
Sorry, but this is just one of my fighting techniques. Show yourselves – you have nowhere to hide!
<Background black>
You remember the L.G.D. taken back, and the horn blown to signal a counterattack on all fronts.
You remember Rhodes Island and the L.G.D. fighting apart, Reunion suffering defeat after defeat.
GreyThroat Takes Aim.png
GreyThroat Just you...?
Faust ......
GreyThroat Move and I shoot!
<Background black>
You still remember, at the end of the fight in Lungmen, how Rhodes Island had to once again face an enemy she didn't want to fight.
FrostNova Calls.png
FrostNova Yes. You will now... fight me.
Only one of us leaves.
FrostNova Close-Up.png
FrostNova If you can defeat me, it means some will be able to survive––
<Background black>
You remember it vividly. It was precisely because we both knew... we both cherished the same ideal.
And because we did, neither of us could back down.
FrostNova I am willing to join Rhodes Island. I am willing to fight together with you against the enemies of the Infected, your way.
This is my burden to bear.
She was, at the instant the battle concluded, a part of Rhodes Island.
FrostNova's Death 1.png
FrostNova's Death 2.png
<Background black>
And yet, Reunion's crushing defeat in Lungmen was no more than Talulah moving her first piece.
Exploiting the cover of a sandstorm, the Chernobog core city approached Lungmen.
Chernobog Inbound.png
<Background black>
You remember. A direct attack using a city as a weapon. That was Talulah's true maneuver.
In this moment, the firm and resolute Ch'en chose to leave, alone.
Hoshiguma Stops Ch'en.png
<Background black>
Rhodes Island, too, chose to abandon coordinated action with the L.G.D., and go unto the fray.
To make landfall and attack the Chernobog core city, and halt Reunion's offensive.
Chernobog Approach.png
Kal'tsit Drivers, maintain a steady speed! Check your maps. Use the sandstorm to cover your approach to the core city until you're in range to deploy boarding gear! Engage!
<Background black>
You still remember how we returned to the core city, defended by guards every step of the way, and met an old friend.
Return of the Guard.png
[The sound of Guard revealing himself to R.I. is heard.]
??? ......
Rhodes Island Guard? It's been a while, Amiya, Dr. Kal'tsit.
<Background black>
Exhausted our strength.
Rosmontis Unleashed.png
Rosmontis Ah... ahhh!
<Background black>
Put an end to the quandary.
Mephisto, The Poor Songster.png
It tries to walk forward, but its fragile wings are unable to support its own body.
There are sounds trickling out of its throat, like a river of terror formed of whimpers.
Kal'tsit Creatures of artificial nature can usually be traced back to aesthetics.
Yet don't be fooled by its appearance. No matter how beautiful it may seem, you are looking at the culprit behind the surrounding devastation.
It's singing.
<Background black>
Prevailed over a mighty enemy.
The Wendigo and the Sarkaz King.png
The Wendigo freezes in place.
Something appears to be dripping sorrowfully from his helmet.
A minute passes.
During this eternity of a minute, there are no other sounds except for the low rumbling of the moving city.
<Background black>
Everyone there was forced to confront their own hearts.
They may have overcome their doubts, no longer at a loss.
Ch'en Contemplating.png
Ch'en has tried to run far away many times.
But she stopped herself.
<Background black>
They may have indulged their hatred, fixed and unwavering.
Patriot Stands For Talulah.png
<Background black>
The women standing at the core were bound to decide the final battle at the summit of the tower.
Ch'en Confronts Talulah.png
[Sounds of the confrontation between Ch'en and Talulah...]
The Deathless Black Snake Unleashed.png
[ the climax of Episode 08 are heard.]
Ch'en and Amiya, Crimson and Shadow.png
<Background black>
The battle of Lungmen drew here to an end.
It was as if there were fundamentally no winners, and no losers.
Only each individual settling their aspirations, each headed somewhere different.
Amiya and the Doctor.png
Amiya Doctor...
You don't want to talk?
I get it. So much has happened.
But, with you by my side, I feel... I feel happy.
There are some things we can't do by ourselves.
Rhodes Island... we always press forward, no matter what the dark clouds bring.
And no matter how many terrible stories unfold across the world...
I'll always believe in the warmth in your heart.
Welcome home, Doctor.
<Background black>
Every battle in the standoff against Reunion, you can recall.
But you still cannot find any recollection of the things that should most come back to you.
The things of the past. The things of Rhodes Island.
The things you can truly do.
You know, come the future, that there will be more journeys still to take.
And that this... is no more than a beginning.