H12-3: Operation Astrape-3

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Operation Astrape-3
Episode 12
Previous H12-2
Next H12-4
H12-3 map.png
The tide of battle can change in an instant, but the gushing tides of people is the greatest cover for the Sarkaz.
Allies have greatly reduced cost limit.
Abilities of "Damazti Cluster": Attacks deal increased Corrosion Damage; Isomorphic Fragments +1.


Recommended level
Sanity Drill Plan EXP LMD
10 1 100 (120) 100 (120)
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
9 0 3 46
The DP cap is reduced to 20.


First clear
3 Stars
Originite Prime.png


Allies Norport Civilian ×15
Normal Sarkaz Absurdist Operative Leader ×16, Sarkaz Absurdist Splitcaster ×4
Elite Deconstructed Distortion, Sarkaz Absurdist Tyrant ×3, Sarkaz Absurdist Tyrant Captain ×7
Boss "Damazti Cluster"
  • All enemies (including the Damazti Cluster and their Isomorphic Fragments) have their HP, ATK, and DEF increased by 20%.
  • The Corrosion Damage from the Damazti Cluster and their Isomorphic Fragments' attacks, Derivative Iteration, Lifeline Burst, and Deconstructed Distortions is increased to 50% of their ATK.
  • An additional Isomorphic Fragment will be spawned by the Damazti Cluster when their HP falls below 75% in the first phase.
  • Deconstructed Distortions are spawned by the Damazti Cluster's Lifeline Burst and excluded from the enemy counter.