7-18: Death of a Patriot

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Death of a Patriot
Episode 07
Previous 7-17
Next 7-19, H7-1
7-18 map.png
They are commanded by the "Aegis" of the Infected. The most ancient bloodline among the warriors of Sarkaz. Ursus's indomitable incarnation of war. The backbone of the Reunion Movement. Yelena's father.
<Originium Altar> Periodically emits Pulse Waves to the surrounding tiles, damaging both allied and enemy units.
<Interference Mine> Upon explosion, deals heavy damage to enemies in the surrounding tiles and amplifies the damage they take for 15 seconds.


Condition: 6 tiles on the battlefield are no longer available for deployment.
Recommended level
Sanity Drill Plan EXP LMD
21 3 210 210
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
9 10 1 45
Deployable devices Interference Mine ×15
Static devices Originium Altar ×1
Terrain properties Friendly units cannot be deployed on B3, B5, B7, E3, E5, and E7.


First clear
Originite Prime
Plaque - Recognition.png


Normal Guerrilla Hound ×4, Guerrilla Fighter ×16, Guerrilla Sniper ×4
Elite Guerrilla Mortar ×2, Guerrilla Siegebreaker ×11, Guerrilla Siegebreaker Leader ×2, Sarkaz Guerrilla Fighter ×5
Boss Patriot
All enemies (including Patriot) have their HP and ATK increased by 20% and 10%, respectively.