M8-7: Malediction, Bound for Retribution

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Malediction, Bound for Retribution
Episode 08
Previous R8-10
Next R8-11
M8-7 map.png
She has not yet died, but she has already seen too much death.


Condition: Sarkaz Centurion Hosts have significantly increased lifesteal.
Recommended level
Sanity Drill Plan EXP LMD
21 3 210 210
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
9 10 1 48


First clear
Originite Prime


Normal Possessed Soldier ×24, Possessed Junkman ×15
Elite Possessed Heavy Defender ×6, Sarkaz Centurion Host ×3
  • All enemies have their HP, ATK, and DEF increased by 10%.
  • The HP restoration in each attack of Sarkaz Centurion Hosts is increased to 300% of the damage dealt.