H14-4: Operation Pharos-4

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This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.
Unofficial English translations provided by LightningStorm123.
Operation Pharos-4
Episode 14
Previous H14-3
H14-4 map.png
Join the procession, and witness the passing of the heroes.


Recommended level
Sanity Drill Plan EXP LMD
10 1 100 (120) 100 (120)
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
12 10 3 59
Deployable devices Roadblock ×10
  • Friendly melee and ranged units can be deployed on all deployable tiles.
  • There are two Cocoon Cages at the start of the operation.


First clear
3 Stars
Originite Prime


Normal Soul Vortex ×24, Sarkaz Wither Linebreaker ×3, Sarkaz Wither Juggernaut ×12
Elite Grail of Sacrificial Souls ×6, Shadow-Refined Soulremains ×1, "Consoling Sudaram" ×9
Boss Patriot and Theresa
  • All enemies (including Patriot and Theresa) have their HP, ATK, and DEF increased by 20%.
  • As there are no high ground tiles, Patriot will be unable to use his spear throw attack in the second phase.