EG-2: Burnt Fragment 2

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Burnt Fragment 2
Episode 08
Previous M8-6 (Story)

This interlude is only accessible by clearing M8-6 with Rosmontis and all four Shieldguards not knocked out/defeated.
Guerrilla Shieldguard icon.png
Chernobog Control Tower Outside
A matter of protection.
<Background 1>
Slice, pierce, cleave, sweep, the blades flutter in lockstep with the enemy.
Wail, rage, curse, howl, and then all tends towards the serene.
Rosmontis's expression holds not the slightest change.
Rosmontis Dealt with.
There's no front or ambush positions left. We can continue forward.
Shieldguard You do a pretty job, Feline. Settled it without any of us even taking a scratch.
And you skewer their heads real fast, real precise, no hesitation. That's good form.
If only we didn't know you killed the Captain, I'd probably ask you to join us.
You're a natural-born warrior. Shame you're with that Cautus, damn shame.
Rosmontis You can't say bad things about Amiya.
Shieldguard No, I'm not criticizing her now.
I'd been wanting to hear the things she said long, long ago, things I'd heard before.
She's great, Feline. A true great one.
But this won't get you anywhere, Feline, it won't get you anywhere.
Rosmontis I don't believe you. Amiya will be able to do it.
Shieldguard Maybe. But you, with her, it's no good for either of you.
Rosmontis Why?
Shieldguard You're two kinds of people.
Rosmontis What two kinds of people? Me and Amiya get along really well. She's taught me a lot of things.
Shieldguard ...Heh, you'll figure in time.
Rosmontis You're doing this on purpose... I don't want to know.
What you just said. I could join you?
Shieldguard You can.
We welcome anyone.
As long as you feel the Infected's fate is unfair, as long as Ursus gets you burning mad, as long as you want to fight.
You can join us, then.
You thought our team only had Ursus in it? Thought it only kept this country's people? Think again, Feline.
[The Shieldguard removes his helmet to reveal himself as a Feline like Rosmontis.]
Rosmontis ...You're a Feline too.
Shieldguard Born in Rim Billiton, went with my parents to Ursus, and settled down afterwards in this frigid place.
I liked picking fights ever since I was young. Decided to join the army later because of it.
Ursus's assessments for joining the army are pretty harsh on Felines, but I still passed.
And after, I joined the Captain's unit, and went with him, fighting campaigns far and wide. That was ten years.
Wars, following wars, and always a war after that. That's Ursus.
I used to feel proud of this country, kid.
Countless among us used to feel proud of this country.
Rosmontis So, why...?
Shieldguard Because my parents got Oripathy, got kicked out of the city, and died in the wilderness.
And I only learned about it half a year after they'd kicked the bucket.
Rosmontis ...?!
Shieldguard Countless among us have gone through something similar.
I heard you went through something similar too, kid.
But it's not just that.
If it was just that, just the one misfortune I ever happened across, I might even be able to understand it.
But. That's not how it is.
War used to be the only thing that existed inside my head, and the only thing I ever reckoned to accomplish.
I started reflecting, thinking some things over, and only then did I start figuring something out about this country, trying to understand this country I used to struggle for.
If the Captain weren't there, I'd have probably long been court-martialed for making disrespectful remarks at HQ.
After that, I went to the Northern Plains with the Captain.
And the rest is history.
In all of this, I've learned endurance, learned rage, learned hatred.
Rosmontis ...Amiya told me not to learn these.
Shieldguard You'll learn them one way or the other, kid.
If you can't use them, chances are they'll swallow you up.
Rosmontis So, was Patriot your family, then?
Shieldguard We fought together for twenty years. He was my best brother, my closest brother-in-arms, and the one I most respected.
He was, kid.
But I've still gotta say, you're all the more suited to join us.
Rosmontis Then would Amiya be able to join you?
Shieldguard That Cautus? Nope, she wouldn't work.
She can't join us.
Rosmontis Then I won't join you.
Shieldguard Hah. I told you. You killed the Captain. There's no way you'd be able to join.
Rosmontis I don’t care.
Shieldguard But personally speaking, you need to pay a bit more attention to her. She wants to protect you, but she'll probably die faster than you will.
Rosmontis Why are you that sure?
Shieldguard Because we've met someone like her before.
The Shieldguard looks like he’s thinking back to something. He pays no more attention to Rosmontis, puts on his helmet once again, and walks off to his comrades-in-arms.