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Soubo Forest
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Before operation

Yato and Noir Corne's investigation in the Soubo Mountains yields little, until they discover massive scratch marks, strange creatures appear out of nowhere, and a shadow covers the entire sky.
<Background 1>
[Noir Corne is boosting Yato, who is climbing on a tree.]
Yato Left.
Noir Corne That good?
Yato A little further right.
[Yato tries to reach a fruit, but can't reach it.]
Yato Still no good... Stand on your toes.
[Noir Corne prances a bit higher.]
Yato A little higher, Corne.
That's it. Hold it there.
Noir Corne Uh, okay...
Yato Keep your shoulders steady.
Noir Corne I'm trying...
Yato Almost there. Just a little longer.
Noir Corne Okay...
[Yato reaches the fruit and picks them.]
Yato Done. You can put me down now.
[Noir Corne puts Yato down.]
<Background fades out and in>
Noir Corne (Panting)
Yato Got some good samples this time.
Noir Corne I have a suggestion, Yato.
Yato Go ahead.
Noir Corne Maybe–
Yato Tweezers.
[Noir Corne gives Yato one of the fruits...]
Noir Corne Here. Anyway–
Yato Sealing tape.
[...followed by a tape.]
Noir Corne Here. Um–
Yato Not that one, the blue one. Watch the category.
Noir Corne Okay...
Yato So, what was it you wanted to say?
Noir Corne I was just thinking, maybe we could request a ladder the next time we go on a field mission?
Yato Denied. Carrying too much weight reduces mobility, making it harder to deal with unexpected situations.
Check this sample too. Let's hope we find something this time.
Noir Corne Mhm.
Yato What would you need a ladder for anyway?
Noir Corne ...Forget it.
<Background fades out and in>
Noir Corne Initial tests reveal no active Originium particles, just like before.
Yato Still nothing... How many samples have we collected?
Noir Corne Air, soil, organisms, surfaces... 23 samples from 17 locations in total.
Yato And we found nothing in any of them?
Noir Corne Nope.
Yato Strange.
Maybe the rain from a couple of days ago affected the detection of active Originium particles.
Did you notice anything unusual along the way?
Noir Corne What about those broken and charred trees?
Yato Probably struck by lightning in the storm... If that could be called unusual, then we'd be dealing with a fire-breathing monster on a rampage.
I don't want to call this a waste of time, but it is seeming like gathering more samples wouldn't be the most efficient way to go about this.
Let's change our methodology. What do you think about interviewing the local Infected directly?
Noir Corne Tracing their movements could really help in determining the source of the Originium. But there's something we should keep in mind.
The hilly terrain limits the contact that these villages have with the outside. The locals may not be very cooperative.
Yato I'll persuade them.
Noir Corne The most recent suspected case came from Roka Village, at the bottom of this hill. Let's head there first.
[Noir Corne reads a paper.]
Noir Corne Oh, huh. They reported the case directly to Rhodes Island and requested medical aid? That's rare.
Yato Pay attention on the way down. There might be something we missed.
<Background fades out and in>
[Yato walks to an open place.]
Yato (Presses the recording button)
Captain's audio log number one.
0737 hours, sunny, northern Soubo mountain range, Higashi.
This is Yato, captain of Rhodes Island Operations Team A4, responding to Oripathy cases in the region along with Operator Noir Corne.
There have recently been multiple cases suspected to be infection by Oripathy. We believe there to have been an abnormal spread of airborne Originium particles. We have not eliminated the possibility that this phenomenon is manmade.
We are currently on the outskirts of the forests of Soubo. We have completed a preliminary survey of the local environment and collected some samples, but have yet to find anything unusua–
Noir Corne Yato! Over here! I found something!
Yato Pausing.
[Yato walks off.]
<Background fades out and in>
Yato What is it? Er... is this what you found?
Some bugs under a pile of dried leaves?
Noir Corne Waterfly larvae.
Yato And?
Noir Corne Uh... it seemed strange when I first saw them, but now I've forgotten why.
Yato Well, bring it up again when you remember... We have yet to find anything unusual and are continuing our investigation. End audio log.
Noir Corne Oh, I remember now!
Yato What is it?
Noir Corne I asked Mint to recommend me a few books because the Doctor said I should read more. One of them was "The Originium Slug's Guide to Terran Wildlife," which was fun because it had a lot of pictures in it.
Yato Get to the point.
Noir Corne It talked about the habitats of waterflies. Did you know that they always lay their eggs in puddles?
The larvae grow up in the puddles, and fly away when they're adults.
Yato You mean...?
Noir Corne Nothing but leaves here. No puddles.
Yato Can waterfly larvae survive in damp environments?
Noir Corne The book didn't say.
Yato Wait... there are bushes around here, but pretty evenly distributed.
So why are there so many leaves in this particular area?
We should dig them up.
Noir Corne Hey, why are you looking at me? I don't have a shovel.
Yato ......
Noir Corne ......
Fine, I'll do it.
[Noir Corne digs through the ground and find a carcass with a large claw mark on it.]
Yato This is...
Noir Corne Whoa, it's huge.
Yato Did that book mention anything about this, Corne?
Do fowlbeasts grow this big in the mountains of Higashi?
Noir Corne I don't remember.
Yato These claw marks are massive... similar to a fowlbeast's talons in shape, but nearly the same length as my sword, leaving deep indentations in the ground.
A creature that can leave marks like these must be the size of a house.
Noir Corne Ceobe would be over the moons... One of these could feed her for days.
Yato One of these could feed on us.
Corne, test tube.
Noir Corne Here. Don't forget your safety protocols.
Yato (Collects a sample from the scratches)
There, run a test.
[Noir Corne tests the sample.]
Noir Corne Yato...
Yato You got something?
Noir Corne Active Originium particles detected.
Yato So that's what it was.
[A diminutive, yellow-furred Feline sneaks behind Yato, whom Noir Corne noticed.]
Noir Corne What the–?!
Yato A massive creature... No records of similar claw marks, nor eyewitness reports from the surrounding areas. Did it just appear out of nowhere?
Strange Yellow Creature Mrow!
Noir Corne Yato, there's a F–*cough*
Yato No, we can't assume it was an animal. What would a fowlbeast that large even look like?
And where did the Originium particles come from?
Could it be... those leaves were...?
Strange Yellow Creature Mrow!
Yato Stop making those noises, Corne.
We need to record the scratches. Bring the equipment.
Noir Corne Yato...
That wasn't me...
Yato What do you–
[Yato is spooked upon noticing the yellow-furred Feline behind her; upon closer look however, he more closely resembles the Felynes from Monster Hunter (hence shortened to MonHun) than the Terran Felines.]
Noir Corne What the heck is that, Yato?
Yato How would I know?
Stay back, keep your distance!
Noir Corne Some kind of local Feline variant?
Yato Hard to say. I've never seen a Feline like that before.
[Another Felyne with white furs show up.]
Strange White Creature It's the Rathalos!
Noir Corne Another one!
Yato Careful! They could be aggressive!
Be ready for battle!
Noir Corne Hold on... look at their movements, Yato.
[The two Felynes dance in joy, apparently having found something interesting.]
Strange White Creature (Dances)
Rathalos! Rathalos!
Noir Corne They're dancing... they don't look hostile.
Yato Hey! Who are you? Are you Felines? Do you understand what I'm saying?
They don't seem to be Felines... are they non-sapient?
What did they say again?
Noir Corne I'm not sure... something about the scratches? Or the creature that left them?
Strange White Creature Who are mew calling non-sapient, you rude, horned lass!
(Points towards the scratches on the ground)
It's coming!
Noir Corne It can talk! It can talk!
I think he just called you rude, Yato.
Yato It's coming? What's coming?
Strange Yellow Creature Never seen gear like this...
[The yellow Felyne took Noir Corne and Yato's equipment and runs off...]
Noir Corne Hey! The yellow one just picked up our equipment!
It's running away!
Strange White Creature Smithy! Stop!
[...followed by the white Felyne.]
Noir Corne The other one's running too!
Yato After them!
Strange White Creature Run away!
[Noir Corne and Yato pursues the Felynes.]
Noir Corne How are they so fast?
Yato Don't ask me!
[The white Felyne shouts while running...]
Strange White Creature Run! The Rathalos is coming!
Noir Corne I think they're saying that...
Something is coming...
[A Rathalos – that's right, the King of the Skies itself and the strongest of the Flying Wyverns straight out of MonHun – soars over Noir Corne and Yato before swooping down on them...]
The Fiery Encounter.png
The events of that afternoon come flashing back from time to time.
Shoes covered in mud, 23 useless samples...
Massive scratch marks buried beneath fallen leaves, dancing furry creatures somewhat reminiscent of Felines.
No disrespect to Felines, of course.
And who could forget the massive shadow hovering over us, like a fireball ready to set the world ablaze.
It came from the sky.
Yato Corne!
Noir Corne Roger!
Yato Get ready!
[Rathalos roars.]

During operation

[Rathalos takes a few steps forward and roars, spooking the Oxmanes to running away towards the Incursion Points as it enters a Tunnel. A Basorobeast shows up and moves in toward the completely undefended Protection Objective.]
<Game paused>
Yato Corne, be on your guard. The beasts here seem restless, like they got startled by something.
Noir Corne Nothing unusual on my end, unless I was the one that scared them... nah, probably not.
Yato Ah, Yato! Big guy headed towards us!
<Game unpaused>
[Noir Corne is deployed to intercept the Basorobeast and holds it off, but its craggy frontal skin means that his attacks had little effect against the beast.]
<Game paused>
Noir Corne This one's tough... how did it even grow that rocky carapace?
Yato Attacking from the front doesn’t seem to be doing any good. We’re wasting time.
Help me stall it, and I'll attack it from behind.
<Game unpaused>
[Yato is deployed right behind the Basorobeast and attacks it, her blade actually managed to cut through the beast's lightly protected back and eventually kills it.]
<Game paused>
Noir Corne Alright, so they're weak from behind.
Better remember that for the next time we fight one.
Yato Stay vigilant.
<Game unpaused>
[Rathalos flies past Yato and Noir Corne, whom they noticed.]
<Game paused>
Noir Corne Huh, did the sky just turn way darker all of a sudden?
Yato Like something just flew right over us...
The beasts around us seem to be getting riled up again. Corne, prepare for combat.
Noir Corne Yato! Over there!
<Game unpaused>
[Rathalos shows up from the Tunnel behind Yato and attacks her with its fiery breath before letting out a roar that disorients her and Noir Corne for a moment, but Yato strikes back and managed to bring the Flying Wyvern to its knees, only for Rathalos to rise up, roars, and breathes fire at Noir Corne before flying off.]
<Game paused>
Noir Corne Careful! It took to the sky again!
Yato Does this creature have no weakness at all...?
Noir Corne I'm still looking for one, studying its movements...
Ah! Look out!
<Game unpaused>
[Rathalos swoops in from behind Yato and breathes a widespreading fire at her and Noir Corne, setting the ground ablaze...]
<Game paused>
Noir Corne Agh, my head... damn, it hurts!
Yato Watch out! It's swooping in again!
<Game unpaused>
[...before soaring away.]

After operation

Yato and Noir Corne escape from the unknown creature and seek medical aid at the village of Roka, where they run into the Felynes again. As they exchange information, they are interrupted by an old man.
<Background 1>
[Rathalos soars around Noir Corne and Yato...]
Noir Corne 12 o'clock–no, 4 o'clock!
[...and closes in...]
Noir Corne 7 o'clock now! It's coming–
Yato Raise your shield!
[...and breathe fire at Noir Corne, who managed to withstand it.]
Noir Corne Are you okay?
Yato I'm fine.
Noir Corne Did it just... breathe fire?
Yato Obviously.
Noir Corne Even the rocks are charred. Haven't seen anything like that since Blaze's arts.
Yato And I'm sure she'd love to have a go at it.
Noir Corne Watch out! Here it comes!
[Rathalos swoops down at Yato and attacks her with a tail swipe...]
Yato Ngh!
[...before swooping out of her reach.]
Yato It's no good!
Its movements are too large. Whenever we try to counterattack, it just pushes us away or flies out of range.
We're stuck on the defensive. We have to try to close the distance.
Noir Corne Watch out, Yato–
Yato I'm fine.
Think about its movements... It whips its tail left and right while on the ground before charging forward to bite...
Noir Corne It also accelerates to charge, and flies up to breathe fire!
Yato Tailspin, bite, charge, fire breath... here comes the tail, Corne!
[Rathalos strikes Noir Corne with a tail swipe, which he managed to anticipate.]
Noir Corne Oof! Got it!
Yato At the very least, we have to be able to close in.
Noir Corne You want to try that? The timing might be hard though.
Yato I was thinking the same thing... over here!
It's cumbersome... Phew–it needs time to find its footing after movement.
Noir Corne We can take that opportunity to get in close.
Yato Get me above its neck. I'll try to kill it in one blow.
[Rathalos breathes fire...]
Yato Ready–dodge!
[...but Yato managed to dodge it...]
Yato Here we go!
[...before she leaps towards Noir Corne, who is pointing his shield upward.]
Noir Corne and I knew what to do. We've done this many times.
The moment I step onto the shield, I feel a great force from beneath, sending me into the sky.
My sword draws a sharp arc through the air and heads straight down, nothing between it and its target.
[Yato slashes at Rathalos' neck, but its hard scales deflected her blade.]
Yato What?
My sword was deflected!
Noir Corne Look out!
It's taking off!
[Rathalos soars away and lets out a disorienting roar...]
Noir Corne Ugh, that roar–
My head's buzzing–I can't move–
[...before diving in...]
Yato (It's preparing to breathe fire! Dodge to the side!)
[...and slashes Yato with its talons...]
Yato Argh!
[...knocking her to the ground as she drops her blade.]
Noir Corne Yato!
You're hurt! Are you okay?
Yato It just grazed my arm, I'm fine. I didn't expect it to dive like that all of a sudden.
Noir Corne Yato... you dropped your sword.
Yato I... I can't keep a grip on it.
What... happened to my arm?
[Rathalos looks away from Yato and Noir Corne.]
Noir Corne Seems like something else drew its attention. It's looking away.
Let's get out of here while we can!
[The two Felynes from before show up, this time with a makeshift cart similar to one their kind uses to evacuate the Hunters into safety back in MonHun.]
Strange White Creature Coming through! Here comes the cart!
Strange Yellow Creature Where to?
Strange White Creature Don't ask meow! Just push!
Noir Corne Yato, those strange Felines are coming over with what looks like a bunch of scrap wood...
Hey, what are you doing? Get away from Yato!
I'm warning you! Don't even think about putting her on that thing!
Strange White Creature Were mew trimming the Rathalos's claws, horned "Hunter"?
Mew can't pawssibly win fur now! Hop on!
Strange Yellow Creature Can't pawssibly!
Noir Corne Stay away! I'm warning you!
[The white Felyne pushes Noir Corne into the cart.]
Noir Corne Don't touch me! Hey, not there... put me down!
Strange White Creature Get on!
Noir Corne No–
<Background 2>
[The Felynes push the cart with Yato and Noir Corne on it through the forest.]
Strange White Creature Smithy? Is this really how we're supposed to push? Why is the cart so rickety?
Mrow? So you've only ever seen other Felynes push their carts?
[Noir Corne wakes up.]
Noir Corne Where... where am I?
What's this? A cart... made of wood? Feels like it could fall apart any moment.
My head hurts... something hit me...
Yato... Yato! Where is she?
Strange White Creature Hey, horned Hunter! Where are your herbs?
Noir Corne ...Herbs? What herbs?
Strange White Creature Then what about antidotes?
Noir Corne What are you talking about...?
Strange White Creature Surely mew have Blue Mushrooms on mew? Good thing I have Antidote Herbs.
Noir Corne Mushrooms...? Why would I carry mushrooms with me?
Strange White Creature That's not good. Are New World Hunters always so un-purr-pared?
Strange Yellow Creature Un-purr-pared?
Noir Corne Who are you? Local Felines?
Strange White Creature Fel-INE? No, FEEL-yne! F-E-L-Y-N-E!
I'm a top researcher from Bherna Village, furmer Royal Purr-leontology Scrivener, a blue-blooded Felyne Scholar! I'm here to study the New World!
Strange Yellow Creature Mrow!
Strange White Creature And this is Smithy from Purr-okke village! We met along the way.
Strange Yellow Creature Artisan! Felyne Artisan!
Felyne Scholar We're both Felynes!
Felyne Artisan Felyne!
Noir Corne So you're Felynes... but not Felines?
Felyne Scholar Never mew mind that! The girl's been purr-oisoned by the Rathalos. She needs an antidote, now!
Noir Corne W-What happened to Yato? You said she's poisoned?
Felyne Scholar She's unconscious fur now. I did some furst-aid, but the purr-oison's still there.
Rathalos poison's really dangerous. It can even kill a Rhenopurr-los this big!
Noir Corne I need to– Put me down!
Felyne Scholar I thought New World Hunters were the elite of the elite, but this one's not so smart.
They don't even have antidotes! What to do? The lass is pretty badly purr-oisoned, and there are no suitable mushrooms in the forest...
Felyne Artisan Village!
Felyne Scholar Right, the fastest way is to get some from a village! Remember the one that we saw from a distance?
The Hunters there can't pawssibly lack basic ingredients like these! I'm so smart!
Felyne Artisan Mrow?
Felyne Scholar Hey, dumb horned Hunter! We're going to go get Blue Mushrooms fur the antidote!
Find a camp to rest at and wait fur us!
Noir Corne Camp? Where? Hey!
Felyne Scholar No time to waste! Let's go!
Felyne Artisan Mrow!
[The Felynes took off.]
<Background 3>
[A child in hunter garb is playing with another child.]
Child in Hunter Garb That night, the sky was set on fire, and the great monster came down from the forest, trying to burn the village down with its flames!
The village hunter stepped forward and told the others, "I'm a hunter, so I'll protect the village!"
Child Playing the Monster "How dare you try to stop my flames of destruction, puny little hunter!"
Child in Hunter Garb "You won't take another step forward, monster!"
The hunter raises his weapon and fights the monster threatening the village.
Child Playing the Monster Giant fireball!
Child in Hunter Garb Hnf! Haah!
Child Playing the Monster Argh!
Child in Hunter Garb Ha!
I win!
I told you! The hunter always wins!
Child Playing the Monster No! I didn't lose!
Child in Hunter Garb Don't be a sore loser! I took you down!
The hunter never loses, no matter how scary the monster is!
Child Playing the Monster No...
Dad told me that there aren't any hunters anymore.
Child in Hunter Garb You're lying! Old Kashiwau living on the south side of the village is a great hunter!
Child Playing the Monster Dad says old Kashiwau is just a stubborn old man.
There aren't any hunters left because the village doesn't need them anymore. That's why the monster won't lose!
The fallen red leaves on the ground tell of late autumn.
The houses in the village are well-maintained, but feel solemn, even sorrowful, under the clouded sky.
A lonely statue gazes into the distance.
Wounded travelers may not be welcome here.
Hunters have long been unwelcome.
<Background 2>
Noir Corne Wake up, Yato.
Those... Felynes... said you're poisoned. Do you remember? You need to stay awake.
Yato Stop shaking me... I'm can hear you.
[Yato wakes up.]
Noir Corne How do you feel?
Yato My head feels heavy, and my arm's swollen. Must be the poison.
Their first aid treatment worked. I feel a little better.
That flying creature's claws were venomous. It's my fault for not dodging...
Noir Corne No, it's not.
Yato Those two creatures... they call themselves Felynes. Might be a unique local Feline variant.
We shouldn't have let them go. They seemed to know about the creature. We should have learned everything we could from them first.
Noir Corne What was it they said... they're looking for an antidote? Sorry, I'll go after them. You rest here.
Yato No, we need to go to the village, now.
Noir Corne What? But you're injured, and they told us to wait...
Yato We need to go as soon as possible. There's a huge monster in the forest. We don't know if it'll threaten the village directly, but it was clearly responsible for those marks.
So it must have something to do with the Oripathy, and we have no way to prevent it from moving over a large area. That's what matters right now.
I don't know if the village is already aware of the creature, but our top priority is to communicate the situation to the villagers and organize an evacuation to prevent the infection from spreading.
Noir Corne But you need rest.
Yato The mission comes first. We need to ensure the villagers' safety.
Noir Corne Fine... I remember the way. I'll carry you there.
[Noir Corne turns back, gesturing Yato to climb on his back.]
Yato Corne.
Noir Corne Yeah?
Yato No need to carry me... I can walk on my own.
<Background 3>
[The two Felynes, the white-furred Scholar and the yellow-furred Artisan, checks the village whose architecture is alien to them.]
Felyne Scholar Don't mew think there's something odd about this village, Smithy?
Felyne Artisan Mrow?
Felyne Scholar I've traveled across the kingdom with the Scriveners.
I've climbed the walls of Castle Schrade, watched the waves at Moga Village, seen countless meowgnificent sights...
But I'm pawsitive I've never seen a village like this!
Did you see those villagers? They looked like humans, but had ears and tails like ours!
I'm sure there's no record of them in all the libraries of Dundorma.
Not to meowntion, we didn't see a single Hunter!
There's a Rathalos in the forest, but no Hunters in the village, no gathering hub. How are they supposed to deal with the meownster?
If this village wasn't founded by the Research Commission, then could this pawssibly not be the New World...? I don't understand. Where are we?
Felyne Artisan So excited!
Felyne Scholar W-What? Why?
Wait, Smithy! Do you remember the Rathalos that we ran into? The big guy that suddenly appeared in the forest and came after us?
Then there was a light! Could that have been...? Wait, Smithy?
Smithy? Where are you?
Retreat to Roka.png
Noir Corne We're at the village. Are you okay?
Yato I said I... *cough* I'm fine...
Noir Corne (She's running a high fever...)
Let's stop and rest here.
I'll find help.
Hey! Can anybody help? Someone's hurt!
Anybody? Hello?
Angry Villager (Far away) Chikushou![note 1] Catch it! That yellow thing!
Agitated Villager (Far away) Hurry! It went that way!
Noir Corne Where is everybody?
Anxious Villager (Far away) There! The thief went that way!
Yato Corne...
I'm getting dizzy... Did you evacuate the villagers?
Noir Corne No, this wasn't me.
Yato Thank you... *cough*
Noir Corne Stop talking. Save your strength.
Yato Isn't it funny? We just started, but somehow this feels like the end...
Noir Corne D-D-Don't say stuff like that!
Yato... Yato! Say something!
Crap! Anyone?
<Background 3>
Child in Hunter Garb Excuse me?
Do you guys need help?
Noir Corne Yes, yes! She's badly hurt.
Child in Hunter Garb Let me see... was it an animal that did this?
Noir Corne Yes!
Child in Hunter Garb There's a place that can help her. I'll take you there!
Noir Corne –! Thank you!
Child in Hunter Garb Over here!
<Background fades out and in>
[The Artisan noticed an interesting object...]
Felyne Artisan So shiny!
[...and picks it up without a care, not realizing that he is being pursued.]
Felyne Artisan Want this too!
So many new tools and meowterials! Yay!
Angry Villager Kuso![note 2] Where did that yellow thief get off to?
Timid Villager H-He just went that way! Zipped right past my feet!
Angry Villager After him!
Felyne Scholar Smithy! Over here!
<Background fades out and in>
Felyne Scholar What did mew do? Why are so many people after mew?
Felyne Artisan Look! So much new stuff!
Felyne Scholar Meow goodness! Don't take people's stuff like that!
Angry Villager He's here!
Hey, there's another one?
Felyne Scholar Oh whiskers– let's get to the forest!
Angry Villager The thief went that way!
Felyne Scholar The entrance to the forest is blocked! Hey, is that a Hunter's hut?
Felyne Artisan A Hunter Hut!
Felyne Scholar Stop running off like that!
Over here! There's a hole here!
[The Felynes retreat into a hole.]
Angry Villager Where did those Felines go?
<Background 4>
Felyne Scholar Shh–
Agitated Villager That's... the Kashiwau house. The old man would never let them in.
Angry Villager Ano yarou-domo...[note 3] Let's look over there! Don't let them get away!
[The villagers disperse.]
Felyne Scholar Are they gone? Whew!
Felyne Artisan Mrrowagh!
Felyne Scholar What is it this time?
J-Just some furs hanging off the wall.
But this place really looks just like a Hunter's House...
Felyne Artisan Up there! Can! Mushrooms!
Felyne Scholar Where? Let me see... on the shelves? Oh, they do indeed appurr to be Blue Mushrooms.
Let's try them. They could make a good antidote!
[Footsteps are heard.]
Felyne Scholar Shh... pawsteps! Get down!
Let's scampurr!
Felyne Scholar Mrow! The entrance's boarded up!
What to do... Is there somewhere we can hide?
Felyne Artisan (Swings a hammer) Meow!
Felyne Scholar I-I suppose that's one way to do it...
The pawsteps are getting closer! We have to do this...
Listen, Smithy, when they come in, jump onto the nearest purr-son's head.
Then do THIS with the hammer!
I'll run past them while they're distracted, and you follow. Understand?
Felyne Artisan So excited!
Felyne Scholar On meow mark!
<Background 3>
Child in Hunter Garb Almost there... that's the one. It's old Kashiwau's house.
He's the village hunter. A good man.
He has a lot of things in his house for treating injuries caused by beasts. He can help you.
Noir Corne Thank you so much...
Child in Hunter Garb No need to thank me. By the way, my name's Kazuya.
Kazuya Old Kashiwau often goes into the mountains to hunt and comes back with lots of stuff. He's amazing.
He also spent a lot of time building a fence around the village so the animals can't get in. He really cares for everyone.
Noir Corne Sounds like quite the guy!
Hang in there, Yato. We're almost there.
Yato *cough*...
Kazuya Oh, he seems to be out. Just pull that stick down to open the door.
Noir Corne But the owner's out...
Kazuya Don't worry, he likes to help people. He'd let you rest if he was here, I guarantee it.
Noir Corne Alright then.
Wait here, Yato. I'll get the door.
[Noir Corne opens the door.]
<Background 4>
Noir Corne Is it this one? There... ouch!
Felyne Artisan Mrow!
[The Artisan beats Noir Corne's head with the hammer.]
Noir Corne Ow! My head!
Felyne Scholar Smithy! Stop!
It's... the horned Hunter?
Noir Corne The F-Felines?
Felyne Scholar With a Y! And don't you dare furget it!
<Background fades out and in>
Felyne Scholar Shake a couple of times... there we go.
Here, have the lass drink this.
Noir Corne What is it?
Felyne Scholar An antidote, of course... I think. There weren't any Blue Mushrooms, so I used something I found here that looked similar. I'm sure it'll work. Just drink it.
Felyne Artisan I remember!
Felyne Scholar You remember what?
Felyne Artisan The newest antidote recipe... doesn't use Blue Mushrooms.
Felyne Scholar What? Why didn't you say– Mrow! Well, my recipe uses mushrooms. You shut up!
Noir Corne Will Yato get better?
Felyne Scholar A horned weirdo who doesn't even gnaw what an antidote herb is...
Mew wouldn't ask questions like that if mew had a brain under that horn.
Noir Corne I've just never heard of anything called an antidote herb growing in Terra... Oh, Yato's fever is dropping. Thank goodness.
Felyne Scholar So you're saying... this place is called Terra? It's not the New World?
And you're not a Hunter like the ones we're furmiliar with...
Noir Corne Oh yeah, and stop calling me horned weirdo! I'm here on a mission.
Felyne Scholar Could this pawssibly be... not the New World, but an entirely diffurent world?
No... my plans to research the New World!
I would have become the greatest scholar there, respurr-cted by everyone... I'm done fur!
Felyne Artisan Done fur!
Noir Corne Er... maybe we should introduce ourselves.
I'm Noir Corne. And she's...
Felyne Scholar Yato. Mew've said it so many times now, I can't even get the name out of my fur.
Noir Corne So you aren't Felines, but... Felynes? And you used to live with creatures that look very much like us, before you came here.
In a world where Hunters and monsters exist.
Felyne Scholar Completely diffurent from here.
Noir Corne So did that flying, firebreathing creature come from your world?
Felyne Scholar The Rathalos? I couldn't say if anything similar lives here, but I am pawsitive this one came with us.
In our world, they live with Rathians near volcanos and forests. They're really scary wyverns!
Noir Corne So you were yelling at us that the creature was coming. What was the name again? Rath-something...
Felyne Scholar Are your ears just fur show?!
It's a Rathalos.
Noir Corne Rathalos... the name does sound impressive.
It could fly so high, breathe huge fireballs, not to mention the venomous claws and a hide so tough it could stop swords... I guess it deserves a scary name.
Felyne Scholar Purr-cisely, but we have ways of handling them.
Noir Corne What did you say?
Felyne Scholar However, you're too weak, and your weapons are useless. Mew shouldn't even think about fighting a Rathalos.
If it were the legendary Hunter from Bherna Village, he would go "Eh!" and "Hmph!"
And the Rathalos would be dead.
Noir Corne Just like that?
Felyne Artisan Just like that?
Felyne Scholar You must have Hunters capable of hunting a Rathalos in your village too, Smithy. Purr-haps you just didn't see them.
Anyway, let's set the Rathalos aside and think about how to send meow and Smithy home!
[Yato wakes up.]
Yato Corne...
Noir Corne I'm here. Are you feeling better?
Yato I've been awake for a while. I was listening to your conversation... Have the villagers been evacuated?
Noir Corne I... I haven't told them yet.
Yato ......
Noir Corne Here's what I'm thinking. We only fought the Rathalos once. We don't know what connection it has to the Originium.
...The chaos caused by a panic or a large-scale evacuation could make it even harder to track the true source of the Originium particles.
Yato Not a bad point. But taking countermeasures is always the priority whenever there is risk of Oripathy infection. Never forget that.
Noir Corne Do you still have a fever? I have a towel here.
Yato I'm fine.
Kazuya Oh, you're awake! Hm?
Oh, so you two are...
Noir Corne I-It's not like that! Shut up!
Yato Huh? What are you talking about?
[Yoshitaka the aged hunter from before enters the lodge.]
Aged Hunter ......
Yato ......
Noir Corne ......
Aged Hunter Who are you?
[Neither Noir Corne nor Yato responds.]
Aged Hunter Speak, or I'll have to clean bloodstains off my floor today.
Noir Corne Wait! Hold on!
Kazuya They got hurt in the mountains. I brought them here.
Aged Hunter Hurt?
Yato I took a scratch from a venomous claw. We used some of the ingredients here to make an antidote.
Thank you, and we apologize for bothering you. We'll be leaving now.
Aged Hunter Ano kemono-domo...
Lie down if you're injured.
Yato Oh...
Aged Hunter Yoshitaka Kashiwau.
Yoshitaka Kashiwau That's my name. You can call me whatever you please.
I'm a hunter. There are many beasts in the forests here. Amateurs should avoid them.
Yato Thank you for your assistance. We're–
Yoshitaka Kashiwau I don't need to know who you are.
And you, over here.
Noir Corne Me?
Yoshitaka Kashiwau The girl's hurt. Boil some water for her.
And put that rag down.
Noir Corne ...Sure, right away!
Yoshitaka Kashiwau Kazuya, grind this up. Dissolve it in water and apply it to the wound.
Kazuya Right.
<Background fades out and in>
Yato Felyne Scholar, are you trying to return to your world?
Felyne Scholar Pawbviously.
Yato I don't know how you and the Rathalos got here, but do you know how to get back?
Felyne Scholar Good question. I was looking around with Smithy, but there were nothing but trees. We can't go back the way we came, but there might be some other way in the forest.
Yato We can try the forest, but the odds aren't good.
So how about making an agreement with us?
Felyne Scholar Mrow?
Yato I know a place that may be able to help you return to where you came from.
Felyne Scholar Where is that?
Yato Rhodes Island, the company Noir Corne and I work for. We often deal with... anomalous events.
Even if there's no immediate way home, it can still provide a safe refuge. Corne and I are in a similar situation ourselves.
In return, we'll need your knowledge in case we encounter the Rathalos again.
We... may even need to kill it, as you mentioned.
Felyne Artisan Rathalos hunt!
Felyne Scholar Mrow... I can't make any purr-omises right now. I need some time.
Yato You have villages where you came from, don't you? Would you just turn a blind eye when there's a threat nearby?
We fought the Rathalos, a creature that has never been seen in these lands before. We know it's not something we can just leave alone.
More importantly... it may also be linked to another crisis, one that's more familiar to Terra.
Maybe you don't understand what I'm talking about, but we have evidence that we can't afford to waste any time in dealing with the situation.
Oripathy aside... a creature of that size that breathes fire and has venomous claws is a threat simply by virtue of existing so close to a village.
Yoshitaka Kashiwau What did you say?
Flying... firebreathing... venomous claws? You saw the beast?
Yato You've seen the Rathalos before too?
We encountered it in the forest, and believe it to be a non-native creature that is highly dangerous. We will continue to investigate and take appropriate measures as needed.
Yoshitaka Kashiwau It's my quarry.
Yato Perfect. As an experienced local hunter who knows these forests, we could really use your skills.
We share a common goal. We should work together. We'll ensure your safety.
Yoshitaka Kashiwau Did you not hear me? I said it's my quarry.
Yato I'm afraid I don't quite understand. Are you concerned about our combat abilities?
Rhodes Island operators are well-trained and experienced in responding to emergencies. Dealing with anomalous creatures is part of our job.
We were caught by surprise this time, but next time we'll be fully prepared.
Yoshitaka Kashiwau Aho![note 4] It's my quarry, and I will hunt it... alone.
How dare you disrespect my claim!
Yato This Rathalos is an unknown creature that we can't underestimate. It doesn't belong to you.
Yoshitaka Kashiwau Ha! Look at the state you got yourself into. And you speak of combat ability?
Weak, worthless worms... Lower than an Originium Slug...
What are you thinking? No, don't dare even–
Yato No offense, but you have no right to stop us from investigating the Rathalos. It's our job.
Yoshitaka Kashiwau I'm warning you, don't let me see your face in the forest! I don't care who you are!
Just stay away from my quarry!
Yato If you interfere with our mission, we will be forced to consider you a threat and respond accordingly.
I can only hope it doesn't come to that.
Yoshitaka Kashiwau Damare![note 5]
...Get out!
Out of my house! Now!
Noir Corne I got the water! Huh? What happened?
Kazuya Mr. Kashiwau, why...
Yato Let's go, Corne.
[Yato walks away...]
Noir Corne Wait! Hold on!
[...as Yoshitaka threw glasses at Noir Corne.]
Noir Corne D-Don't throw that! You take care too... E-Excuse us!
Felyne Scholar Mrow!
<Background 3>
[Kazuya catches up with Yato and Noir Corne.]
Kazuya Wait!
I'm sorry, I don't know what came over him all of a sudden.
He's really a very nice person. That wasn't like him at all.
Yato Thank you for your help, Kazuya.
But we're fine. Go keep the old man company.
Kazuya Alright...
[Kazuya leaves.]
Noir Corne I don't understand why he was so upset. Just because we're also looking for the Rathalos?
He lives by himself with no family, far away from the rest of the village, and everything in there looked old and ragged.
Do you remember the hunter statue in the village? I thought it'd be a respected profession here.
Yato Don't worry about it. It won't affect our mission.
We should learn more about this village and look for clues about the Originium contamination.
<Background 4>
Kazuya I'm sorry... I just wanted to help them.
Yoshitaka Kashiwau Are they gone?
Kazuya Uh-huh...
Yoshitaka Kashiwau The girl seemed to be getting better.


  1. 畜生ちくしょう; "Bastard" in Japanese
  2. クソ; "Shit" in Japanese
  3. あの野郎やろう ども; "Those bastards" in Japanese
  4. 阿呆あほ; "Fool(s)" in Japanese
  5. だま れ; "Shut up!" in Japanese