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Deals Arts damage.
—Trait description (shared with Arts Fighter Guard and Core Caster)

Hexer Supporter, colloquially known as Debuffer Supporter, is a branch of the Supporter class in Arknights.

Hexer Supporters have average stats including a ranged attack that deals Arts damage with a range of adjusted 3×4 tiles with 2-tile extensions to the sides from Elite 1 and below-average DP cost. Their main value is in their ability to weaken enemies by inflicting various debuffs – primarily Fragile – on them.


Gnosis icon.png
Lucilla icon.png
Pramanix icon.png
Shamare icon.png

Operator Modules

Module Information
UMD-X module.png
New trait:
Applies 10% Enfeeble to targets for 2 seconds
Gnosis icon.png
Lucilla icon.png
Pramanix icon.png
Shamare icon.png


  • While their ATK is quite low, they can deal higher amount of expected damage thanks to their Fragile debuff.


  • There are no new Hexer Supporter released since Break the Ice for almost 3 years. Lucilla later became the first one to be released since Gnosis.