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Deals Arts damage.
—Trait description (shared with Core Caster and Hexer Supporter)

Arts Fighter Guard, colloquially known as simply Arts Guard, is a branch of the Guard class in Arknights.

Arts Fighter Guards are similar to Dreadnought Guards, but their attacks deal Arts damage instead of Physical in exchange for having lower overall stats (other than some RES) and higher DP cost.


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  • Arts Fighter Guards excel against physically bulky enemies that need to be blocked, being able to bypass their DEF and deal high damage where most physical melee units could barely scratch them.
  • Their high innate RES compared to most melee units along with their fairly high HP makes them decent at tanking Arts damage.


  • Operators with AOE damage are recommended to help dealing weaker enemies while Arts Fighter Guards deal with stronger enemies.
  • Defenders are also recommended to help blocking the enemies that passed throught Arts Fighter Guards so the Guards can defeat them one by one.
  • Due to the way of how Arts damage are calculated, having ASPD buffs will also increase Arts Fighter Guards' damage output.
    • RES reduction for enemies are also recommended to further increase Arts Fighter Guards' damage output.