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The Home Screen is the main menu of Arknights, which allows the player to navigate through the other Arknights game menus.


The Home Screen as of the Global release of A Walk in the Dust
  1. Top left section
    • Options: Shows the game settings menu.
    • Notice: Displays important messages.
    • Mail: Displays the Mail Box.
    • Daily Sign-In: Displays the Daily Sign-In menu.
  2. Middle/bottom left section
    • Shows the player's level, in-game name, and UID. For privacy reasons, the IGN and UID of the player on the image is blurred out.
    • Shows the Assistant Operator's spoken voice line when the player enters the main menu, triggered by player idle, or upon clicking their character art.
    • Notifies the player about the ongoing event and/or headhunting banners.
    • Friends: Takes the player to the Friends menu.
    • Archives
  3. Right section
    • Combat: Takes the player into the Terminal. The ongoing event is also shown, and the player will be taken into the event's menu upon clicking it.
    • Squads: Takes the player into the Squads menu.
    • Operator Management: Takes the player into the Operators menu.
    • Store
    • Recruitment: Takes the player into the headhunting and recruitment menus, which are displayed together.
    • Mission: Shows the list of missions. Only Daily, Weekly, Pinboard, and Campaign missions are displayed here.
    • Base: Takes the player into the Rhodes Island Infrastructure Complex base.
    • Depot: Takes the player into the Depot menu, which shows a list of items.