Assault Co-op - Skirmish

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Assault Co-op - Skirmish, known as Assault Contract - Skirmish in Phantom & Crimson Solitaire, is a Collectible in Integrated Strategies.

Item description
Increases the DEF of Vanguard and Guard Operators by +8% for each Vanguard or Guard Operator in the combat squad

A sophisticated blocking technique is essential to protecting one's body.


Guards and Vanguards have their DEF increased by 8% for every Operator of the said classes in the squad. For example, when Lappland and Texas are in the squad, both will have their DEF increased by 16%.


Ceobe's Fungimist SPOILER

The player must have completed a run with Gathering Squad and the Perplexed Traveller ending before Assault Co-op - Skirmish can be obtained from the next run.

In Crimson Solitaire, Assault Contract - Skirmish is added on its Expansion II in December 27, 2022, and unlike in Fungimist, can be obtained without any conditions.

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