Assault Co-op Reinforcements

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The Assault Co-op Reinforcements is a Collectible in Integrated Strategies, introduced in Ceobe's Fungimist.

Item description
Guard Rec. Vouchers obtained from Shops or as a drop will be upgraded into Elite HR Dispatch Letters.

It is difficult to gain the upper hand in frontline combat with only a single squad of Operators. Supplementing combat capabilities through Co-ops is an effective solution.


The player will receive Elite HR Dispatch Letter.png Elite HR Dispatch Letter in place of Guard Rec. Voucher.png Guard Rec. Voucher, which applies to those obtained from clearing (Emergency) Operations and Dreadful Foes, and bought from the Rogue Trader.


The player must have cleared an (Emergency) Operation or Dreadful Foe with 4 or more Guards on the squad in a run before the Assault Co-op Reinforcements can be obtained from the next run.

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