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Greynuty Kaliska the "Ashlock Knight" was originally the daughter of a Kazimierzian nobility. However, after she contracted Oripathy, her family members not only blamed her for the Kaliskas' downfall, but also unanimously voted for her banishment, including her dear parents. This caused her to hate the corrupt aristrocrats until she met Sona the "Flametail Knight" in an underground tournament who also harbors the same feeling.

Together, the two founded the Pinus Sylvestris Knightclub that is exclusively comprised of Infected knights and took part in the Kazimierz Major, hoping that their reputation will change the Kazimierzians' view towards the Infected. However, things did not turn out well as the Major's stakeholders, especially the K.G.C.C., eventually saw P.S. as a threat to the status quo and tried to get rid of them during the 24th Major season. Fortunately, Greynuty and Sona survived, but they are forced to hide underground. In the midst of their weakness, the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi invited them to create the second Kawalerielki Separation during the return of the Radiant Knight. Even though Greynuty remained suspicious of the Adeptus' action, she was willing to help Sona and her knightclub friends in exposing the rampant capitalism of Kazimierz to the public as well as to the whole world.

Ashlock appears as a supporting character in Maria Nearl, long before her introduction as an Operator in the Pinus Sylvestris event.

Maria Nearl

Ashley first appeared in the story alongside Sona when the two were watching Maria's battle against Szewczyk the Plastic Knight. After Maria won the battle, the two of them left the stadium to return home and fix their weapons.[1] A few days later, they reappeared in the stadium while watching Maria fighting against Olmer Ingra.[2] After Ingra had recovered, she defeated him again in a match and the unlucky Brassrust Knight was once again sent to the hospital.[3]

However, when Sona became the champion of the "Fireblade Meele", Czarny, the speaker of the National Council, feared that the Infected knights had crossed the red line and gained too much attention to the media. So, he ordered Platinum and the Armorless Union to get rid of them.[4] Realizing that someone was following her on the open street, Ashley quickly ran away and reunited with Sona.[5] For days, the Infected knightresses had a cat-and-mouse game around the streets until she was shot and severly injured. Before she almost passed out, Sona found shelter at Marcin's bar where she received her treatment to her wound.[6]

Pinus Sylvestris, ready to act against the Kazimierzian capitalists

Since then, the Knights Association stripped away their knighthood as an act of punishment and declared that both Sona and her met an accident while having their training.[7][8] Thanks to Vogelweide's and Kowal's help, the two managed to hide among the city piplines along with other Infected knights who faced the same persecution.[7]

Right now, the young Infected knightresses are laying low. When the time is ripe, they will strike back and reveal to the outside world the darkness of the Armorless Union and the rampant corruption of Kazimierz's society.[8][9]

Near Light


Pinus Sylvestris