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Ashlock is a 5★ Fortress Defender who specializes in DPS and Defense. What defines Ashlock as a Fortress Defender is that she has a ranged attack which deals splash damage to enemies in a radius of 1 tiles around the target, like that of Artilleryman Snipers but with a shorter range of 2×2 tiles past a minimum range covering the 2×3 tiles ahead of her with a 1-tile extension up front at Elite 2, that she will use while not blocking enemies but cannot target aerial enemies. Ashlock can block two enemies which increases to three once she is promoted to Elite 1, have lower DEF and higher attack interval than other Defenders to offset her higher ATK, and an above-average DP cost that increases in every promotion — between Protector/Guardian and Duelist Defenders.


Bombardment Studies slightly buffs Ashlock's ATK which is increased when all four adjacent tiles to her are on the low ground.

  • The condition means that Ashlock should be used on operations with wide open low-ground areas to make the most of Bombardment Studies.


  1. ATK Up γ buffs Ashlock's ATK while active.
  2. Concentrated Shelling reduces Ashlock's attack interval and buffs her ATK (though less than ATK Up γ), but she cannot block enemies (thus Ashlock will never use her melee attack even if the enemy is on the same tile as her) while active.
    • Despite the drawback, Concentrated Shelling can be effective so long as Ashlock is placed behind melee units (which is made easier due to her bombardment attack's minimum range), allowing her to rain down faster, harder-hitting suppressing fire onto incoming enemies.

Operator Module

The FOR-X Module, Outdoor Essential Kit, increases Ashlock's ATK against blocked enemies to 1.1× in addition to increasing her maximum HP and ATK. Once upgraded, Bombardment Studies' ATK buff is increased and it now requires the two tiles in front of and behind Ashlock to be on the low ground to be enhanced.

Base skill

Pinus Sylvestris α increases Factory productivity by 15% while Ashlock is assigned to one. At Elite 2, Pinus Sylvestris α becomes Pinus Sylvestris β with a higher productivity boost of 25%.


Ashlock is a unique but effective introduction to Fortress Defenders who can lay down some indirect fire to approaching hostiles, hopefully weakening them enough for Ashlock or her allies to easily defeat them.