Event trivia: Heart of Surging Flame

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  • In the CN server, the Trends are displayed in a style similar to that of Weibo. In the Global server, they are more similar to Facebook comments.
  • In the CN server, Heart of Surging Flame preceded Operational Intelligence, but this was reversed in the Global server. In addition, Global's Part 1 was actually live after the main OF event (Part 2 in Global).
  • In the original run, the Heart of Surging Flame menu sometimes played the main menu BGM briefly before the designated BGM. This was fixed in OF Rerun and after OF is added to the Terminal.

Rerun controversy

As the first rerun event of Arknights, the rerun of Heart of Surging Flame in the CN server had sparked a major controversy which focused on the Unbound Reflux headhunting banner, a lack of new rewards, and some management problems Hypergryph experienced during its early years.

OF Rerun featured Thorns as one of the six upcoming Operators teased at the end of CN's first anniversary livestream alongside Surtr, Archetto, Mountain, Saga, and Goldenglow, nicknamed "The Six Princelings/Satellites" by the CN community. However, the introduction of a new banner in an event rerun posed a serious problem: there was no more additional Originite Prime.png Originite Prime (aside from one from OF-ST6) for players who had already cleared the event's operations in the original run. This problem not only left many players without enough Orundum.png Orundum to pull for Thorns, but it also prevented them from purchasing the newly introduced outfits. Furthermore, OF had long been infamous for its "grinding" due to the number of operations and the complexity to earn the necessary rewards. As the result, many players were incensed to the fact that the rerun was specially designed for new players while neglecting the demands of old players, especially to free-to-play (F2P) players and those who regularly purchased the Monthly Pack.

OF rerun also revealed HG's problematic scheduling and executions. Because this happened long before Record Restoration was introduced, many players feared that they might never obtain their desired items and Operators after the rerun. A sudden flux of Operators' release resulted in players fearing HG would release as many Operators as they wished regardless of their character development as well as fooling the players' bottom line when it comes to headhunting banners. The long gap that could last for even months was another complain over HG's low productivity in which many grumbled that "reruns" were just a lazy method to create contents and prolong the game's lifespan.

The controversy was so severe that it eventually escalated to not only bashing and trash-talking on HG's social media accounts on Weibo and Bilibili as well as intentional negative ratings on the game in App stores as a protest, but also conflicts between old and new players over the necessity of event reruns. As a consequence, in light of the release of The Great Chief Returns, HG issued the following apology on their official website:

Hypergryph Original Summer Event Planning 2020.png






English translation taken from this Gamepress article by Nightsky#3319
Thanks for your focus and support of Arknights. Due to the long period of summer events, large quantity of content and improper arrangement, we're sorry for bringing confusion to players about the arrangement of the events. Meanwhile, the description of "Heart of Surging Flame Retrospection" is not complete and detailed. In order to introduce the future arrangement of summer events and retrospection, the development team added this Dev news here to show more about the mechanism of summer event and retrospection. We are devoted to provide brand new events, gameplay and contents to everyone and this is what we mainly focus on in our future development and operation. While the retrospective event only functions as a complement of game contents rather than the major part of the game. There will be no new Operators introduced in future retrospection events. With the retrospection events, our intention is to provide an opportunity for players to retrospect on past game content between two new major events. So all the retrospection events will be implemented in an abbreviated form from the original, where the gaming time, total number of rewards in event shop (that may require sanity), rewards in gameplay and rewards from mission will be greatly decreased. Future retrospection events will be run in a similar abbreviated way in terms of sanity cost and gaming time, and the core of the retrospection event will mainly aim at the content. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for new players to get the one-off rewards. For players who earned the rewards in the original event, we will provide Headhunting resources and materials in the Intelligence Certs shop. Meanwhile, we will add some new stories in retrospection events to enrich the story and gaming experience. In summer event of this year, the development team prepared "The Great Chief Returns" and "Ceobe's Fungimist" as the main part of the summer events.

Source: Arknights DevTeam News #4 on Hypergryph's official website

HG also offered two compensations for this issue:

  • A single Ten-roll Headhunting Permit.png Ten-roll Headhunting Permit would be given to all players when The Great Chief Returns was released.
  • The rerun of Unbound Reflux would be available during RI, allowing players to pull for Thorns after obtaining new Originite Prime upon clearing RI stages.

Fortunately, due to being released long after CN, the controversy was not repeated in the Global and TW servers, although both also received the above compensations to some extent:

  • The Ten-roll Headhunting Permit was given as a gift to commemorate the game downloads in the respective servers reaching the record of 100,000,000.[1][2] Such custom was eventually preserved in the JP server in which players would receive a free Ten-roll Headhunting Permit whenever they reached a new record on IOS store during major events (i.e., anniversary, collaboration).
  • Unbound Reflux remained for one week longer than in CN.

The controversy also likely disrupted the schedule for the release of the remaining "Princelings" (see above), forcing HG to redesign new events around the Operators. Homecoming in Rewinding Breeze implied that Surtr would be introduced in Grani and the Knights' Treasure Rerun while A Streetcar Named Faith in Beyond Here implied that Archetto would be introduced in Code of Brawl Rerun, but both stories ended up separated as part of Story Collections. The greatest consequence was, however, the delay of Goldenglow's release for almost three years — she would only be introduced in A Light Spark in Darkness, causing players to presume that HG had forgot to release the last "Princeling".